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Our Unsung Heroes
Tribute to our Ground Crews
We have heard stories of administrative and support personnel who felt they did not contribute to the war effort because they did not see any combat. Nothing could be further from the truth. The clerks, cooks, office personnel, mechanics, medics, nurses, chaplains, electricians, supply personnel and everyone else who did not fight combat were just as essential to the war effort as those who flew on combat crews. Each and every job was crucial. The war was won as a team effort and every person who served their country to the best of their ability was a hero. Below are photographs of many of our Unsung Heroes. We are deeply in their debt for preserving our freedom.

  Duty Roster - June 1943
  Molesworth Officers
  Headquarters Personnel
  Headquarters Enlisted Personnel
  S-2 Intelligence Personnel and Story
  S-4 Section Personnel
  Operations Officers
  Operations Personnel
  Medical Section
  Molesworth Chapel and Chaplains
  444th Sub Depot Officers
  444th Sub Depot Personnel
  444th Sub Depot Group Photo
  444th Sub Depot Scoreboard
  444th Sub Depot Day Room
  444th Sub Depot Engine Shop Crew
  863rd Chemical Company, Detachment A
  Molesworth Base Maps and Aerial Views

  Air Corps Supply
  Electrical Shop
  Supercharger Shop
  Radio Section Personnel
  325th Service Detachment
  3rd Station Complement
  2097th Engineers Fire Fighting Platoon
  1114th Quartermaster Company
  1199th Military Police Company
  1681st Ordnance Company
  18th Weather Squadron
  Special Weapons Section
  303rd Station Hospital
  303rd Station Hospital Photos (Maj Rogers)
  303rd Dental Clinic
  Unknown Group #1 (Can you ID?)
  Unknown Group #2 (Can you ID?)
   Headquarters and Squadron Area
   Combat Officers
   Combat Enlisted Men
   Ground Personnel
   Technical Supply
   Equipment Section
   Intelligence Section
   Oxygen Department
   Refueling Section
   Engineering Section
   Supply Section
   Medical Section
   Mess Section
   Photo Section
   Weapons Section
   Combat Personnel
   Personnel Section

   Headquarters Building Sign
   Personnel Section (1)
   Personnel Section (2)
   Communications Section
   Ordnance Section
   Ordnance Personnel and Dogs
   Parachute Shop Riggers
   Mess Personnel
   Squadron Officers
   Flying Echelon
   Ground Echelon
   Intelligence Section
   Photo Section
   Supply Section

   Headquarters Building Sign & Patch
   Squadron Officer Personnel
   Squadron Officers
   Squadron Personnel
   Operations Personnel
   Equipment Personnel
   Intelligence Section
   Ordnance Personnel
   Mess Personnel
   Photographic Section
   Transportation Personnel

   Headquarters Sign and Logo
   Headquarters Personnel
   38th Reconnaissance Squadron
   Engineering Section
   Armament Section
   Ordnance Section 1944
   Ordnance Section 1945
   Supply Section
   Medical Section
   Mess Section
   Orderly Room
   Commanding Officers (color)
   Operations Section
   Transportation Section
   Bomb Sight Maintenance
   Intelligence Section