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1942-1945 Yearbook
303rd BG Personnel
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303rd Bomb Group
1942-1945 VETERAN PHOTOS (20)

We are seeking good, individual, WWII photographs of all 303rd Bomb Group Personnel.
Please email photographs to glm@303rdbg.com.

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(Ranks and Grades may not match the photographs.)

1Lt Andy R. Virag
359BS Pilot - POW

S/Sgt Raymond R. Peck
427BS Gunner

T/Sgt James C. Baart
427BS Gunner

S/Sgt Shuble A. Boling
359BS Gunner

1Lt Earl N. Thomas
360BS Pilot

1Lt Dick W. Merz
360BS Bombardier

2Lt Ernest G. Greenwood
427BS CoPilot / Pilot

2Lt Elmer L. Brown
427BS Navigator

T/Sgt George F. Hoyt
427BS Radio Operator

T/Sgt Dale W. Rice
427BS Flight Engineer

S/Sgt Merlin D. Miller
427BS Gunner

SSgt Norman A Sampson
427BS Gunner

S/Sgt Charles Fullem
427BS Gunner

S/Sgt Paul C. Robillard
359BS Gunner

S/Sgt Carey G. Pope
360BS Gunner

1Lt Jack L. Timmins
360BS Bombardier - POW

2Lt Glen M. Herrington
360BS Navigator - POW

1Lt John M. Twomey
358BS Pilot

2Lt Richard B. Burton
358BS Pilot

2Lt Donovan B. Manifold
358BS CoPilot - POW

T/Sgt Edmond D. Copp
359BS Flight Engineer

S/Sgt James E. Wylde
358BS Squadron Clerk

S/Sgt Hugh F. Gibney
360BS Gunner - KIA

S/Sgt William R. Greason
360BS Gunner - KIA

2Lt William P. O'Brien
360BS Navigator

1Lt Earl B. Douglass
358BS CoPilot

Capt Samuel E. Rosser
358BS Pilot

S/Sgt David Garza
358BS Gunner

T/Sgt Raymond C Eckert
358BS Flight Engineer

T/Sgt Ollice Z. Rowe
358BS Radio Operator

1Lt Earl R. Beyeler
358BS Navigator

1Lt Jack W. Watson
358BS Pilot

T/Sgt Van R. White
303/358 Operations Chief

Sgt George P. Bailey
358BS Mechanic

Sgt John B. Kahle
358BS Squadron Clerk

2Lt Fred B. Creel
358BS Bombardier - POW

Capt Hugh B. Johnson
358BS Pilot - POW

Sgt LeRoy W. Wilder
358BS Radio Operator - KIA

Sgt John B. Mitchell
360BS Gunner

S/Sgt Hurd L. Edwards
359BS Gunner - POW

1Lt Ralph A. Lewtas
359BS Navigator

2Lt Edmund W. Gaines
359BS Pilot - KIA

2Lt Arthur A. Bergeron
359BS Copilot - KIA

S/Sgt Ray Tartaglia
359BS Togglier - POW

S/Sgt Glenn Fragasso
359BS Flight Engineer - KIA

S/Sgt Lucien P. Lawson
359BS Radio Operator - KIA

Sgt Elmo O. Tisdale
359BS Gunner - KIA

Sgt James F. Shrader
359BS Gunner - KIA

Sgt James J. Heffran
359BS Gunner - KIA

Sgt Leonardus Inkelaar
359BS Gunner

TSgt William B. Stamper
360BS Gunner / Togglier

MSgt Alvin Deuermeyer
360BS Crew Chief

1Lt Donald D. Stark
358BS Pilot

1Lt George L. Conley
358BS Copilot

2Lt John G. Auerhamer
358BS Navigator

2Lt Richard G. Nelson
358BS Bombardier

S/Sgt Delmer G. Batten
358BS Flight Engineer

S/Sgt Joseph Steinhagen
358BS Radio Operator

S/Sgt James H. Eggink
358BS Gunner

S/Sgt Harold E. Nelsen
358BS Gunner