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4th FG
Debden, UK

7th PRG
Mount Farm, UK

20th FG
Kings Cliffe, UK

31st FG
Westhampnette, UK
(Spitfire V)

34th BG
Mendlesham, UK

36th BS
Schulthorpe, Oulton, Cheddington & Alconbury

44th BG
Shipdham, UK

55th FG
Wormingford, UK

56th FG
Boxted, UK

78th FG
Goxhill & Duxford, UK

82nd FG
15th AF, Foggia, IT

91st BG
Bassingbourn, UK

92nd BG
327th Bomb Squadron
Podington, UK

93rd BG
Crew Chief's page
Hardwick, UK

94th BG
Bury St. Edmunds, UK

95th BG
Horham, UK

96th BG
Navigator's Story
Snetterton Heath, UK

97th BG
Grafton Underwood, UK

99th BG
15th AF, Italy

100th BG
Thorpe Abbotts, UK

301st BG
North Africa / Italy

305th BG
Chelveston, UK

306th BG
Thurleigh, UK

320th BG
12th AF, North Africa

339th FG
Fowlmere, UK

351st BG
More on 351st
Polebrook, UK

352nd FG
Bodney, UK

353th FG
Raydon, UK

355th FG
Steeple Morden, UK

356th FG
Martlesham Heath, UK

357th FG
More on 357th
Leiston, UK

359th FG
East Wretham, UK

361st FG
Bottisham, UK

364th FG
Honington, UK

379th BG
More on 379th
Kimbolton, UK

381st BG
Ridgewell, UK

384th BG
Grafton Underwood, UK

385th BG
Great Ashfield, UK

387th BG
Chipping Ongar, UK

388th BG
Knettishall, UK

389th BG Museum
Hethel, UK

390th BG
Framlingham, UK

392nd BG
Aircraft #42-50287
Wendling, UK

398th BG
Nuthampstead, UK

401st BG
Deenethorpe, UK

445th BG
Tibenham, UK

446th BG
Bungay, UK

447th BG
Rattlesden, UK

448th BG
Seething, UK

452nd BG
Deopham Green, UK

453th BG
Old Buckenham, UK

457th BG
Glatton, UK

458th BG
Horsham St. Faith, UK

459th BG
15th AF, Italy

463rd BG
Foggia, IT

464th BG
15th AF, Italy

466th BG
Attlebridge, UK

467th BG
Rackheath, UK

479th FG
Wattisham, UK

482nd BG
Alconbury, UK

483rd BG
15th AF, Steperone, Italy

485th BG
15th AF, Venosa, Italy

486th BG
Sudbury, UK

487th BG
Lavenham, UK

489th BG
Halesworth, UK

490th BG
Eye, UK

491st BG
Metfield, UK

492nd BG
North Pickenham, UK

493rd BG
Debach, UK

495th FTG
Atcham, UK

496th FTG
Goxhill, UK

801st BG
Harrington, UK

802nd BG
Watton, UK

803rd BS
Oulton, UK


B-17G Thunderbird
B-17G 42-38050 Thunderbird and her Crew

B-17 Flying Legend
12,731 were built... today only 13 still fly

B-17 and B-24 Information
By 91st BG Navigator Sam Halpert

B-17 Flying Fortress - The Queen of the Sky
Outstanding B-17 site in German and English

B-17 Database
Database of all B-17s in German and English

Air Crash Investigation & Archaeology
Jim Corbett's search for historic UK crash sites

Battle Damaged B-17s
Photos of battle damage to B-17s

B-17 News
Current news about flying B-17s

Memphis Belle
The 91st BG's Most Famous B-17

Dedicated to capturing aviation history. Includes photographs, stories and aircraft specifications.

RAF Molesworth
423rd Air Base Squadron

American Battle Monuments Commission
Memorials and War dead, including names of over 172,000 WWII casualties who are buried overseas or missing in action.

Distinguished Flying Cross Society
Information and History on the Distinguished Flying Cross.

National Archives and Records Administration
An independent Federal agency that oversees the management of all Federal records.

NARA WWII Databases
Databases of WWII Prisoners of War, Army Serial Numbers and more.

