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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a copy of one of your photographs?
Our photograph archive has been donated to the Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum in Pooler, Georgia. However, we do have high resolution copies of some of the crew photos and will provide them to you if possible. You are welcome to make a copy of any photo for your own personal, non-commercial, use. If you "right click" on the photograph, you can save the image to your computer. From there you can print out the image, or have it printed at a local photo shop or an online photo company. If you need to use a photograph for other than your own personal use, you must contact us for permission.
How can I find which missions my father / brother / grandfather / uncle was on?
All this information is now available on the website. Visit our Mission Reports page and you'll find exactly what you're after.
How can I find which B-17 my father / brother / grandfather / uncle flew?
Almost every flight crewman flew on several different B-17s. Many men had favorites, but very few flew most of their missions in one aircraft. Most of the B-17s later in the air war were not named and had no nose art, though some had nicknames given them by the crews. Most of the crew photos were taken in front of a B-17 that was available, or a favorite of the photographer. Often the crewmen in a photograph never flew the B-17 in the photograph with them. Every mission, crewman and the aircraft they flew are now included on our Mission Reports page.
My relative was with the 303rd Bomb Group, but his name is not listed in the roster. Why?
We are quite certain our Personnel Roster is complete with flying personnel, however we could be missing some of the ground personnel. It is also possible that your relative's name is misspelled. The names were extracted from 50 year old documents. Many were copies of carbon copies and were very difficult to read. Use our search page and look through the rosters with variations of the spelling. If your relative is not listed and you have documentation showing his assignment to the 303rd Bomb Group, contact us and we will add his name.
My relative was with a different Bomb Group. How can I find information about him?
Sorry, but we only have information on 303rd Bomb Group personnel. You will need to contact the Group where your relative was assigned. Our links page may help, and a search for the unit or base on Google is a good idea.
My relative was a POW. How can I find where he was held captive?
Try searching the NARA Database for WWII Prisoners of War. Under Subject, select 'World War, 1939-1945', then select the database you want. Your relative will probably be listed in the Army Serial Number Database also.
Where do I start doing research and how do I get copies of Missing Air Crew Reports (MACR)?
All the known 303rd BG MACRs are on the website. Also, you can check out the Air Force History Office. MACRs can be obtained there also. See: http://www.airforcehistory.hq.af.mil/
I found an error on the website. How can I get it corrected?
Contact Webmaster Gary Moncur and we will get it corrected as quickly as possible. We are determined to make the website accurate and work at it daily.
I have some photographs you may be interested in. Can you add them to the website?
We are very interested in adding crew photos, ground crew photos, support unit photos, aircraft photos, photos of the base or others that are of general interest. We would prefer group photos to individual photos, however exceptions can be made. Please contact us and tell us what you have.
How can I obtain copies of my own, or my relatives, WWII personnel records?
A good starting place is with the Air Force History Office. See: http://www.airforcehistory.hq.af.mil/. The information you are seeking may be on the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) website. Personnel Records information is located at the National Personnel Records Center. Families of veterans can request records online here.
How can I determine where my 303rd BG(H) deceased relative is buried?
With our Project: FOLDED FLAG, that information may already be on our TAPS pages. If the person was Missing in Action or buried overseas, you can find the location on the American Battle and Monuments Commission website. If the person was returned to the United States, try Find A Grave or Interment Net. Also, many of the veterans are listed on the Nationwide Gravesite Locator.
Can you tell me what a specific Army Air Force term, job or acronym means?
Try this excellent FAQ page courtesy of the 398th Bomb Group Memorial Association.
I was contacted by someone who says my relative left some money or gold with his father or in a bank during the war. Could it be legitimate?
Absolutely not. It is a SCAM. More information is here.
My question was not answered here. Now what?
Please contact us. We are always willing to help.