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427th Pratt Crew
James N. Pratt, Pilot
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B-17F #42-29995 Mr Five-by-Five (427BS) GN-I
(crew assigned 427BS: 13 Apr 1943 - photo: 18 July 1943)

(Back) 1Lt James N. Pratt (P-KIS), 2Lt William A. Bowling (CP-KIS),
2Lt Allen M. Boner (N-KIS), 1Lt Leonard B. Bierman (B)*

(Front) S/Sgt Joseph E. Scheuerer (E)*,
T/Sgt Frederic J. Royar (R-KIS), S/Sgt Glen R. Allen (BTG)*,
S/Sgt Dale E. Schilling (LWG)*, S/Sgt Robert R. Humphreys (RWG)*,
S/Sgt Walter J. Johnston (TG-KIS)

Scheueuer: front far left - Schilling: front far right
Bowling: back far left
other crewmen not in order

(KIS) On 04 Aug 43 in B-17F #42-3124 (No name) (427th BS) GN-N. B-17 crashed on the summit of Arenig Fawr, a 2,800 foot mountain in Snowdonia, Wales (six miles due west of Bala) while on a night cross-country training flight. All eight crewmen were KIS (Killed in Service). Capt Quentin Hargrove, 427th BS Engineering Office and Capt Louis A. Lame, Flight Surgeon were dispatched to the crash site to investigate the crash and recover the eight bodies in the crashed B-17. The following men, who were not regular Pratt Crewmen, were on the 04 Aug 43 flight: Sgt Watler B. Robinson (KIS), Sgt Phillip Simonte (KIS) & PFC Alfred B. Van Dyke (KIS)

(*) Five regular Pratt crewmen who were not on the 04 Aug 43 flight. Schilling was KIA on 25 Feb 1944 flying with the 381st Bomb Group.

A group of caring people erected a memorial at the crash site, shortly after the end of WWII, to pay tribute to this unlucky crew that hit the mountain that stood away from the population center of Snowdonia. Every year a group of Bala citizens climb the mountain and place a floral wreath at the monument. On 23 May 1996, a plaque was placed on the entrance Wall of the Bala, Gwyneed, North Wales Village Hall. The plaque was donated by the Village of Tinley Park, IL the home town of Navigator 2nd Lt Allen M. Boner. The Tinley Park, IL government also approved funds to repair the monument that had fallen into disrepair. [See monument photo]

[photo from the 303rd BGA Archives]
[Researched by 303rdBGA Historian Harry D. Gobrecht]