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Happy Warriors
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Happy Warriors - 03 April 1944

Capt George T. Mackin, Maj Kirk R. Mitchhell, Capt John V. Lemmon

Yankee Doodle Dandy #42-5264
B-17F 358BS (VK-J)
Assigned: 01 Feb 1943
Missions: 40
Final Mission: 27 March 1944
Photo taken: 29 March 1944 as it was prepared to return to the USA for a War Bond Tour

Happy Warriors:

Major George T. Mackin
Lead Crew pilot on 29 March 1944.
Became new 358th Squadron Commander 30 March 1944

Major Kirk R. Mitchell
Former 358th BS Commanding Officer
Final mission 24 March 1944

Capt John V. Lemmon
358th BS Operations Officer from 9 April 1943 to 27 March 1944.
25 mission combat tour completed on 29 January 1944.
Returned to USA 29 March 1944.

[photo from the Peter M. Curry Collection]