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360th BS Aircraft
Mission to Kall, Germany
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Mission #298B - 07 January 1945 to Kall Germany

Photos taken from B-17G #44-6516 My Darling 360BS (PU-Q) flying as #4 Low-Low Flight lead B-17.

Crew of My Darling
Capt William E. Jones (P), 1Lt Roland C. Beasley (CP), 1Lt Warren G. Harding (N),
S/Sgt George J. Valdes (Tog), T/Sgt Robert N. Perry (E), S/Sgt Thomas L. Weems (R),
Sgt Morgan L. McNeel (BT), Sgt Guido P. Marchionda (WG), Sgt Eugene F. Ciezadlo (TG)

The Photo above shows the three #2 Low Flight B-17s

Crew of Flight Leader - B-17G #43-38563 Jackie 360BS (PU-H)
1Lt Robert G. App (P), 2Lt Richard H. Cambron (CP), 2Lt Walter F. Dennis (N),
2Lt Martin R. Dee (B), T/Sgt Norman E. Leach (E), T/Sgt Austin M. Matlock (R),
S/Sgt Gene F. Brady (BT), Sgt Herschell F. Nabors (TG), S/Sgt Duane L. Polaski (WG)

Crew of Right Wingman (High) - B-17G #43-38672 (No name) 360BS (PU-I)
2Lt John D. St. Julien (P), 2Lt Richard M. Newell (CP), 2Lt George Kiehlkopf (N),
S/Sgt Duane J. Odegaard (B), S/Sgt William E. Mitchell (E), Sgt Jojn J. Flanigan (R),
Sgt Richard M. Farthing (BT), Sgt Marlin D. Evans (TG), Sgt Raymond L. McLellan (WG)

Crew of Left Wingman (Low) - B-17G #44-6517 Old Cock 360BS (PU-F)
1Lt Marvin P. Fink (P), 2Lt Howard E. Reeves (CP), 2Lt Robert A. Hand (N),
1Lt Henry Friedlander (B), Sgt Jack E. Holder (E), Sgt Robert F. Dahl (R),
S/Sgt Richard M. Albright (BT), Sgt Cyprian M. Garcia (TG), Sgt Robert C. Peter (WG)

[photos courtesy of Tyler L. Weems]