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1942-1945 Yearbook
303rd BG Personnel
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303rd Bomb Group
1942-1945 VETERAN PHOTOS (18)

We are seeking good, individual, WWII photographs of all 303rd Bomb Group Personnel.
Please email photographs to glm@303rdbg.com.

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(Ranks and Grades may not match the photographs.)

S/Sgt P.H. Gatewood
360BS Flight Engineer - KIA

Sgt Stewart G. Hall
427BS Gunner - REP

S/Sgt Warner E. Renner
359BS Gunner - KIA

T/Sgt Everett A. Dasher
358BS Radio Operator

S/Sgt Bert Cottrell, Jr.
359BS Togglier - POW

S/Sgt John J. Stickler
360BS Gunner

T/Sgt Frederick Hartung
360BS Gunner

2Lt Howard G. Weinberg
427BS Bombardier - KIA

S/Sgt Philip W. Hensel
360BS Gunner - KIA

T/Sgt Robert E. Kilroy
358BS Radio Operator

2Lt Anthony Terranova
359BS Navigator

S/Sgt Harold 'Red' Timm
360BS Gunner

Cap Emmittes Harrison
427BS Pilot

1Lt Edmund Biedanski
427BS Bombardier

2Lt Walter F. Kurnik
427BS Navigator

Sgt Albert S. Burkett
427BS Gunner

T/Sgt Lawrence Volmer
427BS Radio Operator

S/Sgt Kenneth L. Hawk
427BS Gunner

S/Sgt James W. Dye
427BS Gunner

S/Sgt Kenneth Campbell
427BS Gunner

T/Sgt Joseph Rombach
427BS Flight Engineer

S/Sgt David O. Michael
360BS Gunner

T/Sgt Gordon R. Miller
360BS Radio Operator

1Lt Alexander Kosta
358BS Navigator

T/Sgt Joseph C. Reale
360BS Flight Engineer

2Lt Dean Harvey
427BS CoPilot - KIA

2Lt Maurice R. Herrick
427BS Navigator - KIA

S/Sgt Sam F. DiNoto
360BS Flight Engineer

2Lt Max R. Bartholomew
427BS CoPilot - POW

1Lt Arthur F. Chance
359BS Pilot - POW

2Lt Robert H. Johnson
359BS CoPilot - POW

1Lt Eugene D. McCarver
359BS Navigator

1Lt William M. Couch
359BS Bombardier - POW/MUR

T/Sgt Elmer W. Menasco
359BS Flight Engineer - POW

Sgt Leo A. Torre
359BS Gunner - POW

S/Sgt Shirley L. Moss
359BS Gunner - KIA

T/Sgt Albert Miller
359BS Radio Operator - WIA/POW

S/Sgt Dennis R. Hejna
359BS Gunner

2Lt Norman R. Lacey
360BS Navigator - POW

SSgt Robert E O'Connor
358BS Flight Engineer - POW

1Lt John W. Cottrell
360BS Bombardier

Capt Fred F. Wilson
360BS Pilot

2Lt James O. Inman
360BS Bombardier - WIA

F/O David C. Heibert
358BS Navigator - POW

2Lt John C. Bennett
358Bs CoPilot - POW

2Lt Burton Rodgers
358BS Bombardier - POW

SSgt Ambrose Holland
358BS Gunner - POW

SSgt Donald Rademacher
358BS Gunner - POW

S/Sgt Franklin F. York
358BS Radio Operator - POW

S/Sgt Frank E. Robinson
358BS Flight Engineer - POW

S/Sgt Raymond N. Dean
358BS Gunner

S/Sgt Michael Madarchik
358BS Gunner - POW

1Lt William C. Osborn
360BS Pilot - EVD/POW

2Lt Nelson Campbell
360BS Bombardier - EVD

2Lt Lawrence D. Ross
360BS Navigator

2Lt Jack Jernigan
360BS CoPilot - EVD/POW

S/Sgt George L. Daniel
360BS Radio Operator - POW

S/Sgt William E. Wolff
360BS Flight Engineer - EVD

Sgt Lyle W. Fitzgerald
360BS Gunner - KIA

Sgt Vincent J. Reese
360BS Gunner - KIA