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Hell's Angels Crew
Cheyenne, Wyoming
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Cheyenne, Wyoming — March 25, 1944
"Hell's Angels" B-17F #41-24577 358BS (VK-D) Returns to the United States

Crewmen of the Flying Fortress, "Hell's Angels," meet the pretty wife of their ex-skipper, Ira. C. Eaker. While they "tea" at Cheyenne Modification Center, they talk shop and discuss "the old man." "Hell's Angels" is a veteran of 48 trips over Europe. They flew her in from the east to attend the ceremonies here. (AP Wire Photo)

(L-R) S/Sgt Ernest Touhey (GC), S/Sgt Kasmer Wegrayn (GC), M/Sgt Fabian Folmer (Crew Chief),
T/Sgt Edward A. West, Jr. (GC), Capt John R. Johnston (P), Mrs. Ira C. Eaker,
unknown, Capt Donald F. DeCamp (CP),

[photo courtesy of Mike Handford]