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1942-1945 Yearbook
303rd BG Personnel
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303rd Bomb Group
1942-1945 VETERAN PHOTOS (11)

We are seeking good, individual, WWII photographs of all 303rd Bomb Group Personnel.
Please email photographs to glm@303rdbg.com.

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(Ranks and Grades may not match the photographs.)

T/Sgt Reuben W. Raubach
359BS Aircraft Mechanic

T/Sgt Jack A. Howes
359BS Propeller Specialist

M/Sgt William Caldwell
303HQ Flight Chief

M/Sgt James Thompson
359BS Crew Chief

1Lt Frederick A. Stewart
359BS Pilot

1Lt George E. Knox
359BS Navigator

2Lt Charles T. Backer
359BS CoPilot

S/Sgt Lloyd R. Bodin
359BS Flight Engineer

Cpl Frank Chornyei
359BS Togglier

Sgt Ernest L. Cofrances
359BS Gunner

Sgt Peter P. Bilski
359BS Radio Operator

Sgt John R. Beam
359BS Gunner

Sgt William M. Callicott
359BS Gunner

1Lt David E. Fackler
359BS Pilot

1Lt Wallace L. Paton
359BS CoPilot

1Lt Paul G. Hogan
359BS Navigator

2Lt George H. Nance
359BS Bombardier

S/Sgt Harold McIntyre
359BS Gunner

T/Sgt Bert T. Prendergast
359BS Radio Operator

S/Sgt Ray Brewer
359BS Gunner

TSgt Jerome Schlottmann
359BS Flight Engineer

S/Sgt Wilbert Pohlman
359BS Gunner

S/Sgt Bill B. Tipton
359BS Gunner

2Lt Frederick L. Rowan
359BS Pilot

2Lt William G. Moyer
359BS CoPilot

2Lt Loren F. Rawlins
359BS Bombardier

2Lt Robert L. Bates
359BS Navigator

Sgt Lyman E. Ela
359BS Flight Engineer

Sgt Robert W. Hanson
359BS Radio Operator

Sgt Vachel Roughley
359BS Gunner

Sgt John L. Arendt
359BS Gunner

Sgt Theodore G. Miller
359BS Gunner

2Lt Henry G. Way
358BS Pilot - KIA

2Lt Warren G. Raese
358BS CoPilot - KIA

2Lt Eldon A. Sigurdson
358BS Navigator - POW

2Lt Julian P. Bell
358BS Bombardier - KIA

T/Sgt James G. May
358BS Radio Operator - POW

Sgt Robert L. Manning
358BS Flight Engineer

Sgt Paul L. LaFleur
358BS Gunner

T/Sgt Stanley A. Lynam
358BS Gunner - KIA

S/Sgt Vincent C. Paolino
358BS Flight Engineer - KIA

S/Sgt Robert E. Parks
358BS Gunner - POW

1Lt Lewis M. Walker
359BS Pilot - KIA

2Lt Joseph J. Doyle
359BS CoPilot - KIA

2Lt William C. Koran
359BS Navigator

T/Sgt James W. Sublett
359BS Flight Engineer - POW

Sgt Guy W. Collier
360BS Ordnance

1Lt Keith E. Estes
359BS Navigator

1Lt Robert Cunningham
359BS CoPilot / Pilot

Capt George H. Counts
359BS Navigator

1Lt Orin H. Schopplein
359BS CoPilot

2Lt Leonard Stone
359BS Bombardier

1Lt Frank F. Forve
359BS Navigator

T/Sgt Joseph Vieira
359BS Radio Operator

Capt F.E. Umphress, Jr.
427BS Navigator

2Lt Gilbert L. Ferguson
427BS CoPilot

1Lt John W. Shupe
427BS Navigator

Capt Deane L. Barnes
427BS Pilot

2Lt Walter A. Curley
427BS Navigator

T/Sgt Andrew Benevento
427BS Radio Operator