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Propaganda Leaflets
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Leaflets Dropped over Germany by US B-17s

Front Side


were left back at the airfield in order to drop these leaflets. An airplane flew the long distance here carrying only these leaflets. Why?

Is the enemy short of bombs? You know that the Allies have enough airplanes and bombs to further intensify an already intense bomb war.

No - These leaflets are meant to save lives, not destroy them. So read this leaflet carefully. On the reverse side, there are 3 important instructions for you and your loved ones.

WARNING: Airplanes can't always drop timely instructions and advisories to the civilian population. Therefore, for you own good, tune in to Radio London, Moscow, or Luxembourg. Inform yourself and your neighbors about the warnings, orders, and instructions from the advancing Allied armies.

Reverse Side


1. You are not a soldier. Yet the Party has decided to sacrifice you on the battlefield of Germany in order to prolong the already-decided war.

So, for your own good, heed this warning. Avoid the areas around all factories, main roads, and railway lines. Take your family to safety in time. ______________________________________________________

2. The Party demands that you continue to work until the very last moment. Then, you are supposed to go join the more dangerous "Volkssturm" (ed. the civilian "army" comprised of older people, I believe).

Therefore, for your own good, follow this advisory. Extricate yourself from the "Volkssturm"! Help others to do the same. Leave your workplace before it's too late. _______________________________________________________

3. The men at the front are expected to fight with their bare hands against the enemy's armored superiority. They are brave. But they are being sacrificed senselessly.

So, for your own good, follow this advice: Convince the soldiers of the futility of their sacrifice. It is important for them to save themselves for the rebuilding (of Germany).

[courtesy of James Michael Brown, son of James L. Brown, Jr., 358th Fielder Crew]
[Translation by Margaret Keating]