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303rd Named B-17s
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Serial Number List
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B-17 Model:
(E) B-17E    (F) B-17F    (G) B-17G    (YB-40) B-17 "Gunship"

Squadron Codes:
358th BS (VK)    359th BS (BN)    360th BS (PU)    427th BS (GN)

41-24416Black Diamond Express(F) 359-V
41-24517Kali (F) 427-0
41-24526Leapin Liz(F) 358-J
41-24539 Jersey Bounce(F)358-K
41-24558 Hunga Dunga(F)358-F
41-24559 Ooold Soljer(F)360-C
41-24561 Sure Stuff(F)359-T
41-24561Duchess, The(F) 359-T
41-24562 Sky Wolf(F)358-A
41-24563 Garbage(F)360-H
41-24565Idaho Potato Peeler(F)359-P
41-24565Ramblin Reck(F) 359-P
41-24567Beats Me(F) 360-V/J
41-24568 Lady Fair Weather(F)359-U
41-24569Memphis Tot(F) 427-W/V
41-24577 Hell's Angels(F)358-D
41-24579Thumper (F) 360-F
41-24580 Hellcat Agnes(F)358-C
41-24580No Monkey Business(F) 358-C
41-24581'8' Ball, The(F) 359-0
41-24582 One O'Clock Jump(F)358-G
41-24584 Susfu(F)427-Q
41-24585Wulfe Hound(F)360-B
41-24587Bad Check(F) 427-P
41-24603The Green Hornet(F) 359-V
41-24605Knockout Dropper (F) 359-R
41-24607 Jerry Jinx(F)427-W
41-24608 Yahoodi(F) 359-S
41-24609Holy Mackerel(F)359-Q
41-24610 Joe Btfsplk II(F)427-T
41-24612Devil Himself, The(F)427-R
41-24619S-for-Sugar (F) 427-S
41-24620 Snap! Crackle! Pop!(F)360-O
41-24635'8' Ball Mk II, The(F) 359-0
41-9020Phyllis(E)303 HDQS
41-9020Tugboat Annie(E)303 HDQS
41-9085Jarrin Jenny(E)359
41-9121Big Bitch, The(E) 359
41-9124Buzz King(E) 358
41-9148Bommerang(E) 359
42-102411Miss Lace(G) 427-Y/P
42-102432 Tiny Angel(G) 427-U
42-102453 Princess Pat(G)358-J
42-102484 Heller's Angel(G)359-K
42-102496Special Delivery(G) 359-M
42-102544Sack Time(G)360 K
42-102569Miss Lace(G) 427-X
42-102595Little Tush(G) 427-L
42-102945 Sweet Pea(G)358-M
42-107002Mairzy Doats(G) 358-A
42-107097 Sweet Melody(G)360-M
42-107099Old 99(G)427-W
42-107147 Sweet Melody(G)360-C
42-107196 Temptress(G)360-G
42-107206Old Black Magic(G) 359-R
42-29477 Joan of Arc(F)358-B
42-29498Dark Horse(F) 360-D
42-29498 Mumsie(F)360-D
42-29524Meat Hound(F) 358-K
42-29540Shooting Star(F) 427-W
42-29571Charley Horse(F) 358-L
42-29573Two Beauts(F)358-H
42-29606Butch(F) 360-M
42-29629Connecticut Yankee(F) 358-M
42-29635Augerhead(F) 358-M
42-29640Ol' Ironsides(F) 359-Y
42-29640Old Ironsides(F) 359-X
42-29640Old Ironsides(F) 359-X
42-29656 Terrible Ten, The (F)358-F
42-29664 Jersey Bounce, Jr.(F)358-C
42-2967Shak Hak (F) 360-G
42-2973Iza Vailable(F)360-G
42-29738Upstairs Maid, The(F)360-I
42-29754Shangri-La Lil(F) 360-B
42-29754Shangri-La Lil(F) 360-B
42-29791Memphis Blues(F) 358-B
42-29795 Flying Bitch(F)427-0
42-29894Baltimore Bounce(F) 359-X
42-29930 Miss Patricia(F) 360-I
42-29931Satan's Workshop(F) 360-L
42-29944 Winning Run 427-E
42-29944Buzzing Bronco(F) 427-E
42-29947Wabash Cannonball(F) 303 HDQS
42-29955 Mr. Five by Five (F) 427-I
42-3002 Old Squaw, The(F)359-Z
42-3029 Wallaroo(F) 359-N
42-3040Miss Ouachita(F)To 306BG
42-3064Star Dust(F)358-I
42-31055Aloha(G) 360-J
42-31060 Pogue-Ma Hone(Galic:'Kiss my ass')(G)427-N
42-31177Lonesome Polecat(G) 359-L
42-31183Bad Penny, The(G) 359-J
