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In Memoriam
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In Loving Memory
of Members of the 303rd Bomb Group (H) who have 'Gone West'

Many of the veteran's death dates and grave photographs are now available online at Find-A-Grave or Billion Graves. If you don't see what you need here, please search those resources for the information. New TAPS names will continue to be added as they are known. Grave photos will be added by request only.

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Maas, Willard W
Mabie, Hilton C
Mace, Leroy L "Shorty"
Maciejewski, Marcelin J
Mack, Austin J
Mackey, Mervin L
Mackin, George T
Madak, Edward P
Mades, Franklin B
Madrid, Robert L
Madsen, Parley W Jr
Magee, Alan E
Magee, Jack R
Maggia, Edmond A
Magid, Malcolm J
Magner, John H Jr
Magruder, William M
Mahaffey, William D
Mahan, Weldon 'Tex'
Maher, William P
Mahoney, Denis J
Malone, Roy P
Malone, William A
Malott, Earnest E
Maluchnik, Chester A
Manifold, Donovan B
Manina, Joseph J
Mann, Ferrell A
Mann, Lowell J
Manning, Harold R
Manze, Dario J
Maple, Stanley
Marble, Robert A
Marchionda, Guido P
Maresh, Lewis A
Marion, Charles E (303BG CO)
Marker, Vernon G
Markiewicz, Joseph L
Markos, Costa
Markt, Rex
Marlatt, Ray G
Marozas, Arthur A
Mars, Charles W
Marshall, Alexander F
Marson, Charles H
Martel, Albert E Jr
Marten, Dudley V
Martens, Raymond J
Martin, Anthony B
Martin, Raymond W
Martin, Walter E Jr
Marucco, Leroy N
Mason, Frederick H
Mason, John W
Massey, Ray N
Massimiliano, Joseph
Matheson, John A
Mathews, Frank M
Mathis, Henry C Jr
Mathis, Jack W  MOH
Mathis, Rhude Mark Jr
Matthews, David R
Matthews, James O
Mattison, Robert L
Mauger, Warren F
Mawdsley, Arnold
Maxey, Leonard F Jr
Maxwell, Samuel P
Maxwell, Verle J
May, Cecil M
May, James H
Mayer, Walter J
Mayfield, James P
Mayhugh, John C Jr
Mayo, Donald A
Mays, Robert L
Mays, Thomas G III "Tommy"
Mazey, Paul L
McAbee, Thomas W
McAllister, Richard E
McCall, John W
McCallan, Peter A
McCamy, James A
McCarl, Howard D
McCarthy, John J Jr
McClain, Charles J
McClellan, George S Jr
McClung, Guy H
McClure, James Dewey
McClure, Richard H
McClure, Thomas Raymond
McClurg, Galt L
McClymont, John W
McColl, Daniel A
McColl, John R Jr
McConaghy, Leo
McConathy, Jethern J Jr
McConnell, John N
McCord, Lawrence E
McCormack, Arthur R
McCormick, James E
McCormick, Lewis J
McCoy, Charles W
McCoy, Gordon K
McCoy, Melvin T
McCoy, Robert E
McCracken, Walter Q
McCright, Ewell R
McCrory, Eugene F Jr
McCullough, Henry W
McCune, Robert N
McCutchan, Eugene R "Gene"
McCutcheon, George E
McDavid, Philip H
McDermott, Mark L
McDevitt, Theodore D
McDonald, Billy Lee
McDonald, Francis E Jr
McDonald, Martin F
McDonald, Walter H
McDonnell, John J
McDowell, James B Jr
McGarry, John J Jr
McGee, Kenneth
McGiffin, Tom
McGill, Edward E
McGilvray, Richard L
McGinley, James E
McGinnis, Eddie
McGinnis, Martin S
McGlinn, John H
McGrath, Leo B
McGrory, William P Jr
McGuffin, Jack Jr
McGuire, Buford T
McGuire, Martin J Jr
McHenry, James L
McIntosh, Brian
McIntyre, James L
McKagan, Azzon C
McKeage, Robert J
McKeever, Bernard E
McKenzie, Malcolm L
McKeon, Preston W
McKinney, Clifford M
McLane, Joseph T
McLarty, Jack L
McLeod, Harry A
McLeod, William S Jr
McMahan, Bonnar P
McMahan, Eugene A
McMahon, Joseph
McManus, Henry
McMurtry, Francis M Jr
McNamara, Bernard
McNutt, James E
McQuaid, Charles D
McSween, William D
McWilliams, Elmer D
Meadows, Clyde Jr
Means, Wilford T
Meddaugh, A ‘Fred' Jr
Megee, Leo "Pat"
Mehlhoff, Arthur R
Meier, Russell W
Meixner, Edward M
Mellon, James B Jr
Melton, Walter C
Menzynski, Edward F
Merthan, Lawrence C
Merz, Dick W
Messerich, Jerome R
Meyer, Fred R
Meyer, Fulton R
Meyer, Gerald E
Meyer, Gregory C
Meyer, Raymond C
Meyer, Willis G
Micek, John M
Michael, David O
Michaelis, Arthur D
Micholas, Peter
Mickiewicz, Joseph P
Middlemas, Arthur B
Middleton, Alton M
Middleton, Howard M
Midkiff, Frank L
Mieslich, Morris
Miessler, Richard N
Mikkelsen, Delbert
Mikulski, Wellington W
Milam, Marvin L
Milford, Roger W
Millard, Ralph
Millek, John P
Miller, Albert
Miller, Alexander H
Miller, Arthur W
Miller, Campbell
Miller, Cecil M
Miller, Charles G
Miller, Charles F
Miller, David
Miller, Edgar C. "Ed"
Miller, Gordon D
Miller, H Cecil Jr
Miller, H Clifton
Miller, Hubert E
Miller, Hubert P
Miller, James T
Miller, John C Jr
Miller, Merlin
Miller, Ray A
Miller, Raymond M
Miller, Richard C "Dick"
Miller, Robert J
Miller, Robert S

