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Remembering Members of the 303rd Bomb Group (H) who have Passed Away

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General Lewis E. Lyle's grave at
Arlington National Cemetery
Several years ago, with the help of dedicated volunteers, we obtained photographs of the graves of every 303rd BG man who rests in overseas American Cemeteries. Many who were Killed in Action were returned to their families and are buried in local cemeteries across the country. Also, many who came safely from the war have since passed away.

Project: FOLDED FLAG expands the original concept to include photographs of the graves or memorials of ALL 303rd BG men who have passed away. This is a huge undertaking that will be an ongoing effort for many years and will take hundreds of volunteers.

June 2000 - Gen. Lewis E. Lyle at the Cambridge American Cemetery grave of
1Lt Keith O. Bartlett
As you visit the graves of your 303rd BG family and friends, please take a photograph of the grave and send it to me. Be sure to include the name of the Cemetery, City and State where it is located. Gravestone photos will be linked from the veteran's name in the TAPS pages with a gravestone icon.

If your loved one was cremated, as many were, please send me that information. You are also encouraged to submit a Memorial Photo for those who were cremated. Photographs of anyone on the TAPS pages are also welcome and are indicated by the camera icon. See the TAPS entries for George Kyle or Cleveland Whitten for examples.

If a grave is located in a cemetery far from home and you need someone to take a photo for you, perhaps we can help. Also, the Find A Grave website has volunteer photographers across the country often willing to help.

Please help us honor those who have passed on and make Project: FOLDED FLAG a huge success.