National Personnel Records Center
Military Personnel Records, St. Louis, MO.

National World War II Memorial
Dedicated to all who served during World War II.

Operation Market Garden
September 1944 - A turning point in the war.

Home of Heroes
Information about patriotism, the Medal of Honor and military history.

Freedom Is Not Free
Honoring WWII Casualties in The Netherlands

Timeless Voices of Aviation
Oral History Archive of Aviation Experiences

Wartime Memories Project
Collection of wartime stories and other valuable information.

Wendover Airfield
Home of much WWII B-17, B-24 and B-29 Training.

Links to many POW sites.

Control Towers
UK Airfields - 8th AAF Control Towers and other photos.

Mighty 8th Cross Reference
Eighth Air Force Information and Links.

8th Air Force in World War II
A wealth of 8th Air Force information.

Heavy Bombers
Links and information on most Bomb Groups.

Web Birds
WWII Photo Gallery and links.

AirWar Europe
Dedicated to the air war over Europe: 1939 -1945

US Airmen
US Bombers and Crews in Denmark and Sweden

8th AF Historical Society

8th AF Historical Society
Minnesota Chapter

The Kassel Mission Historical Society
Dedicated to the 445th Bomb Group


Nino Guiciardi's Story
Crew of the 8-Ball shot down 02 November 1944

T/Sgt Clem Resto
Highlights a 358th Crewman

Pilot Class 43-D
Aviation Cadets of Pilot Class 43-D at Hemet, CA

World War II Families for the Return of the Missing
Non-profit advocacy group working to locate and return the remains of MIA personnel from World War II.

Keith Ferris Art Galleries
Paintings by aviation artist Keith Ferris

Keith Hill Studios
8th Air Force and other paintings by UK artist Keith Hill

Acme Depot
Highlights the A-2 Flight Jacket and much more

Buddy Feyne
Lyricist and Composer of many songs of the 1940s

Marshall Stelzriede's Wartime Story
Experiences of a B-17 Navigator

Depot 41
Kingman Army Air Field, Arizona - 1942-1945 - History Alive

Flyable - Static Display - Restoration Projects

Air Mobility Command Museum
Dover AFB, DE - Static Display B-17G, Sleepy Time Gal, #44-83624 as #42-107112, 381st BG(H), 532nd BS, (VE-O)

American Air Museum
at Imperial War Museum, Duxford, England - Static Display B-17G, Mary Alice, #44-83735 401st BG(H), 615th BS, (IY-G)

Amvets Memorial
Highway 99, Tulare, CA - Static Display B-17G, Preston's Pride, #44-85738, 379th BG

Base Aérea do Recife
Recife, Brazil - Static display B-17G #44-85583

B-17 Preservation, Ltd.
Imperial War Museum, Duxford, England - Flyable B-17G, Sally B, #44-85784, 91st BG(H), 424th BS, (DF-A)

Official Sally B Website

Collings Foundation
Stow, MA - Flyable B-17G Nine O' Nine, #44-83575 as #42-31909, 91st BG(H), 323rd BS, (OR-R) Extensively used on Air Show and exhibition circuit throughout the USA

Commorative Air Force - American Airpower Heritage Museum
Midland, TX - No B-17 at this location

Commorative Air Force - Arizona Wing
Falcon Field, AZ - Flyable B-17G Sentimental Journey, #44-83514, 457th BG(H)

Commorative Air Force - Gulf Coast Wing
Ellington Field, TX - Flyable B-17G Texas Raiders, #44-83872, 381st BG(H), 533rd BS, (VP-X)

Eighth Air Force Museum
Barksdale AFB, Louisiana - Static Display B-17G Yankee Doodle II, #44-83884, 303rd BG(H), 359th BS, (BN-R)

Evergreen Aviation Museum
McMinnville, OR - Flyable B-17G Flying Fortress, #44-83785 Evergreen International, 490th BG(H)

Experimental Aircraft Association Museum
Oshkosh, WI - Flyable B-17G Aluminum Overcast, #44-85740, 398th BG (H), 601st BS, (30-H)

