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William S. McLeod, Jr.
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William S. McLeod, Jr. Biography

358th William S. McLeod, Jr. Crew

Alice and Bill McLeod
Born 15 October 1924 Dallas, Texas. Was a student at Texas A&M and entered military service on 23 February 1943 at Houston, TX in Aviation Cadet program. Cadet training at Twenty Nine Palms, CA (Primary), Pecos AAF, TX (Basic) and Marfa AAF, TX (Advanced- Class 44-D). Commissioned 2nd Lt on 15 April 1944. Assigned 358th BS on 11 December 1944.

1st Combat mission on 24 December 1944 (#290 aborted). Completed 36 credited combat missions on 5 April 1945 (#352). Returned to USA and became a C-54 {Pilot with the Air Transport Command, later Military Transport Service, Atlantic Division. Stationed at Morrison Field, FL, Paris, France and Rhine Main, Germany. Flew on the Berlin airlift.

Was discharged from the USAF on 3 January 1950 and served with the USAF Reserve (June 1950 to 1964). Retired from the USAF, after 20 years military service, on 15 October 1984 (60th birthday) as a Lt. Colonel.

Was married to Alice Beiger McLeod who died in 2004. Following his USAF service he became a Cotton Merchant (W.S. McLeod & Son), Purchasing Agent (Harvesters Implements), Stock Broker/Financial Consultant (Merrill Lynch & Co. Retired on 1 January 1987.

Served as 358th BS Representative 1989-1991. Elected as 303rd BGA Vice President-Administration on 27 May 1991. He served as President from 21 September 1991 to 3 April 1994 and By-Laws Committee Chairman 1998 to 2003.