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Hell's Angels Crew
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Hell's Angels Crew
B-17F #42-24577 Hell's Angels (358BS) VK-D
Capt Irl Baldwin crew being de-briefed following mission #15, 14 February 1943, to Hamm, Germany

Crewmen on this mission were:
Capt Irl E. Baldwin (P)*; T/Sgt James E. Rodriquez, Jr. (E)*;
2Lt Richard C. Blackman (CP); Sgt Russell M. Warren (R)*; 1Lt Parley W. Madsen (N);
Sgt Harry J. Brody (BTG)*; 1Lt Donald R. Bone (B)*; Sgt Allerton F. Meddaugh (RWG)*;
Sgt Dennis Weiskopf (LWG); Sgt Harold E. Godwin (TG)*

* - Original members of the Baldwin Crew
This was the Hell's Angels B-17F and Captain Baldwin's combat mission #9

Crewmen are not in photo order.

[photo courtesy of the LtCol Richard P. Vinal family]