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303rd Named B-17s
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Alphabetical List
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B-17 Model:
(E) B-17E    (F) B-17F    (G) B-17G    (YB-40) B-17 "Gunship"

Squadron Codes:
358th BS (VK)    359th BS (BN)    360th BS (PU)    427th BS (GN)

Ain't Miss Bea Haven(G)42-97284359-S
Alley Oop(F) 42-5854360-C
Aloha(G) 42-31055360-J
A.O.G. Not in Stock (Pluto's Avenger)(F) 42-5788360-H
Assondragon(G) 42-97291359-W
Augerhead(F) 42-29635358-M
Avenger, The(F) 42-5390360-L
Bad Check(F) 41-24587427-P
Bad Penny, The(G) 42-31183359-J
Baltimore Bounce(F) 42-29894359-X
Bam Bam(G) 42-37893358-0
Banshee(G) 42-37841360-P
Beats Me(F) 41-24567360-V/J
Belle of San Joaquin(F) 42-5054360-I
Better Do 'Er(G) 44-6977427-C
Betty Jane(G) 42-32027427-E
Big A Bird (B.A.B.)(Special Delivery)(G) 42-39810358-E
Big Bitch, The(E) 41-9121359
Black Diamond Express(F) 41-24416359-V
Black Swan(F) 42-5780427-N
Blues in the Night(G) 43-38891359-H
Bob's Boudoir (Lady Luck)(F) 42-5434360-J
Bonnie-B(G) 42-31483359-P
Bommerang(E) 41-9148359
Bouncing Betty II(G) 43-38176358-B
Bouncing Betty III(G) 43-38554358-B
Bow-Ur-Neck Stevens(G) 42-97260360-Q
Brass Rail   
Butch (Toots)(F) 42-29606360-M
Buzz Blonde(G) 42-39875427-F
Buzzing Bronco (Winning Run)(F) 42-29944427-E
Buzz King(E) 41-9124358
Cat-O' 9 Tail(F) 42-5482359-W
Charley Horse(F) 42-29571358-L
Cheshire Cat(G) 43-38734427-C
Chuck Wagon   
City of Albuquerque (aka Stric Nine)(F) 42-5392427-X
City of Wanette (Spirit of Wanette)(G) 42-31241427-W
Clover Leaf (Little Princess)(G) 42-31583358-C
Connecticut Yankee(F) 42-29629358-M
Daddy's Delight(G) 42-97944359-I
Dakota Demon(YB-40)42-5737360-Q
Dark Horse(F) 42-29498360-D
Dear Mom(G) 42-38168359-M
Desperate Journey  360
Devil Himself, The (Red Ass)(F) 42-5483360-F
Devil Himself, The(F) 41-24612427-R
Dipsey Doodle   
Don's Jr.(G)   
Doolittle's Destroyer(G) 42-31471360-E
Doris, Jr. (Gravel Gertie)(G) 358
Duchess, The (Sure Stuff)(F) 41-24561359-T
Duchess' Daughter(G) 42-97272359-T
Duchess' Grand Daughter(G) 44-6309359-T
Duffy's Tavern(G) 44-8422358-M
Earthquake McGoon(G) 43-37597427-G
'8' Ball, The(F) 41-24581359-0
'8' Ball Mk II, The(F) 41-24635359-0
'8' Ball MkIII,The(G) 42-97781359-0
El Screamo (El Sereano)(G) 44-6957427-D
Emma(G) 43-38999358-F
Empress of 'D' Street(G) 42-37875427-A
Fast Woman (Fast Worker II)(F) 42-5177359-U
Fast Worker II (Fast Woman)(F) 42-5177359-U
FDR's Potato Peeler Kids(F) 42-5243359-P
Fearles Fosdick(G) 43-37838358-A
Ragged But Right(G) 43-38621427-E
Flak Hack (had an '8' Ball Symbol)(G) 42-97329360-H
Flak Wolf (Winnie the Pooh)(F) 42-3131427-U
Floose, The (It Flies)(G) 42-97298358-H
Flying Bison(G) 42-37875427-A
Flying Bitch (B-17F with a chin turret)(F)42-29795 427-0
Forget Me Not Olly(G)43-38258 358-H
Full House(G)43-37666 427-T
Garbage(F)41-24563 360-H
'G' for George(G)43-39160 358-G
G.I. Sheets(G)42-39786 427-R