Fantasy of Flight Museum
Polk City, FL - Static Display B-17G Piccadilly Princess, #44-83542 as #42-37994, 95th BG(H)

Fortreresse Toujours Volante
Orly Airport, Paris, France - Flyable B-17G Pink Lady, #44-8846, 351st BG(H), 511th BS, (DS-M)

Hill Aerospace Museum
Hill AFB, Ogden, UT - Static Display B-17G Short Bier, #44-83663, 493rd BG(H)

Imperial War Museum
Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK - (See American Air Museum and B-17 Preservation, Ltd. for B-17 displays)

Lone Star Flight Museum
Galveston, TX - Flyable B-17G Thunderbird, #44-85718 as 303rd BG(H), 359th BS #42-38050 (BN-U)

MAPS Air Museum
Military Aviation Preservation Society, North Canton, OH - (No B-17 at this location)

March Field Museum
March Air Reserve Base, Riverside, CA - Static Display B-17G Return to Glory, #44-6393, 97th BG(H), 341st BS

Memphis Belle Memorial Association
Mud Island, Memphis, TN - Static Display B-17F Memphis Belle, #41-24485, 91st BG(H), 324th BS, (DF-A)

Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum
Pooler, GA (Official Home Page) - No B-17 at this location

Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum
Pooler, GA (Unofficial Home Page) - No B-17 at this location

Military Aircraft Restoration Corporation
Flyable B-17G #44-83546 Memphis Belle, 91st BG(H), 324th BS, (DF-A) - Usually flown by owner David Tallichet. Used on Air Show circuit

Musee de l'Air
Paris, France - B-17G #44-8889 in storage

Museum of Flight
Seattle, WA - Flyable B-17F Boeing Bee, #42-29782 as #42-29782

Museum of Aviation
Robbins AFB, GA - No B-17 at this location

National Air & Space Museum
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC - No B-17 at this location

National Warplane Museum
Elmira-Corning Regional Airport, NY - Flyable B-17G Fuddy Duddy, #44-83563 as #42-97400, 447th BG(H), 708th BS, (CQ-E)

Offutt AFB
Omaha, NE - Static Gate Guard B-17G Homesick Angel. #42-3374 as #42-30230, 388th BG, 562nd BS At STRATCOM (formerly SAC) just inside the Capehart Road gate

Pima Air & Space Museum
Tucson, AZ - For B-17 static Display see 390th Memorial Museum

Planes of Fame - The Air Museum
Chino, CA - Static Display B-17G Piccadilly Lilly II, #44-83684, 91st BG(H). Restoration to flyable condition planned.

Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum
Pueblo, CO - No B-17 at this location

Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon
Hendon, London, UK - Static indoor B-17G display, #44-83868, 94th BG(H)

Royal Air Force Museum at Cosford
Shropshire, UK - No B-17 at this location

San Diego Aerospace Museum
Balboa Park, San Diego, CA - No B-17 at this location

Strategic Air Command Museum
Ashland (near Omaha), NE - Static Display B-17G King Bee, #44-83559 as #42-31892, 96th BG(H), 339th BS, (FP-B)

390th Memorial Museum
Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson, AZ - Static Display B-17G I'll Be Around, #44-85828 as #42-31892, 390th BG(H), 339th BS, (FP-B)

Tom Riley Vintage Aircraft
Kissimmee, FL - (B-17G under restoration Outhouse Mouse #44-85734 as #42-31636, 91st BG (H) (?), and Suzy-Q, #44-83525. B-17G #44-85813 being used for parts

Tower Museum
Bassingbourn, UK - No B-17 at this location

Ultimate Sacrifice
Blue Ash Airport, Cincinnati, OH - Static Display B-17E being restored My Gal Sal, #41-9032. Was recovered from Greenland Ice Cap

Vintage Flying Museum
Ft. Worth, TX - Flyable B-17G Chuckie, #44-8543, 486th BG (H), 832nd BS

War Eagles Air Museum
Santa Teresa Airport, NM - No B-17 at this location

Yankee Air Force Museum
Willow Run Airport, Belleville, MI - Flyable B-17G Yankee Lady, #44-85829, 381st BG(H), 534th BS, (GD-Y)