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Diaries and Journals
Molesworth, England
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Molesworth Diaries, Journals and Letters Home
We are seeking diaries and journals of 303rd BG servicemen written while serving at Molesworth. Excerpts from letters home are also welcome. Please email submissions to glm@303rdBG.com

1Lt William A. Malone
427th BS Navigator
John C. Griggs Jr. Crew
08 Jul 1944 - 06 Nov 1944
Mission Journal

S/Sgt Alvin R. Monnig
427th BS Flight Engineer
John C. Griggs Jr. Crew
08 Jul 1944 - 06 Nov 1944
Mission Journal

1Lt Richard M. Newell
360th BS Copilot / Pilot
John D. St. Julien Crew
20 Nov 1944 - 21 Mar 1945
V-Mail Letters Home

1Lt Vern L. Moncur
359th BS Pilot
Vern L. Moncur Crew
13 Dec 1943 - 10 Apr 1944
Mission Journal

2Lt David K.S. Chang
359th BS Bombardier
Vern L. Moncur Crew
13 Dec 1943 - 10 Apr 1944
Mission Notes

T/Sgt James S. Andrus
359th BS Radio Operator
Vern L. Moncur Crew
13 Dec 1943 - 10 Apr 1944
Mission Journal

S/Sgt Guido P. Marchionda
360th BS Gunner
Several 360th BS Crews
04 Dec 1944 - 06 Apr 1945
Mission Journal

Sgt Maurice J. Paulk
444th Sub Depot
Air Corps Supply
08 Oct 1942 - 11 June 1945
V-Mail Letters Home

Sgt Acel E. Livingston
358th BS Gunner
Alvin G. Determan Crew
KIA 28 May 1944
Letters Home

2Lt Arthur S.C. Shanafelt
360th BS Copilot
1Lt Samuel Smith Crew
28 Feb 1945 - 14 May 1945
Letters Home

2Lt Carroll 'Ted' Binder
358th BS Navigator
Quentin J. Gorman Crew
KIA 24 May 1944
My First Mission

1Lt Oliver Lee Bashor
359th BS Pilot
1Lt Lee Bashor Crew
08 March 1945 - 25 April 1945
Mission Log and Notes

S/Sgt David O. Michael
360th BS Ball Turret Gunner
1Lt Henry F. Glass Crew
13 December 1943 - 24 April 1944
Mission Journal

T/Sgt Gordon R. Miller
360th BS Radio Operator
1Lt Henry F. Glass Crew
13 December 1943 - 11 April 1944
History and Mission Journal

S/Sgt Christ M. Christoff
358th BS Ground Support
Radio Maintence
January 1942 — June 1945
Memories of a G.I.

Pvt Harry O. Dudley
303rd Station Hospital
Jan 1944 - May 1945
Letter from 303rd Hospital

S/Sgt James E. LaFrenier
427th BS Gunner
1Lt Frederick W. Sawyer Crew
12 Nov 1943 - 07 June 1944
WWII Diary

Sgt Eugene J. O'Brien
358th BS Ground Support
358th Aircraft Mechanic
1 Sep 1942 - 1 Sep 1945
Molesworth Memories

T/Sgt Arnold S. Doran
359th BS Flight Engineer
2Lt Nix Crew – 1Lt Phelps Crew
16 Apr 1943 - 3 Sep 1943
Mission Notes

2Lt Charles P. Carroll
359th BS Navigator
F/O McManus Crew
14 Aug 1943 - 18 Apr 1944
Mission Journal

2Lt Stanley Bober
427th BS Bombardier
2Lt Auston O. Caplinger
03 August 1944 - 20 November 1944
Mission Journal

Sgt Francis J. "Frank" Burns
358th BS Radio Operator
Capt Carl H. Morales Crew
6 December 1942 - 13 June 1943
Mission Journal
1Lt Ehle H. Reber
427th BS Pilot - KIA
1Lt Ehle H. Reber Crew
29 August 1942 - 23 January 1943
Training and Mission Journal

S/Sgt Louis W. Considine
359th BS Gunner
Capt Lt Leroy E. Daub Crew
03 November 1943 - 17 June 1944
Mission Journal

1Lt Paul W. Campbell
358th BS Pilot
1Lt Paul W. Campbell Crew
16 August 1943 - 11 January 1944
POW Letters