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Propaganda Leaflets
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Leaflets Dropped over Germany by US B-17s

Front Side

Ten German divisions of common soldiers marked by the red cross, which means, these divisions do not exist any more. Below: Sacrificed for nothing!

Reverse Side

Stalingrad Nr.2
You can thank this to Your Fuehrer!
At February 17th the destruction of ten German divisions were completed, which were surrounded by the Red Army near Korsun. 55,000 Germans fell inside the enclosure, 18,200 got captured. Another 22,000 German soldiers, which belonged to the army of Generalfeldmarschall Manstein, perished by the desperate trial, but in vain, to burst open the ring of the Red Army and to free the enclosed comrades.

So the German Army experienced one year after the big German catastrophe of Stalingrad during the leadership of Adolf Hitler another Stalingrad.

As in Stalingrad the German troops inside the ring of Korsun received the unrealizable order, to hold a strategically impossible position.

As in Stalingrad the German troops near Korsun got the promise of Adolf Hitler, that there would come help and rescue; they hoped in vain.

As in Stalingrad many German officers wanted to accept honorable conditions of capitulation, for they preferred to save the lives of ten thousands of German soldiers instead of sacrificing them in a position without hope.

As in Stalingrad they were inhibited doing it by the order of Adolf Hitler. As in Stalingrad and everywhere at the German eastern front the german strategy was dictated by the "intuition" of Adolf Hitler, by which, on the cost of ten thousands German mothers, wives and girls, their sons, husbands and fiances died for an aim, lost since a long time, on Russian ground.

Seldom in history has a military commander caused such a vast disaster, as Hitler in did Stalingrad. Now he has presented the second Stalingrad to the Germans.

How many more Stalingrad's shall there be?

Right Side (drawings):

  1. On February 3rd units of the Red Army from the West and the North meet together near Svenigskodka (I cannot read really) and enclose ten German divisions.
  2. The ring around the German divisions becomes closer. Trials of Germans to break through from outside, are in vain.
  3. On February 17th, the destruction of the enclosed divisions is completed, 55,000 fell inside the enclosure, 27,000 during their trials to break through.

[courtesy of Richard "Spider" Smith]
[Translation by Bernd Schlueter]