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1942-1945 Yearbook
303rd BG Personnel
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303rd Bomb Group
1942-1945 VETERAN PHOTOS (17)

We are seeking good, individual, WWII photographs of all 303rd Bomb Group Personnel.
Please email photographs to glm@303rdbg.com.

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(Ranks and Grades may not match the photographs.)

Sgt Richard O. Schacht
427BS Operations

T/Sgt Donald Nicholson
427BS Operations

Sgt Francis E. Dye
427BS Operations

Sgt Robert B. Wilson
427BS Operations

Sgt Ralph J. Petros
427BS Intelligence

Cpl Rowland E. Eng
427BS Intelligence

Capt Claes E. Johnson
427BS Intelligence

1Lt Robert E. Shaw
427BS Intelligence

S/Sgt Gerald W. Reddick
427BS Intelligence

Cpl Roy J. Buis
427BS Intelligence

Capt Morris B. Sjoberg
427BS Bomb Sight Maint.

T/Sgt Edward A. Gonder
427BS Bomb Sight Maint.

S/Sgt Kenneth Zetlmaier
427BS Bomb Sight Maint.

S/Sgt Jack B. Pinnell
427BS Bomb Sight Maint.

S/Sgt James C. Crangle
427BS Bomb Sight Maint.

2Lt John B. Viets
358BS Pilot - POW

1Lt Orville S. Witt
359BS Pilot - KIA

Sgt Thomas F. Bachom
359BS Radio Operator - KIA

S/Sgt Joseph Biernacki
360BS Gunner - POW

2Lt John H. Parrott
360BS CoPilot / Pilot

Sgt Robert W. Edleman
358BS Gunner

1Lt Jack A. Reedy
360BS Pilot - Boise, ID

1Lt Chester D. Jaques
427BS Pilot - KIA

LtCol Wesley A. Behel
303BG Executive Officer

S/Sgt Frank M. Mathews
358BS Gunner - POW

Maj Charles D. Rowsell
303BG Communications Officer

2Lt Thomas J. Barr
427BS Pilot

2Lt Verlin C. Pauling
427BS CoPilot

2Lt Raymon G. Walker
427BS Navigator

F/O Richard Wentworth
427BS Bombardier

Sgt Thomas M. Daspit
427BS Flight Engineer

Sgt George W. Zierk
427BS Radio Operator

Sgt Theodore R. Smith
427BS Gunner

Sgt Benny F. Laza
427BS Gunner

Sgt McClellan A. Byers
427BS Gunner

T/Sgt Francis G. Hinds
358BS Flight Engineer

Sgt Joseph R. Gervais
427BS Photographer

S/Sgt Clifford F. Fontaine
427BS Gunner

S/Sgt Guido Marchionda
360BS Gunner

2Lt Oliver B. Larson
358BS Pilot - POW

Sgt Acel E. Livingston
358BS Gunner - KIA

S/Sgt John Richard
359BS Gunner

2Lt Thomas E. Mulligan
359BS CoPilot - POW

Sgt Joseph Bonin
427BS Mess Section

Sgt Angelo L. Longo
427BS Gunner

M/Sgt Harold V. Keahey
358BS Crew Chief

T/Sgt Arthur Worthington
360BS Flight Engineer

S/Sgt Robert G. Hunter
359BS Photographer

S/Sgt Ervin Hilborn
427BS Gunner - WIA

S/Sgt Raymond E. Fisher
358BS Flight Engineer - KIA

T/Sgt Sebastian L. Vogel
427BS Radio Operator - EVD

F/O Kenneth S. Hitt
427BS Navigator

S/Sgt Ira Friedman
427BS Gunner - WIA

1Lt Robert W. Halligan
427BS Navigator - KIA

1Lt Kenneth D. Foe
427BS Bombardier - KIA

T/Sgt Henry J. Grace
427BS Flight Engineer - KIA

S/Sgt Walter Kowalonek
427BS Gunner - WIA

Sgt Elmer A. Wilson
427BS Radio Operator

Sgt Edgar S. Brown
427BS Gunner

Sgt Salvador Chavez
360BS Gunner - EVD