Good Enuf (Pappy)(F)42-5430 359-V
Grand Bird   
Grand Bird II   
Gravel Gertie(G)   
Green Hill Belle(G) 43-38958427-H
The Green Hornet(F) 41-24603359-V
Helen Heaven (Hell in the Heavens)(G)42-31224 358-F
Hel'en Hiwater (Thru Hel'en Hiwater)(G)42-39785 359-B
Hell Cat(F)  
Hellcat Agnes (No Monkey Business)(F)41-24580 358-C
Hell in the Heavens (Helen Heaven)(G)42-31224 358-F
Heller's Angel(G)42-102484 359-K
Hell's Angels - 1st 8th AF B-17
to complete 25 missions
(F)41-24577 358-D
Hell's Angels II(G)42-38041 358-D
Hell's Cargo (G)44-8734 359-C
Henn's Revenge(G)44-8427 358-E
Holy Mackerel(F)41-24609359-Q
Hunga Dunga(F)41-24558 358-F
Hunting Club, The(F)42-5432 358-B
Idaho Potato Peeler(F)41-24565359-P
Idle Wheel(PFF)(G)44-8710 427-Y
Iza Vailable(F)42-2973360-G
Iza Vailable Too(G)42-97254360-K
Iza Vailable III(G)42-97861360-C
Jackie(G)43-38563 360-H
Jarrin Jenny(E)41-9085359
Jean Ray - unofficial name -
painted on for a photo then removed
(G) 360
Jersey Bounce(F)41-24539 358-K
Jersey Bounce, Jr.(F)42-29664 358-C
Jerry Jinx (What's up Doc?)(F)41-24607 427-W
Jigger Rooche(G)42-32423 427-M
Jigger Rooche II(G)43-38248 427-M
Joan of Arc(F)42-29477 358-B
Joe Btfsplk II(F)41-24610 427-T
Just for Laughs
(Thumper Again)(Little Woman)
(F)42-5393 360-G
Kali (F) 41-24517427-O
Kicking Horse (F)   
Knockout Dropper - 1st 8th AF B-17
to fly 50 & 75 missions
(F) 41-24605359-R
Kraut Killer (Jigger Rooche)(G) 42-31423427-M
La Rhonda (G) 43-38289359-J
Ladies Home Companion
(Woman's Home Companion)
(G) 42-39795360-E
Lady Alta(G)44-6503 358-F
Lady Beth(G)43-38883 359-A
Lady Drew(G)42-37776To 384 BG
Lady Fairweather(F)41-24568 359-U
Lady Luck (Shad Rack)(Bob's Boudoir)
- nose art on tail
(F)42-5434 360-J
Lady Luscious(F) 42-508l427-V
Lassie Come Home(G)  
Leapin Liz(F) 41-24526358-J
Liberty Run(G) 44-6076359-Y
Little Alta   
Little Barney(G) 42-37785 
Little Man, The   
Little Princes (G) 42-31583358-C
Little Redhood   
Little Tillie(G) 44-8692427-A
Little Tush(G) 42-102595427-L
Little Woman (Thumper Again)
(Just for Laughs) - nose art on tail
(F) 42-5393360-G
Lonesome Polecat(G) 42-31177359-L
Lone Wolf   
Lucille(G) 43-38608359-E
Lucky Linda(G) 42-97853360-O
Lucy Belle(F)   
Lufkin Ruffian(YB-40)42-5739427-J
Luscious Lady(F) 42-5081427-V
Mairzy Doats(G) 42-107002358-A
Marie(G) 42-31830359-N
Mary Cary(G) 42-97405360-H
Max(F) 42-3158427-Y
Meat Hound(F) 42-29524358-K
Memphis Blues(F) 42-29791358-B
Memphis Tot(F) 41-24569427-W/V
Mercey's Mad House (PFF)(G) 42-97557358-X
Minnie the Moocher(G) 42-97893360-M
Miss Bea Haven(F) 42-5257359-S
Miss Carey   
Miss Lace(G) 42-102411427-Y/P
Miss Lace(G) 42-102569427-X
Miss Liberty(G)42-31340360-D
Miss Manooki - originally 'Baby Lu III'
401BG or 384BG
(G) 42-39765359
Missmanooki(G) 42-39769359-P
Miss Mardooki   
Miss Minookie(G) 42-39801303
Miss Ouachita(F) 42-3040(To 306BG)
Miss Patricia(F) 42-29930 360-I
Miss Umbriago(G) 42-97187 360-I
Mizpah - Old Testament "The Lord watch
over thee and me while we are absent."
