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303rd BGA Reunions
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 303rd BGA Reunions - A Walk Down Memory Lane 


(Aug 6)
New York City, NY21 Club   5
(May 7)
New York City, NYHenry Hudson Hotel   100+
(Aug 29-31)
Orlando, FLSheraton Olympic Villas   167
(Aug 25-28)
Colorado Springs, COFour Seasons Motel   400
(Aug 23-26)
Dayton, OhioStouffer's Plaza Hotel   294
(Aug 20-23)
San Diego, CABahia Hotel   288
(Sep 22-25)
Washington, DCQuality Inn, Capitol Hill   313
(Oct 9)
Dayton, Ohio    Unkn
(Nov 4)
Colorado Springs, CORed Lion Hotel   50
(Jun 19-26)
Molesworth, Eng  (awarded between 1975 and 1984) Shuble L. Boling, William C. Heller, Mary Klint, John M. Ladd, Robert P. Livingston, Morton Luman, Melvin T. McCoy, Malcolm J. Magid, James S. Reeves, Louis "Mel" Schulstad, Benjamin H. Smith Jr., Richard C. Waggoner184
(Jul 24-28)
Bellevue, WARed Lion InnE.C. "Al" Lehmann, Wilbur "Bud" Klint, Joseph Vieira, Walter J. Mayer, Father Edmund J. Skoner, Rev. Merritt O. Slawson850
(Jun 3-7)
Fort Worth, TXHilton HotelWilbur "Bud" and Mary Klint, Joseph Vieira530
(Jul 21)
San Angelo, TX    30
(Sep 17-Oct 1)
Norfolk, VAOmni HotelDr. Carl J. Fyler650
(Sep 14)
Barksdale AFB, LASheraton Bossier Inn   70
(Apr 7)
Galveston Island, TX     35
(May 23-28)
Schaumberg, ILMarriott HotelDon Harrison, Wilbur "Bud" Klint, Charles J. McClain, E.C. "Al" Lehmann, William E. Eisenhart, Harold A. Susskind, Harley E. Cannon, Lewis E. Lyle, Harry H. Heller, Robert E. Kidd430
(Sep 8-13)
Boise, IDRed Lion HotelCarl DuBose Jr, Charles S. Schmeltzer, Harry D. Gobrecht, Jack P. Rencher, Carlton M. Smith, James B. Taylor, Louise Rencher, Beverly Mayer700
(May 19-26)
Molesworth, EngHoliday Inn   125
(Mar 28-Apr 3)
Savannah, GAHyatt Regency Hotel   550
(Aug 15)
Molesworth, EngMarriott Courtyard   12
(Sep 12-17)
Colorado Springs, CORed Lion HotelHarold A. Susskind, Ray and Theresa Cossey, Bishop Rene H. Gracida, Joanna Tressler, Edgar C. Miller, Frank C. DeCicco Jr., Barbara Heller, Alvin C. Morton, Eddie and Mary Lee Deerfield, J. Ford and Betty Kelley, William C. Roche, Leroy "Larry" Faulkner, June Kidd, Coleman Sanders, Edward W. Gardner Jr., Malcolm and Iris Magid, Louis "Mel" Schulstad708
(May 13-14)
Pooler (Savannah), GAEcono Lodge   60
(Aug 22-27)
San Francisco, CAAirport MarriottSue and Robin Beeby, Mark Matthews, June Matthews, Vernon W. Stone Jr., Rev Warren Hedrick, John W. Ford, Charles and Vicki Sykes, Mike Ripley, Henry G. Johansen, Edgar C. and Jill Miller, Sheldon Stafford Family545
(Sep 4-8)
Pittsburgh, PAWestin William Penn HotelChrist M. Christoff, Jack Gardner, Eugene E. Girman, Quentin W. Hargrove, Richard R. Johnson, Kathy Johnson, Betty Kelley, James W. O'Leary, Maurice J. Paulk, William H. Simpkins, Van R. White, David C. Manning, Blaine R. Ruark, John L. Peterson, Oldrich Fojt, Albert, Curtiss Fox, Robert B. Heiliger450
(Aug 21-25)
Savannah, GASavannah Marriott RiverfrontWilliam F. Adams, Keith Ferris, Gary L. Moncur, Walter J. Ferrari, Brian S. McGuire, Kermit D. Stevens, Dr. Carl J. Fyler, Carl DuBose, Edgar C. Miller, Harold A. Susskind, Harry D. Gobrecht, Eddie Deerfield, Ruth Cannon, Mary Lee Deerfield, Angele DuBose, Peggy Edmunds, Ruth Ferrari, Sue Gardner, Corlis Girman, Barbara Gobrecht, Virginia Hargrove, Kathy Johnson, Marjorie Johnson, Betty Kelley, Mary Klint, Rosita Leal, Sue Lehmann, Betty Lyle, Iris Magid, Betty Miller, Jill Miller, Louise Rencher, Doris Roche, Evie Simpkins, Betty Sullins, Rae Susskind, Phyllis Smith, Lore White 556
(Oct 8-11)
Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma City Marriott Gary L. Moncur, Edgar C. Miller, Lewis E. Lyle, Kermit D. Stevens457
(Jun 2-3)
Molesworth, EngCrown Plaza HotelMen and Women of the Joint Analysis Center and the 423rd Air Base Squadron, presented to RAF Molesworth Commanders Capt Michael A. Noll and LtCol Carl Zimmerman185
(Sep 25-29)
San Diego, CAHanalei Hotel Robin and Sue Beeby, William J. Roche, Brian S. McGuire, Edgar C. Miller370
(Sep 5-9)
Baltimore, MDBWI Marriott Frank C. DeCicco Jr., William S. McLeod Jr., Albert L. Dussliere, Richard R. Johnson326
(Oct 3-8)
Branson, MOGuest House Inn & Suites James B. Taylor, John W. Ford, Walter J. Ferrari, Jack P. Rencher, Gary L. Moncur, Edgar C. Miller, Eddie Deerfield, Harry D. Gobrecht347
(Aug 7-11)
Portland, ORDoubletree Columbia RiverWalter J. Mayer, Kathy Johnson, Dennis S. and Marriane Smith, Charles and Vickie Sykes254
(Aug 26-30)
Savannah, GAHyatt Regency Hotel Dr Robert Johnson, Lance Stoner, Harry D. Gobrecht, Hal Susskind, Bill Beasley244
(Aug 23-27)
Dayton, OHCrowne Plaza HotelMembers who origionally copied the 303rd records from the National Archives 165
(Sep 12-16)
San Antonio, TXHistoric Menger HotelHenry G. Johnasen, Dr. Robert Johnson, Bishop Rene Gracida, Harold Timm, Fred E. Reichel, Robin Beeby, Coleman Sanders, William H. Cox, Jean C. Cox, Charles Sykes, Vicki Sykes, William Beasley, Lance Stoner, Lee Faulkner, Mary Lee Deerfield, Betty Kelley, Ruth Ferrari, Jill Miller, Louise Rencer, Jean C. Cox230
(Sep 20-23)
Washington DC (Arlington, VA)Sheraton National Hotel"Grande Finale" Final 303rd BGA Reunion – Awards to Bill Cox, Jean Cox, Harry D. Gobrecht, Charlie and Vicki Sykes, Eddie Deerfield, Gary Moncur538
(123 veterans)

SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARDS: Awardees are selected by the Past President's Committee. Following the 1999 reunion, the Board of Directors limited the awards to no more than four each year and designated them as "Might in Flight Awards." Awards are presented at the annual reunion banquet by the Chairman of the Past President's Committee. Details on most of the Special Recognition Awards are available in the issue of the Hell's Angels Newsletter that follows the reunion. Accurate records were not kept in the early reunions. The Special Recognition Awardee listing may be incomplete for awards prior to 1985.

NOTE: Special 303rd BG(H) Association mini-reunions have been held in connection with annual meetings of the Mighty Eighth Air Force Historical Society 1975 - 1996

M - Mini Reunions
D - 303rd BG(H) Memorial Dedication Ceremonies

** One day dinner meeting of 303rd BG(H) vets prior to organization of our 303rd BG(H) Association
[1] Dedication -USAF Museum memorial plaque
[2] Dedication - USAF Academy Cemetery memorial plaque
[3] Dedication - Brington Church memorial plaque - Jun 24th
[4] In conjunction with B-17 50th Anniversary, Boeing Co, Seattle, WA
[5] Dedication - Mathis Brothers plaque & display - Mathis Municipal Airport
[6] Dedication - 8th Air Force Headquarters Museum 303BG memorial
[7] Dedication - Lone Star Flight Museum - Keith Ferris Thunderbird Mural photo reproduction (4' x 12') installation. Restored Thunderbird B-17 flown from Duxford, England arrived Galveston Island airport on 7 April 1991
[8] Gowen Field memorial plaque and monument dedication
[9] Dedication new JAC-USEUCOM "Might in Flight" building
[10] Dedication of 303rd BG)(H) monument in memorial garden at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum grand opening
[11] Reunion continued Jun 4-8 at the Garden Moat House Hotel, Cambridge, England and the Forum Hotel, London, England. Additional attendees: 113 from seven other 8th AF Units & Resistance Helpers - RAF Molesworth Memorial Dedication was 03 Jun 2000. A total of 298 were in attendance. Over 1,500 attended the Jun 3rd RAF Molesworth Hangar Dance