by Sylvan Kamens and Jack Riemer

At the rising of the sun
and at its going down,
We remember them.

At the blowing of the wind
and in the chill of winter,
We remember them.

At the opening of the buds
and in the rebirth of spring,
We remember them.

At the shining of the sun
and in the warmth of summer,
We remember them.

At the rustling of the leaves
and in the beauty of autumn,
We remember them.

As long as we live,
they too will live;
for they are now a part of us,
As we remember them.

Miller, Theodore G
Miller, Thomas F
Miller, William F
Miller, William L
Millett, Bernard W
Milligan, William J
Millner, Raymond Israel
Millner, William J
Milman, Jerome
Mims, Edwin E
Minick, Melvin R
Minkowitz, Samuel
Minks, George A
Minnix, Glenn A
Minoff, John
Minor, Garland H
Mintz, Bryant
Mire, Burnie N
Mirkin, Herman H 'Sonny'
Misiak, Frank L
Mitchell, Allan D
Mitchell, Donald C
Mitchell, Fred E
Mitchell, Kirk R
Mittell, Philip D
Mode, Louis H
Modlinski, Leonard T
Moeller, Charles M "Chubby"
Moening, Herman G
Moerman, Arie
Moessner, Raymond J
Moffett, Ralph P
Mogck, Leonard F
Mohr, Carl L
Moller, Robert C
Mollmann, Charles A
Molnar, George
Monahan, William J
Moncur, Vern L
Monnig, Alvin R
Montano, Erving P
Montano, Paschal J
Montfort, Theo T
Montgomery, Howard W
Montgomery, James H Jr
Montone, Neil A
Monyok, Jospeh R
Moody, James D
Moody, Samuel E
Moody, William S
Moon, Richard Y
Mooney, Marion M
Mooneyham, Clarence Jr
Moore, Guy E
Moore, Jesse M
Moore, Merrill N
Moore, Walter N
Mooring, Wilber E
Morales, Carl H
Morehead, Richard D
Moreman, Robert
Morgan, Richard V
Morgan, Robert L
Morgan, Robert Lee
Morin, Donald P
Morneau, Francis J
Morrill, Charles K
Morrin, John R
Morris, Robert W
Morrison, Eugene D
Morrison, George J
Morrison, James P III
Morrison, Thomas H
Morrison, Warren G
Morrissette, Norman J
Morrow, John E
Morse, Samuel B
Mortensen, Loyal H
Morton, Eugene L
Morton, Vernon W
Moser, Clinton A
Moser, Roy R
Mosier, Paul E
Moss, Henry G
Moss, Shirley L
Mott, Charles A
Mours, John D
Mowatt, Frank G
Mowery, Ellis D
Moyer, Kenneth J
Moyer, Leroy H
Moyik, Steve A
Muchmore, Gale F
Mudge, Stephen H Jr
Mulgrew, William C
Mulhearn, Paul J
Mullaney, Daniel A
Mulligan, Thomas E
Mullins, Grover C
Mulqueen, John J
Mummery, William T
Mundell, William K
Munn, Edwin C
Murphy, Dennis J
Murphy, Jason
Murphy, John J
Murphy, Joseph A
Murphy, Murel A
Murphy, William O
Murphey, Robert L
Murray, Edward F
Murray, Gilbert A. Jr
Murray, Robert I
Musashe, Michael
Mussett, Marvin H
Mussi, James L
Muth, Clifford F Jr
Myers, Cato H