(F) 42-5052 358-E
Mr. Five by Five (F) 42-29955 427-I
Mrs Satan (The Queen of Hell)
-last B-17F to fly a 303rd mission 5/12/44
(F) 42-3398 358-Q
Mugger, The (F) 42-5792 358-I
Mumsie(F)42-29498 360-D
Myasis Dragon(G) 42-97291359-W
My Blonde Baby(G) 44-6086358-L
My Darling(G) 44-6516360-Q
My Yorkshire Dream(G) 42-38051427-P
Nasty Nine(F) 42-5468360-I
Nero(G) 42-39807359-Y
Neva-The Silver Lady(G) 43-37590358-Q
No Monkey Business (Helcat Agnes)(F) 41-24580358-C
Ol' Ironsides(F) 42-29640359-Y
Old Black Magic(G) 42-107206359-R
Old Cock(G) 44-6517360-F
Old Crow(G) 42-31200427-V
Old Faithful (War Bride)(F) 42-5360358-G
Old Glory(G) 42-31432360-N
Old Hickory(G) 42-97509358-A
Old Ironsides(F) 42-29640359-X
Old 99(G) 42-107099427-W
Old Glory(G) 42-31432360-N
Old Hickory(G) 42-97509358-A
Old Ironsides(F) 42-29640359-X
Old Squaw, The(F)42-3002 359-Z
Old Standby, The(F)42-5178(To 91BG)
Ole George ('Ol' or 'Old')(G)42-31574 358-G
One O'Clock Jump(F)41-24582 358-G
Oochie (Jigger Rooche II)(G)43-38248 427-M
Ooold Soljer - 360BS Flagship(F)41-24559 360-C
Our Baby   
Padded Cell II(G)42-97498 358-J
Paper Doll   
Paper Dollie(G)42-97622 358-K
Pennsylvania Peter   
Phyllis (Tugboat Annie)(E)41-9020303 HDQS
Pistol Packin Mama(G)42-31213 359-Z
Pluto's Avenger (A.O.G. Not in Stock)(F)42-5788 360-H
Pogue-Ma Hone - Galic: 'Kiss my ass'(G)42-31060 427-N
Princess Pat(G)42-102453 358-J
Princess Pat 2(G)43-38065 358-J
Puddin's Pride   
Pugnacious Peter(G)42-31739 358-P
Queenie (Queen of Jeanie)(G)42-97281 427-Q
Queenie (Neva the Silver Lady)(G) 43-37590358-Q
Queen of Hearts (PFF)(G)43-37537359-Q/X
Qui-9 "The Bitter Dose"
(The Nasty Nine)
(F) 42-5468360-I
Ramblin Reck
(Idaho Potato Peeler)
(F) 41-24565359-P
Red, The (Red Ass)(G) 44-6166427-V
Red Ass(F) 42-5483360-F
Red Ass (The Red)(The Devil Himself)(G) 44-6166427-V
RedWing(G) 43-38875359-G
Rose O'Grady (Sweet Rose O'Grady)(G) 42-39885427-R/Z
Road Back, The(G) 42-97552360-O
Sack Time42-102544(G)360 K
Santa Ana(G) 42-39764427-B
Satan's Workshop(F) 42-29931360-L
Scarlet Harlot (Vicious Virgin) (F) 42-5341427-Q
Scorchy (G) 42-31314359-M
Scorchy II (G) 42-97058359-V
S-for-Sugar - carried drawing of Bugs Bunny
& Hi-Doc! - nose art became 427BS insignia
(F) 41-24619427-S
Shades of Stricnine(F) 42-5221427-Z
Shak Hak (F) 42-2967360-G
Shangri-La Lil(F) 42-29754360-B
Shangri-La Lil(F) 42-29754360-B
Shasta (G) 43-38191358-A
Shoo Shoo Baby (G) 42-31669358-J
Shoo Shoo Baby (Silver Fox) (G) 42-97311427-O
Shooting Star(F) 42-29540427-W
Short Stuff   
Silver Dollar(G) 42-37781To 384 BG
Silver Fox(G) 42-97311427-O
Silver Fox(G) 43-38206358-L
Silver Lady, The (Neva-The Sliver Lady)
(G) 43-37590358-Q
Sky Demon (PFF)(G) 43-39096358-M
Sky Duster (Woof)(G)42-31386359-W
Sky Wolf(F)41-24562 358-A
Sky Wolf II   
Snap! Crackle! Pop!(F)41-24620 360-O
Son (Shades of Stricnine)(F)42-5221 427-Z
Southern Comfort(G) 44-83287427-F
Sparky (PFF)(G) 44-8125360-Y
Special Delivery(G) 42-102496359-M
Special Delivery (B.A.B.)
