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303rd Bomb Group (H) History

February 13th    

February 13, 1942
303rd BG: The 303rd BG (H) was transferred to Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho for 4 months.

February 13, 1943
8th AF: Spitfire Mk Vs of the 4th Fighter Group fly 24 sorties on shipping patrols. One aircraft is lost and the pilot was killed.

February 13, 1944
STRATEGIC OPERATIONS 8th AF: Mission 221: V-weapon sites in the Pas de Calais area of France are hit; 266 of 277 B-17s hit 12 sites and 138 of 192 B-24s hit 5 sites; 12 B-24s hit targets of opportunity; they claim 0-1-0 Luftwaffe aircraft; 4 B-17s are lost, 2 B-17s and 2 B-24s are damaged beyond repair, and 74 B-17s and 57 B-24s are damaged; casualties are 7 KIA, 23 WIA and 24 MIA. Escort is provided by 189 P-47s and 43 P-51s; they claim 6-1-4 Luftwaffe aircraft in the air and 0-0-4 on the ground; 1 P-51 is lost and 4 P-47s damaged; no casualties.

February 13, 1945
303rd BG: The 303rd BG, as well as other 8th AF Bomber and Fighter Groups, stood down due to bad weather.

February 13, 1945
STRATEGIC OPERATIONS 8th AF: Mission 829: 9 B-24s drop leaflet in the Netherlands and Germany during the night without loss.

8th AF history extracted from Jack McKillop's USAAF Combat Chronology

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