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1942-1945 Yearbook
303rd BG Personnel
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303rd Bomb Group
1942-1945 VETERAN PHOTOS (13)

We are seeking good, individual, WWII photographs of all 303rd Bomb Group Personnel.
Please email photographs to glm@303rdbg.com.

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(Ranks and Grades may not match the photographs.)

1Lt Thomas N. Kelly
359BS Navigator

Sgt Robert D. Brassil
359BS Aircraft Mechanic

1Lt Joseph E. Rose
1681ORD Armament Officer

2Lt Robert C. Brown
1681ORD Automotive Officer

Sgt William A. Testoni
358BS Gunner - B/O

2Lt Clarance L. Counsell
359BS Bombardier - WIA

1Lt Graham C. Gould
359BS Pilot

1Lt John C. Griggs, Jr.
427BS Pilot

M/Sgt Walter C. Melton
360BS Line Chief

Sgt Walter F. Burk
360BS Engine Mechanic

S/Sgt Hubert P. Miller
360BS Engine Mechanic

S/Sgt Joe A. Donnelly
360BS Engine Mechanic

Sgt Louis Lukach
360BS Ground Crew

T/Sgt Meyer 'Mike' Levin
360BS Flight Engineer

Sgt Frank P. Schuster
360BS Equipment Section

S/Sgt Donald N. Richter
360BS Equipment Section

2Lt Frederick W. Sawyer
427BS Pilot

2Lt George L. Arvanites
427BS Navigator

S/Sgt Doal L. Yocum Jr.
360BS Crew Chief

Sgt Harold E. Blessing
358BS Gunner

2Lt Roy W. Christianson
360BS CoPilot - KIA

2Lt Martha Zych
303rd Station Hosp Nurse - KIS

2Lt Edythe Nelson
303rd Station Hospital Nurse

2Lt Annie Schweier
303rd Station Hospital Nurse

S/Sgt Jerry W. Dobbins
360BS Gunner - KIA

2Lt Richard F. Tasker
359BS Pilot - KIA

2Lt Angelito Francis
359BS CoPilot - KIA

F/O Clyde Meadows
359BS Navigator - KIA

2Lt John J. McDonnell
359BS Bombardier - KIA

Sgt William D. Toon
359BS Flight Engineer - KIA

Sgt Glenn A. Minnix
359BS Radio Operator

Sgt Enrique M. Reider
359BS Gunner

Sgt Arthur M. Driver
359BS Gunner

Sgt Charles Van Ornum
359BS Gunner - KIA

S/Sgt Raymond D. Ford
360BS Gunner - KIA

S/Sgt Martin Stachowiak
360BS Gunner - POW

1Lt Richard M. Newell
360BS CoPilot

1Lt John D. St Julien
360BS Pilot

2Lt George Kiehlkopf
360BS Navigator

2Lt Felix A. Carney
360BS Bombardier

S/Sgt William E. Mitchell
360BS Flight Engineer

Sgt John J. Flanigan
360BS Radio Operator

S/Sgt Marlin D. Evans
360BS Gunner

Sgt Richard M. Farthing
360BS Gunner

S/Sgt Raymond McLellan
360BS Gunner

Sgt William Jarmolinski
427BS Radio Operator

2Lt John L. Neill
427BS CoPilot - POW

T/Sgt Harley W. Fields
427BS Radio Operator - KIA

S/Sgt William R. Whalon
427 Gunner - KIA

2Lt Charles F. Scholz
427BS Navigator

TSgt Richard C. Fortunak
359BS Gunner

1Lt William C. Hunter
358BS Navigator

F/O George S. Thomas
427BS Navigator - KIA

George T. Duncan
358BS Gunner - INT

2Lt Joseph J. Doyle
359BS CoPilot - KIA

2Lt Merrill J. DuMont
427BS CoPilot

2Lt William A. Malone
427BS Navigator

2Lt William L. Rohner
427BS Bombardier

Sgt Robert L. Duffel
427BS Gunner

Sgt Miles R. Bruce
427BS Gunner - KIA