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360th Officer Personnel
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360th Bomb Squadron Officer Personnel
(photo taken 26 December 1943) - click image for larger view

(Front Row) John Long (far left); Brinkley (center, behind the Capt.); Parrott (left of Brinkley)

(2nd Row) Hugenin (3rd from left); Shayler (6th from left);
Casello (7th from left); Barratt (8th from left); Carroll (far right)

(3rd Row) Havlock Barker (5th from left); D.R. Davis (5th from right);
Cascio (center back of Shayler and Casello);

(Back Row) Zwayer (5th from left); Sudderth (8th from left)

[photo from the 303rdBGA Archives]