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427th Allen Crew
Charles R. Allen, Pilot
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(Assigned 427BS: 28 April 1944)

1Lt Charles R. Allen (P)(POW), 2Lt James S. Parham (CP)(POW),
2Lt John A. Thurmon (N)(POW), 2Lt Louis H. Bourgeault (B)(POW)

S/Sgt LeRoy H.M. Foerster (E), S/Sgt John A. Reed (R)(KIA),
S/Sgt Lee F. Knedler (BTG)(POW), S/Sgt Robert L. Bohenstiel (WG)(POW),
S/Sgt Edward P. Stansbury (TG)(POW)


Missions flown by 1Lt Charles R. Allen:
As CoPilot with combat orientation Pilots: Three missions - 148 (8 May 44), 149 and 151 (11 May 44)
As 1st Pilot: Seventeen missions - 154 (15 May 44), 155, 158, 160(Spare), 161, 165, 168, 169, 170, 172, 175, 179, 180, 182, 184, 186, 187 (21 June 44)
(Spare) Spare B-17 - returned to Molesworth Non-Credit mission. For mission dates and targets see the missions list.

Crew notes - Missions flown on 1Lt Allen's 1st Pilot missions:

  • 2Lt James S. Parham (CP) - Fifteen missions (All except 179 and 180).
  • 2Lt John A. Thurmon (N), 2Lt Louis H. Bourgeault (B), S/Sgt John H. Reed (R), S/Sgt Lee F. Knedler (BTG), S/Sgt Robert L. Bohenstiel WG) and S/Sgt Edward P. Stansbury (TG) - Eighteen missions (All of 1Lt Allen's 1st Pilot missions)
  • S/Sgt Donald W. Bourlier (E) - As Engineer - Eight missions (158, 160(Spare), 168, 169, 170, 172). As Waist Gunner - Two missions (175 and 179).
  • S/Sgt LeRoy H.M. Foerster (E & WG) - As Engineer - 6 missions (175, 179, 180, 182, 184). As Waist Gunner - 11 missions (151 thru 172). Substitute Waist Gunner used on missions 175 & 179. Use of two Waist Gunners was discontinued on missions 180 thru 187. Did not fly on the last mission #187 with his fellow crewmen.
  • S/Sgt John D. Kelly (E) - Two missions (186 & 187)

Final Mission:
Mission 187, 21 June 1944, To Berlin, Germany in B-17G 42-97096 (no name) (427BS) GN-T. B-17 received a direct flak hit just after "bombs away." It fell out of the formation to the left. Three men were observed coming out of the main fuselage door. It then went into a steep dive and crashed at Schielowsee, Germany. S/Sgt John H. Reed (R) was killed in action. All other crewmen were captured and became POWs.

S/Sgt Edward P. Stansbury (TG)(POW) examining a flak hole in his pant leg following a mission.

[Researched by Historian Harry D. Gobrecht - photo courtesy of Charlie Stansbury]