42-31200Old Crow(G) 427-V
42-31213 Pistol Packin Mama(G)359-Z
42-31224 Helen Heaven(G)358-F
42-31224 Hell in the Heavens(G)358-F
42-31241Spirit of Wanette (aka City of Wanette)(G) 427-W
42-3131 Winnie The Pooh(F) 427-U
42-3131Flak Wolf(F) 427-U
42-31314Scorchy (G) 359-M
42-31340Miss Liberty(G)360-D
42-31386 Woof(G) 359-W
42-31386Sky Duster (Woof)(G)359-W
42-31405 Wallaroo MK II(G) 359-X
42-31423Kraut Killer(G) 427-M
42-31432Old Glory(G) 360-N
42-31432Old Glory(G) 360-N
42-31483Bonnie-B(G) 359-P
42-31526 Sweet Anna(G)427-V
42-31574 Ole George ('Ol' or 'Old')(G)358-G
42-3158Max(F) 427-Y
42-31583Clover Leaf(G) 358-C
42-31583Little Princes (G) 358-C
42-31616Spirit of Flak Wolf, The(G) 427-U
42-31669Shoo Shoo Baby (G) 358-J
42-31739 Pugnacious Peter(G)358-P
42-31830Marie(G) 359-N
42-3192G-for-George(F) 358-G
42-31929 Tennessee Hillbilly(G)427-R
42-32027Betty Jane(G) 427-E
42-32423 Jigger Rooche(G)427-M
42-3398 Mrs Satan (F) 358-Q
43-37590Neva-The Silver Lady(G) 358-Q
43-37590Queenie(G) 358-Q
43-37590Silver Lady, The(G) 358-Q
42-37776Lady Drew(G)To 384 BG
42-37781Silver Dollar(G) To 384 BG
42-37785Little Barney(G) 
42-37841Banshee(G) 360-P
42-37875Empress of 'D' Street(G) 427-A
42-37875Flying Bison(G)427-A
42-37893Bam Bam(G) 358-0
42-38020 V-Packett(G) 427-L
42-38041 Hell's Angels II(G)358-D
42-38050Thunderbird (G) 359-U
42-38051My Yorkshire Dream(G) 427-P
42-38051Yorkshire Dream(G)427-P
42-38168Dear Mom(G) 359-M
42-39764Santa Ana(G) 427-B
42-39765Miss Manooki(G) 359
42-39769Missmanooki(G) 359-P
42-39785 Hel'en Hiwater(G)359-B
42-39785Thru Hel'en Hiwater (G) 358-H
42-39786 G.I. Sheets(G)427-R
42-39787 Wanton Woman(G) 358-L
42-39787 War Bride (F) 358-L
42-39787 Watch Woman(G)358-L
42-39795Ladies Home Companion (G) 360-E
42-39795Woman's Home Companion (G) 360-E
42-39801Miss Minookie(G) 303
42-39807Nero(G) 359-Y
42-39810Big A Bird (B.A.B.)(G) 358-E
42-39810Special Delivery (B.A.B.)(G) 358-E
42-39875Buzz Blonde(G) 427-F
42-39885 Sweet Rose O'Grady(G)427-R/Z
42-39885Rose O'Grady(G) 427-R/Z
42-31471Doolittle's Destroyer(G) 360-E
42-5052 Mizpah(F) 358-E
42-5054Belle of San Joaquin(F) 360-I
42-5081Luscious Lady(F) 427-V
42-508lLady Luscious(F) 427-V
42-5177Fast Woman(F) 359-U
42-5177Fast Worker II(F) 359-U
42-5178Old Standby, The(F)To 91BG
42-5221 Son (Shade of Stricnine)(F)427-Z
42-5221Shades of Stricnine(F) 427-Z
42-5243FDR's Potato Peeler Kids(F) 359-P
42-5257Miss Bea Haven(F) 359-S
42-5260Yardbird II(F)360-A
42-5264Yankee Doodle Dandy (F)358-J
42-5340 Good Snuf(F)359-V
42-5341Scarlet Harlot(F) 427-Q
42-5341Vicious Virgin(F)427-Q
42-5360Old Faithful(F) 358-G
42-5382 Witche's Tit, The(F) 360-E
42-5390Avenger, The(F) 360-L
42-5392City of Albuquerque (aka Stric Nine)(F) 427-X
42-5392 Stric Nine (aka City of Albuquerque)(F)427-X
42-5393 Just for Laughs(F)360-G
42-5393Little Woman(F) 360-G
42-5393Thumper Again (F) 360-G
42-5430 Good Enuf(F)359-V
42-5432 Hunting Club, The(F)358-B
42-5434 Lady Luck(F)360-J
42-5434Bob's Boudoir(F) 360-J
42-5444We Dood It(F)360-C
42-5468Nasty Nine(F) 360-I
42-5468Qui-9 "The Bitter Dose"(F) 360-I
42-5482Cat-O '9 Tail(F) 359-W
42-5483Devil Himself, The(F) 360-F
42-5483Red Ass(F) 360-F
