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Scam Warnings
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Occasionally scam artists contact our visitors with some story about their family member leaving millons of dollars behind in a UK bank. There are many variations of the story, but every story is false and is an attempt to get you to send your personal bank account information.

Someone identifying himself as a family member of someone who knew your relative during the war has been contacting some of our guests. He is currently using the name McDermott and emailing you a scan of a phony Canadian Driver's License, shown on the left. His story is that your relative left a gold deposit with his father during WWII. It is a SCAM. Do not respond to him.

The email reads:

I finally heaved a sigh of relief when I saw this website and read about your request to be contacted with more information's concerning your father, he was a militry hero as he have given the ultimate sacrifice for our way of life, as my father told me,

It has been many years since my late father Mr. McDermott Paul. A member of the 358th B/G 303td, my late father was a private officer to your uncle, my late father has been trying to get in touch with any members of your family before his died of prostrate cancer after migrating to Canada after the war.

The issue is that your father, had a gold deposit made on his name through my late father during the war, and this gold worth more than $9.25 then, which I feel may have appreciated by now, the information concerning this deposit was left in my care by my late father, I will like you to contact me so that we can work together and retrieve this gold deposit or it cash equivalent for the use of your family. Please fine attached of my identification for your attension.

With Best Regards Michael McDermott .A

Other SCAM artists are using email addresses taken from guest books all over the internet asking people to help them get money out of a bank account in some foreign country. IT IS ALL A SCAM. DO NOT BELIEVE IT. An internet search for "419 Scam" or "Mugu Scam" will locate numerous links. Here are some good ones:

If you get any email similar to those noted above, forward them to abuse@ the domain used by the scammer, such as abuse@yahoo.com or abuse@fastermail.com. Be sure to include the full message, including all headers. The headers are necessary for tracking the message's point of origin. This extra information is not shown by default, and the method of displaying it depends on the email program you use. If you don't know how to display full headers, please see the instructions in your mail program or website.