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360th Hallden Crew
Robert H. Hallden, Pilot
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(crew assigned 360BS: 04 Dec 1943 - photo: Dec 1943)

(Back -L-R) F/O John W. Hubenschmidt (B)(POW)(3), 2Lt Robert H. Hallden (P)(KIA)1),
2Lt Raymond L. Gentry (CP)(KIA)(2), 2Lt Gerald N. Limon (N)(POW)

(Front L-R) Sgt Carl H. Chatoian (TG)(POW)(3), Sgt Robert B. Robinson (BT)(POW)(3),
Sgt Clyde E. Moore (LWG)(POW)(3), Sgt Henry G. Hays (RWG)(POW)(3),
S/Sgt Dalton R. Hutchins (R)(POW(3), S/Sgt Henry M. Beben (E)(POW)(3)

Hallden Crew Missions:
  • 94 - 31 Dec 1943 - Near Bordeaux, France Harbor - Ship Orsorno In B-17F 42-5854 "Alley Oop" 360th BS (PU-C) Pilot Lt John F. Coppom, CoPilot Lt Hershall R. Dewall, Tail Gunner/Observer Lt Raymond L. Gentry
  • 96 - 05 Jan 1944 - Kiel, Germany - Critical target in city In B-17G "42-37896 (No name) 360th BS (PU-B) Pilot Lt John F. Coppom, CoPilot Lt Robert H. Hallden
  • 97 - 07 Jan 1944 - Ludwigshafen, Germany - I.G. Farben Chemical Works In B-17G 42-31055 "Aloha" 360th BS (PU-J) Pilot Lt John F. Coppom, CoPilot Lt Robert H. Hallden
  • 98 - 11 Jan 1944 - Oschersleben, Germany - FW 190 fighter assembly plant In B-17G 42-37896 (No name) 360th BS (PU-B) Pilot 2Lt Robert H. Hallden, CoPilot Lt Raymond L. Gentry
Crew Notes:
  1. 2Lt Robert H. Hallden (P) - Did not fly on mission 94. Flew as CoPilot on missions 96 & 97. Flew as Crew Pilot on mission 98
  2. 2Lt Raymond L. Gentry (CP) - Flew as Tail Gunner/Observer on mission 94. Did not fly on missions 96 & 97. Flew as Hallden Crew CoPilot on mission #98
  3. Other crewman - Flew on all four Hallden Crew missions - 94, 96, 97 & 98.
Last Mission of Hallden Crew - #98 11 Jan 1944:
Over 300 German fighters attacked the formations after our fighter support returned to England and a mission recall signal was issued. 1st Air Division Air Commander, B/Gen Robert F. Travis claimed he never received the recall order and continued on to the target. The 303rd BG(H) lost 11 crews of which 46 of the 110 crewmen were KIA. The First Air Division lost 42 B-17s and 2 fighters. The recalled 2nd and 3rd Air Divisions lost an additional 16 B-17s and 2 B-24s. The 303rd claimed 30 German fighters destroyed, 4 probables and 9 damaged. The Hallden Crew's B-17 was seen to be in distress at 19,000 feet. Was on fire and went out of formation into a spin. The tail section came off. The B-17 crashed near Kirchlengern, Germany. Two crewmen were KIA and eight became POWs.
[photo from the 303rdBGA Archives]
[Researched by Harry D. Gobrecht, 303rdBGA Historian Emeritus]