(Big Assed Bird)
(G) 42-39810358-E
Spirit of Flak Wolf, The(G) 42-31616427-U
Spirit of Wanette, The
(City of Wanette)
(G) 42-31241427-W
Star Dust(F)42-3064358-I
Stric Nine (aka City of Albuquerque)(F)42-5392 427-X
Sure Stuff (The Duchess)(F)41-24561 359-T
Susfu(F)41-24584 427-Q
Sway Back   
Sweet Adeline(G)43-32011 427-A
Sweet Anna(G)42-31526 427-V
Sweet Melody(G)42-107097 360-M
Sweet Melody(G)42-107147 360-C
Sweet Pea(G)42-102945 358-M
Sweet Rose O'Grady(G)42-39885 427-R/Z
Sweet Tillie (Little Tillie)(G)44-8692 427-A
Tampa Tornado(YB-40)42-5736359-Q
Temptress(G)42-107196 360-G
Tennessee Hillbilly(G)42-31929 427-R
Terrible Ten, The (F)42-29656 358-F
There's a Rainbow Round My Shoulder
(Signed Strato Sam)
Thru Hel'en Hiwater (G) 42-39785358-H
Thumper (F) 41-24579360-F
Thumper Again (Little Woman)
(Just for Laughs)
(F) 42-5393360-HG
Thunderbird - featured in Keith Ferris
25'x75' Mural in the Smithsonian
(G) 42-38050359-U
Tiny Angel(G) 42-102432 427-U
Tugboat Annie(E)41-9020303 HDQS
Two Beauts(F)42-29573358-H
Upstairs Maid, The(F)42-29738360-I
Vicious Virgin (Scarlet Harlot)(F)42-5341427-Q
Virgin Mary(G) 42-97590 360-A
V-Packett(G) 42-38020 427-L
Wabash Cannonball - formation
assembly B-17F
(F) 42-29947303 HDQS
Wallaroo(F) 42-3029 359-N
Wallaroo MK II(G) 42-31405 359-X
Wanton Woman (Watch Woman)(G) 42-39787 358-L
War Bride (Old Faithful)(F) 42-39787 358-L
Watch Woman (Wonton Woman)(G) 42-39787 358-L
We Dood It(F)42-5444360-C
We Have Some Extra Special   
Wham Bam   
Winnie The Pooh (Flak Wolf)(F) 42-3131 427-U
Winning Run (Buzzing Bronco) 42-29944 427-E
Witches Tit, The(F) 42-5382 360-E
Woman's Home Companion
(Ladies Home Companion)
(G) 42-39795360-E
Woof(G) 42-31386 359-W
Wulfe Hound(F)41-24585360-B
Yahoodi(F) 41-24608 359-S
Yankee Doodle Dandy (F)42-5264358-J
Yankee Girl (PFF)(G)44-8256359-Y
Yardbird II(F)42-5260360-A
Yardbird III(G) 43-38613 360-A
Yorkshire Dream(G)42-38051427-P