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427th Walder Crew
Wilfred M. Walder, Jr., Pilot
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(crew assigned 427BS: 30 Jan 1945 - photo: 19 March 1945)

(Back Row) 2Lt Wilfred M. Walder, Jr. (P)(1), 2Lt John E. Roche (CP)(2),
F/O (2Lt) John Wolansky (N)(3), F/O (2Lt) Arthur E. Short (B)(4)

(Front Row) T/Sgt Roy H. Engelhardt (E)(5), S/Sgt Francis M. Gibbons (R)(6),
S/Sgt David Doles, Jr. (BTG)(7), Sgt Donald C. Mitchell (TG)(8)

Original Crewmen not in photo - Sgt Winston C. Teter (WG)(KIA)(9)

(crewmen are not in order)

Crew Comments:
KIA -Sgt Winston C. Teter (WG) - 19 February 1945, Mission #317 to Gelsenkirchen, Germany in B-17G #42-39885 Sweet Rose O'Grady (427BS) GN-R. Body returned to Molesworth. Buried at the American National Cemetery at Cambridge, England. Was on his 4th combat mission.
  1. 1Lt Wilfred M. Walder, Jr. (P) - Flew 24 combat missions. Last mission 17 April 1945 as a Lead Crew Pilot. Flew 4 missions as a Lead Crew CoPilot. Had a Spot Jammer on 3 missions and a Y-Operator on 6 missions
  2. F/O John E.Roche - Flew 24 missions. Last seven missions with other Pilots. Last mission on 25 April 1945.
  3. 2Lt John Wolansky (N) - Flew 21 missions - Last 5 with other Pilots. Last mission on 16 April 1945.
  4. F/O Arthur E. Short (B) - Flew 19 missions - 5 with other pilots. Last mission on 17 April 1945.
  5. S/Sgt Roy H. Engelhardt (E) - Flew 23 missions all with Lt Walder Crew. Last mission on 17 April 1945.
  6. S/Sgt Francis M. Gibbons (R) - Flew 24 missions . Last mission on 25 April 1945 as member of a Lead Crew.
  7. S/Sgt David Doles (BTG) - Flew on 22 missions - Last 3 as Lead Crew Waist Gunner. Last mission on 17 April 1945.
  8. Sgt Donald C. Mitchell (TG) - Flew on 22 missions all with the Lt Walder Crew. Last Mission on 17 April 1945.
  9. Waist Gunner - After Sgt Teter's Death on 19 February 1945 the Walder Crew had substitute Waist Gunners on 13 missions. Flew with an eight man crew, with no Waist Gunner, on 8 missions.

[photo courtesy of Mark Forlow]
[Researched by 303rdBGA Historian Harry D. Gobrecht]