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303rd Bomb Group (H) History

July 10th    

July 10, 1943
303rd BG (H) Combat Mission No. 49
Target: Rebeyville & Poix Airfields, France
Crews Dispatched: 26
Length of Mission: 3 hours, 25 minutes
Bomb Load: 24 x 100 lb H.E. M30 bombs
Bombing Altitude: 24,000 ft
Ammo Fired: 1,630 rounds
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July 10, 1943
8th AF: VII Bomber Command Mission Number 72: 121 B-17's and 5 YB-40's are dispatched to the Caen/Carpiquet Airfield and 64 B-17's are dispatched to the Abbevile/Drucat Airfield, both in France; 34 hit Caen at 0832 hours while 36 hit Abbeville at 0729-0735 hours; they claim 17-7-6 Luftwaffe aircraft; 1 B-17 is lost while 33 others are damaged; casualties are 1 WIA and 10 MIA. In a second raid, 101 B-17's are dispatched against Le Bourget Airfield, Paris but the mission is abandoned due to cloud cover.

July 10, 1944
STRATEGIC OPERATIONS 8th AF: Mission 465: 6 of 6 B-17s drop leaflets in France and the Netherlands during the night. 12 B-24s fly CARPETBAGGER missions during the night.

8th AF history extracted from Jack McKillop's USAAF Combat Chronology

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