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427th Hoeg Crew
Phil W. O'Hare, Pilot
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(O'Hare assigned 427BS: 11 Dec 1943 - upgraded to pilot: 29 Mar 1944 - photo: 21 May 1944)

(Back L-R) S/Sgt Clifford F. Fontaine (TOG), 2Lt Darwin Sayers (CP), 2Lt Phil O'Hare (P)

(Front) T/Sgt Lee Souder (E)(far left), S/Sgt.Marvin Sutton (WG),
S/Sgt Tom Sullens (TG), S/Sgt Bonnar McMahan (BT), S/Sgt.Edward Doyle (WG)

Missing from Photo: Lt. Ernest Cronin (N), S/Sgt Ernest Dubray (R)

Crew Comments:

  • Phil W. O'Hare (CP) - Upgraded from CoPilot on 2Lt Kenneth A. Hoeg Crew to Pilot on 29 March 1944 after flying as CoPilot with Lt Hoeg on 16 missions and with several other pilots on seven missions. First mission as Pilot on 19 April 1944. Flew 13 missions as Pilot. Completed combat tour on 24 May 1944.

  • Ernest L. Cronin (B/N) - Flew with several other Pilots when the Lt Hoeg crew broke up. Became Lt Phil W. O'Hare's Bombardier when Lt O'Hare was upgraded from CoPilot to Pilot. Flew last mission on 15 May 1944.

  • S/Sgt Bonnar R. McMahan (BTG) & S/Sgt Jesse W. McLaughlin (RWG) Flew with other crews when the Lt Hoeg crew broke up. Became a member of the Lt Phil W. O'Hare Crew when Lt O'Hare was upgraded to Pilot. S/Sgt McMahan's combat tour completed on 15 May 1944. S/Sgt McLaughlin's combat tour completed on 8 May 1944.

[photo from the National Archives]