Myers, Richard
Nabors, Herschell F
Nadell, Gerson I
Nafius, Verner H
Nagel, Leland J
Nakaniski, Ralph
Nale, Harry E
Nardine, Howard
Naylor, Richard G
Neathery, Ralph E
Nebhut, Kenneth E
Neely, Glenn H
Neely, John C Jr
Neff, William J
Neidringhaus, Robert H
Neill, John L
Neilson, Harry B
Neuner, Francis "Frank" X
Niemann, Walter T
Nelsen, Harold E
Nemer, Alfred K
Nemetch, Joseph F
Nemitz, Lewellyn H
Nester, Harry E
Nestok, Frank X
Neuwirth, Edward
Newby, Sidney W
Newcomb, Harry F Jr
Newell, Richard M
Newman, Clyde D
Newman, Gerald D
Newman, Harold E
Newman, John F Jr
Newman, Vernon V
Newsom, Walter W
Newton, George C
Newton, John A
Ney, Russell L
Nichols, Charles E
Nichols, Dal Bee
Nichols, Elmer E
Nichols, Richard E
Nichols, Russell
Nichols, Theodore W
Nichols, William A Jr
Nicklas, Henry P
Nicols, Audley D
Nicosia, Eugene A B
Nielsen, Carl V
Niemants, Marion L "Dutch"
Niethammer, Carl F
Nivens, Delbert S
Nix, James S
Noah, Norbert O
Nogash, Henry F
Nolan, James D
Noland, James B
Nolen, Devon B
Noll, Robert W
Norman, Frederick J
Norris, Howard E
Norris, Loy R
Nothstein, John P D
Nute, Gordon B
Nye, K W
Nye, Robert M
O'Beirne, Nelson B
O'Brien, Eugene J
O'Brien, William J
O'Brien, William P
O'Cain, James Howard
O'Connell, Raymond B
O'Connor, Oran T
O'Connor, Robert S
O'Connor, Squire T
O'Dell, Benjamin L
O'Dell, Enos H
O'Donnell, John J
O'Donnell, John J "Jack"
O'Donnell, Robert E
O'Hare, Phil W
O'Hearn, Donald W
O'Hearn, Robert J
O'Leary, Humphrey P
O'Leary, James W., Sr.
O'Neal, Howard F
O'Neil, James B
O'Neill, Owen H Jr
O'Reilly, Francis W
O'Riley, Henry F
Oakley, Chester H
Oberly, Eldridge C
Oberman, Glenn H
Odenbaugh, Walter
Olander, Philip A
Olds. Andrew R
Olejniczak, Sigmund K
Olinger, Charles F
Oliver, Sam
Olsen, Curtis M
Olson, John L
Olson, Vernon E
Olson, William E "Bill"
On, Chan K
Orenstein, Harold A
Ogurchak, Joseph T
Ortega, Jesus F
Orvis, George T Jr
Osiecki, Michael P
Osterman, Henry J
Otto, Kenneth Jr
Oswald, Alois G. Jr. "Al"
Owen, Burl M
Owen, Calvin H
Owen, Robert J
Owens, Carl S
Oxendine, Simon
Oxrider, George J
Paananen, Urho J
Pacey, Orson E
Pacheco, Antone
Pacheco, John E
Packard, Peter LM
Packer, Dean M
Paeper, Henry G
Page, Frank N
Page, Ralph E
Paiva, Joseph B
Palecek, Francis J
Palmer, Gerald M
Palmer, Jackson Jr
Palmer, Joseph F
Pandy, Bert J
Panos, Andrew T
Paolino, Vincent C
Papp, Melvin E
Paris, Russell C
Parker, David H
Parker, Duane C
Parker, George F. "Scotty"
Parker, John W
Parker, Robert A
Parlin, Charles D
Parrilla, Rufe H
Parrish, George K
Parrott, Robert G
