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303rd BG "365th Mission"
Return to Molesworth
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303rd Bomb Group "365th Mission"
Return to Molesworth
June 2000

Molesworth Memorial Photos

- click the image for the full sized photo -

Doctor Robert L. Johnson (seen reflected in the car mirror) returning the salute of the welcoming
soldiers. This priceless "accidental" photo was taken by his daughter, Mary Johnson Hemminger.

RAF Molesworth Road Sign

Vintage British Automobiles

B-17 "Sally B" Flyover

Bagpiper leads 303rd Members into Hangar Dance

Hangar Dance
POW Table

Hangar Dance
POW Table close-up

Hangar Dance Band

Hangar Dance - Alfred Hollritt

Alfred K. Hollritt

Might in Flight Award
Remarks by Harry D. Gobrecht

Might in Flight Award

Might in Flight Award

Walt and Alice Brown
Harry Gobrecht, Joss Leclercq

Cambridge American Cemetery
Honor Guard

Cambridge American Cemetery
Cambridge, England

Cambridge American Cemetery
Wall of Missing Statue

Cambridge American Cemetery
Wall of Missing

8th Air Force Memorial

[photos courtesy of Harry Gobrecht, Todd Hollritt, John Jenkins]