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359th Stauffer Crew
Robert N. Stauffer, Pilot
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PFF B-17G Queen of Hearts #43-37537 359BS (BN-Q)
(Crew Squadron assignments: 359BS: 04 April 1945; 358th BS: 23 April 1945 - photo: April 1945)

(Back L-R) 2Lt Robert N. Stauffer (P)(1), 2Lt George B. Bowman (CP)(2),
2Lt Tom E. Williams (N)(3), 2Lt Henry L. Prewoznik (B)(4)

(Front L-R) Sgt Richard W. Jamieson (BT)(6),
Sgt Claude W. Sherwin, Jr (WG/TOG)(7), Cpl Harry Baffa (E)(5),
Sgt Arthur Hawkinson (TG)(7), Sgt Frederick P. Kirsling (R)(6)

Combat missions of 2Lt Robert N. Stauffer:
As CoPilot: 358 (11 Apr 45) & 360 (15 Apr 45) - As Pilot: 361 (16 Apr 45) & 362 (17 Apr 45). For mission targets see the missions list.

Crew Comments:
Crew initially assigned to 359th BS on 04 April 1945. Seven crewmen were transferred to the 358th BS on 23 April 1945: Stauffer (P), Bowman (CP), Williams (N), Baffa (E), Sherwin (TOG), Jamieson (BT) & Hawkinson (TG). Uncertain if Kirsling (R) was transferred. Crew flew no missions with the 358th BS except for 2Lt Bowman (CP) who flew on mission 364 (25 Apr 1945) while assigned to the 358th BS. Last mission as a crew was on mission 362 (17 Apr 45) to Dresden, Germany. This mission gave the crew a good taste of what the earlier crews had experienced. According to 2Lt Stauffer (P) "It satisfied our appetite."

Crew Notes:

  1. 2Lt Robert N. Stauffer (P) - Flew on four missions: As CoPilot with combat introduction pilots: 358 - 2Lt Emerson H. Heller (P), 360 - 2 Lt John F. Marsh (P); As Pilot - Missions 361 & 362
  2. 2Lt George B. Bowman (CP) - Flew on five mission: 358 with 1Lt Arthur J. Tarvid (P); 360 with 1Lt Jack E. Stocks (P); 360 & 361 with 2Lt Robert W. Stauffer (P); 364 with 2Lt Clarence M. Fountain (P) - 358th BS crew.
  3. 2Lt Tom E. Williams (N) - Flew on three missions: 360 - 2Lt Emerson H. Heller (P) 2Lt Stauffer (CP); 361 & 361 2Lt Stauffer (P). Crew used a substitute Navigator, 2Lt Harry A. Welsh on mission 358.
  4. 2Lt Henry L. Prewoznik (B) - Removed from Crew following his only 303rd BG(H) mission 360. Substitute Toggliers used on other missions: 358 - S/Sgt James W. Roberts; 361 & 362 - Sgt Claude W. Sherwin, Jr.
  5. Cpl Harry Baffa (E) Removed from crew. Flew no 303rd BG(H) missions. Substitute Engineers used: 358 - Sgt Henry J. Gracida, Jr.; 360 - S/Sgt Lloyd R. Bodin; 361 - S/Sgt Glenn R. Walling; 362 - S/Sgt Ernest L. Meyers
  6. Sgt Frederick P. Kirsling (R), Sgt Richard W. Jamieson (BT), & Sgt Arthur H. Hawkinson (TG) - Flew on four missions: 358 & 360 - 2Lt Stauffer (CP), 361 & 361 - 2Lt Stauffer (P). Records do not indicate if Sgt Kirsling was transferred from the 359th BS to the 358th BS on 23 April 1945 with other members of his crew.
  7. Sgt Claude W. Sherwin, Jr. (WG/TOG). Waist Gunner position deleted from crew before the crew's first mission. Sgt Sherwin flew on two missions (361 & 362) as Togglier with the Stauffer crew. Substitute Togglier, used on mission #358 - S/Sgt James W. Roberts.
[photo and portion of crew comments courtesy of Bob Stauffer]
[Researched by Historian Harry D. Gobrecht]