Pasquarelli, Michael W
Pasquarelli, Nicholas
Patterson, Charles A
Patterson, Harry L
Patton, Nelson R
Paul, George E
Paul, John F
Paulk, Maurice J
Paullin, James R
Payne, George S
Payne, Harry
Payton, Howard S
Peacock, Lawrence A
Peacock, Thomas I
Pearson, George D
Peavy, Robert T
Pecchia, Patrick
Peck, Raymond R
Peed, Philip A
Peklinsky, Anthony J
Pelkey, Elwood R
Pence, Granville (Grant)
Pendl, Cornelius H
Pennington, James L
Pentz, Arthur H
Pepe, Nicholas A
Perez, Frank F
Pero, Aloysius R
Perry, Franklin W
Persyns, Julius C
Pesta, Clarence A
Peter, Robert C
Peter, Ted N
Peters, Arthur Ralph
Peters, John W "Jack"
Petersen, John N
Petersen, Robert S
Petersen, William H
Peterson, Andrew C
Peterson, Edwin V
Peterson, Elmer L "Pete"
Peterson, Richard W
Peterson, Robert C
Petrie, Joseph D
Petrolino, James S
Petros, Ralph J
Petrosky, Chester
Pfahler, Ervin J
Pfeiffer, Wally
Pherson, Wilbert C
Phillips, Clifton N
Phillips, Dwight A
Phillips, Leonard H
Philpit, Russell O
Phipps, Charles F
Piatek, Casimir 'Casey'
Pickell, Kenneth R
Pierce, James M "Joe"
Pike, George P
Pilgrim, George I
Pinkert, Paul A
Pischke, Robert L
Pitcher, Maynard F
Pittman, Henry U
Pizzolato, Gasper Jr
Plattsmier, Winfred J Jr
Pleasant, James H
Plemmons, Thomas S
Plewes, David W Jr
Plocher, Martin E
Ploeger, Jesse
Plummer, John W
Plummer, Robert
Pohlman, Wilbert F
Poletti, Walter L (303 Hosp)
Politylo, Roman S
Polk, Beverly R Jr
Pons, Armand S
Poole, Lawrence E
Pope, Carey G
Pope, Lester L
Posada, Frank G
Potts, Joseph Jr
Powers, Joseph E
Powlus, Vernon F
Pratt, James N
Pratt, Leslie C
Pratten, Henry
Prehatny, Joseph R
Prendergast, Bert T
Prescott, Paul H
Pressentin, Robert H
Prestage, John L
Preston, William M
Price, Ernest C
Price, John B
Price, Richard M
Prieto, Roaul R
Prince, Alan M
Prior, Roger A
Proctor, Robert D
Proper, George M
Protzman, John W
Prouty, Ellsworth W
Prudhoe, Charles E
Prudhoe, Lewis J
Proffitt, John Stephen Jr
Prusha, Elmer E
Prussman, Henry G
Pryor, Barton Verdis
Psota, John W
Pugh, Delbert J
Pullen, Rayford E
Pupkus, Edward
Purcell, William A
Pursel, Stanley E
Putala, Stanley
Putney, Norman W
Quailey, George J Jr
Quebbeman, Victor C
Quevedo, Alfonso
Quick, Edgar H
Quig, Francis X
Quiggle, Robert D
Quigley, Robert E
Quillen, Lauren H
Quinlan, Alexander J
Quinn, Clarence W
Quinn, Thomas J
Quinley, William J
Quinney, Donald E
Quint, Ralph E

[poem author unknown - US Flag watercolor courtesy of Suzy Pal Flags]
[Grave and individual photos are courtesy of hundreds of family, friends and admirers of the Greatest Generation]