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Much of the following historical information on the 303rd Bombardment Group (H) is from the book, Might in Flight by LtCol Harry D. Gobrecht. The lists of 303rd BG personnel are the result of years of research by LtCol Edgar C. Miller. The contents are copyrighted and provided by the authors for your research and non-commercial personal use.

Historical Overview
by Carlton M. Smith

And the Angels Struck
The First 300 - Hell's Angels booklet

303rd Combat Team
303rd BG Squadrons highlighted

Original B-17s and Crewmen Film
Video captures of a 1942 color film

Molesworth Film
Shot at Molesworth 1942 - 1945 by Major Charles D. Rowsell

303rd Firsts
Aircraft and Combat Crew Firsts

Stats & Facts
303rd Statistics

Hell's Angels
How the 303rd became "Hell's Angels"

Assigned 303rd Stations - USA & Foreign

Heritage of the 303rd BG(H)
The 303rd Numerical distinction lasted for 47 years

Journals and Letters
Journals, Diaries and Letters Home

303rd in Action
Vignettes and True Stories of the 303rd

303rd Baseball Teams
1943-1944 Championship Teams

Continental Express Flights
Photos and narrative of flights over Nazi Europe at the war's end.

Post-War Molesworth
Molesworth, England - After WWII


WWII Uniforms
Ed Nored's Collection of Uniforms and Flight Gear

WWII Posters
Promoting the War Effort

Propaganda Leaflets
Leaflets or Nickels dropped over Germany by 303rd BG B-17s

I've Got Wings!
Cartoon booklet from flight training

Combat Crew Orientation Booklet
From Combat Crew Training in 1944

Captured - POW Rights Booklet
From Combat Crew Training in 1944

Captured - POW Instruction Booklet
From Combat Crew Training in 1944

WWII Coins and Currency
Coins and Currency used during WWII

Aviation Slang from WWII

303rd Commanders
303rd BG Group & Squadron Commanders

303rd BG Personnel
Searchable Index of 10,000 303rd Members

Military Occupational Specialities (MOS)
Key Air Crew & Bomb Group MOS List

Honor Roll
In Memoriam of those Killed in Action

Deceased Comrades

303rd BG Association Presidents
Names, service dates and biographies

Original Pilots
303rd's Original Pilots and their fate

Original Crews
303rd's First Crews with Crew Photos

HQ & Support Photos
HQ & Support Personnel Group Photos

Aeronautical Ratings- Badges
USAAF Flight Badges worn during WWII


Books and Media
by or about 303rd Members
(CD, DVD, etc.)

303rd A-2 Jackets
Original and Replica A-2 Jacket Art

303rd Paintings and Artwork
Large collection of 303rd paintings, sketches and woodcarvings

303rd B-17 Illustrations
By Mark Styling

303rd Wood Carvings
By Bill Adams

Molesworth Sketches
By Neil J. Svare

Old Warriors
by Amy Mayer Kirsch

One Chute Burned
by MacKinlay Kantor

Silver Medals and Sweet Memories
by Don Reid, the Statler Brothers

B-17s in Song
303rd B-17s named after popular songs

Molesworth Airdrome
Base Map and Aerial Photo of Molesworth

8th AAF Bases
Location of 8th AAF Bases in England


Known Memorial and Recognition Locations

Memorial to the 303rd Bomb Group
RAF Molesworth, England

303rd BG(H) AWARDS
Medal of Honor
1Lt Jack Mathis & T/Sgt Forrest L. Vosler

Distinguished Service Cross
Spencer, Werner, Dello Buono and Lyle

303rd BG(H) Major Individual Awards

Distinguished Unit Citation
Awarded to the 303rd BG(H)

Credited Campaigns for the 303rd BG


Crew Photos
303rd Crew Photos

Missing Aircraft and Crew Reports

Killed in Action
Where bodies were returned in the aircraft

Flight Crew Casualties
Summary of casualties as the war progressed. A work in progress researched by Ed Miller

Ground Personnel Casualties
Ground Personnel and USA Training Accidents

Evadees & Escapees
Crewmen who Escaped or Evaded Capture

Crewmen who were Interned in Switzerland

Crewmen Murdered
Crewmen Murdered after parachuting safely

Honor Roll Flights
Flights that Resulted in Loss of Lives

Goldfish Club
Crewmen who ditched in water

8th AF Bombers and Crews
Heavy Bombers and Crews on Hand in the Eighth Air Force, 1942-1945

303rd BG Missions
364 Bombing Missions & Lead Crew Photos

Cities Bombed
Cities Bombed by the 303rd BG(H)

B-17 Crewmen Duties
Duties and Responsibilities of the B-17 Crew

Intelligence and Briefings
Standard Operating Procedures

Clothing, Parachutes, etc.
Standard Operating Procedures

Oxygen and Equipment
Standard Operating Procedures

Navigator Requirements
Standard Operating Procedures

Bombardier Requirements
Standard Operating Procedures

Combat Gunners
Standard Operating Procedures

Aerial Observers
Standard Operating Procedures

Engine and Aircraft Operation
Standard Operating Procedures

Take-off and Assembly
Standard Operating Procedures

Formation Technique
Standard Operating Procedures

Bomber Formations
Standard B-17 Formations

41st CBW Assembly
303rd BG, 379th BG and 384th BG

Landing Procedure
Standard Operating Procedures

Abortive Missions
Standard Operating Procedures

Pilot & Copilot Cockpit Checklist
from the Pilot's Information File (PIF)

Bombardier's Checklist
from the Bombardier's Information File (BIF)

Radio Operating Procedures
from the Pilot's Information File (PIF)

Bombing Mission Route Maps
Route Maps for Missions 1-210

303rd Gunner - Fighter Claims
Confirmed enemy aircraft claims

RAF and USAAF Bombs
Ordnance carried on B-17s

Aircraft Markings - 8th AF
Tail and Squadron markings for 8th Air Force Bomb Groups

Aircraft Markings - 303rd BG
Group and Squadron identification

303rd Named B-17s
Alphabetically and Serial Number

Assigned 303rd B-17s
All Known 303rd BG B-17s

Nose Art
Ground Crews and Nose Art Photos

303rd BG Aircraft in Film Archives
Researched by Donald Kehne

Molesworth Aircraft
Non-Operational Aircraft / Graphics & Facts

Delta Rebel 2 / Hell's Angels / Memphis Belle
Hell's Angels was 1st to complete 25 Missions. Compare their records.

B-17 Emergency Procedures
How to Bail Out of and Ditch the B-17

Old Reliables
Longest Flying B-17s

B-17 History
The dependable Flying Fortress