42-5736Tampa Tornado(YB-40)359-Q
42-5737Dakota Demon(YB-40)360-Q
42-5739Lufkin Ruffian(YB-40)427-J
42-5780Black Swan(F) 427-N
42-5788 Pluto's Avenger(F)360-H
42-5792 Mugger, The (F) 358-I
42-5854Alley Oop(F) 360-C
42-97311Shoo Shoo Baby (Silver Fox)(G) 427-O
42-97058Scorchy II (G) 359-V
42-97187 Miss Umbriago(G) 360-I
42-97254Iza Vailable Too(G)360-K
42-97260Bow-Ur-Neck Stevens(G) 360-Q
42-97272Duchess' Daughter(G) 359-T
42-97281 Queenie (Queen of Jeanie)(G)427-Q
42-97284Ain't Misbeahaven(G)359-S
42-5788A.O.G. Not in Stock(F) 360-H
42-97291Assondragon(G) 359-W
42-97291Myasis Dragon(G) 359-W
42-97298Floose, The (It Flies)(G) 358-H
42-97311Silver Fox(G) 427-0
42-97329Flak Hack(G) 360-H
42-97405Mary Cary(G) 360-H
42-97498 Padded Cell II(G)358-J
42-97622 Paper Dollie(G)358-K
42-97509Old Hickory(G) 358-A
42-97509Old Hickory(G) 358-A
42-97552Road Back, The(G) 360-O
42-97557Mercey's Mad House (PFF)(G) 358-X
42-97853Lucky Linda(G) 360-O
42-97590 Virgin Mary(G) 360-A
42-97781'8' Ball MkIII,The(G) 359-0
42-97861Iza Vailable III(G)360-C
42-97893Minnie the Moocher(G) 360-M
42-97944Daddy's Delight(G) 359-I
43-32011 Sweet Adeline(G)427-A
43-37537Queen of Hearts (PFF)(G)359-Q/X
43-37597Earthquake McGoon(G) 427-G
43-37666 Full House(G)427-T
43-37838Fearles Fosdick(G) 358-A
43-38065 Princess Pat 2(G)358-J
43-38176Bouncing Betty II(G) 358-B
43-38191Shasta (G) 358-A
43-38206Silver Fox(G) 358-L
43-38248 Jigger Rooche II(G)427-M
43-38248 Oochie(G)427-M
43-38258 Forget Me Not Olly(G)358-H
43-38289La Rhonda (G) 359-J
43-38554Bouncing Betty III(G) 358-B
43-38563 Jackie(G)360-H
43-38613 Yardbird III(G) 360-A
43-38621Ragged But Right(G) 427-E
43-38734Cheshire Cat(G) 427-C
43-38883 Lady Beth(G)359-A
43-38891Blues in the Night(G) 359-H
43-38958Green Hill Belle(G) 427-H
43-38999Emma(G) 358-F
43-39160 'G' for George(G)358-G
43-39096Sky Demon(PFF)(G) 358-M
44-6076Liberty Run(G) 359-Y
44-6086My Blonde Baby(G) 358-L
44-6166Red Ass(G) 427-V
44-6166Red, The(G) 427-V
44-6309Duchess' Grand Daughter(G) 359-T
44-6503 Lady Alta(G)358-F
44-6516My Darling(G) 360-Q
44-6517Old Cock(G) 360-F
44-6957El Screamo (aka El Sereano)(G) 427-D
44-6977Better Do 'Er(G) 427-C
44-8125Sparky(PFF)(G) 360-Y
44-8256Yankee Girl (PFF)(G)359-Y
44-8422Duffy's Tavern(G) 358-M
44-8427 Henn's Revenge(G)358-E
44-8692 Sweet Tillie(G)427-A
44-8692Little Tillie(G) 427-A
44-8710 Idle Wheel(PFF)(G)427-Y
44-8734 Hell's Cargo (G)359-C
44-83287Southern Comfort(G) 427-F
unknownBrass Rail  
unknownChuck Wagon  
unknownDesperate Journey 360
unknownDipsey Doodle  
unknownDon's Jr.(G) 
unknownDoris, Jr.(G)358
unknownGood Enough  
unknownGrand Bird  
unknownGrand Bird II  
unknownGravel Gertie(G) 
unknownHell Cat(F) 
unknownJean Ray(G)360
unknownKicking Horse (F) 
unknownLassie Come Home(G) 
unknownLittle Alta  
unknownLittle Man, The  
unknownLittle Redhood  
unknownLone Wolf  
unknownLucy Belle(F) 
unknownMiss Carey  
unknownMiss Mardooki  
unknownOur Baby  
unknownPaper Doll  
unknownPennsylvania Peter  
unknownPuddin's Pride  
unknownShort Stuff  
unknownSky Wolf II  
unknownSway Back  
unknownThere's a Rainbow Round My Shoulder 359
unknownWe Have Some Extra Special  
unknownWham Bam