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360th Farthing Crew
Harold C. Farthing, Pilot
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(Assigned 360BS: 13 June 1944)

F/O Harold C. Fathing (P)(POW), F/O Frank N. Page (CP)(POW),
2Lt James P. George (N)(POW), F/O John D. Carson (POW)

S/Sgt William M. Sweetie (E)(POW), S/Sgt Francis W. Postles (R)(POW),
Sgt Ernest A. Viles (BTG)(POW), Sgt Leonard C. Greig, Jr. (WG)(POW),
Sgt Joseph F. Riffle (WG), Sgt Joseph Melnyk (TG)(POW)

Missions flown by the F/O Farthing Crew:
186 (20 June 44), 187, 188, 189 and 190 (24 June 1944)

Mission Exceptions:

  • F/O Harold C. Farthing (P) - Flew as CoPilot with an experienced crew on mission #186. Flew as CoPilot with an experienced Pilot on mission #187
  • F/O Frank N. Page (CP) - Did not fly on missions #186 & 187
  • Sgt Joseph F. Riffle (WG) - Flew only on mission #187. Crew was reduced from ten to nine men with deletion of one of the two Waist Gunners. He flew no other 303rd BG(H) missions.
  • Other Crewmen - Did not fly on mission #186.
Last Mission (#190):
24 June 1944 to Bremen, Germany in B-17G #43-37654 (No name) (360BS) PU-A [MACR 6359). The B-17 had been straggling most of the way. It left the formation and went down in the clouds just before reaching the Initial Point. It seemed under control and one engine was reported as being feathered. The entire crew made successful parachute jumps and became POWs.

[Researched by Historian Harry D. Gobrecht]