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01 September 2009 - 31 August 2010
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Billy Bergeron --- marbles143aol.com --- 27 Aug 10 - Huntington Beach, CA
This is a excellent tribute to the Greatest Generation, my Dad (Willard H. Bergeron) passed away yesterday, and the web site posted his passing and your documentation of the histories of all the air crews is spectacular. I just showed my 11 year old grandson about his Great Grandpa and showed him his history and pictures. He was impressed, especially the "nose art".
Paul Webb --- pwebbbelcan.com --- 27 Aug 10 - South Charleston, Ohio
Great site fellas. I've been interested in the history of WWII even though it ended 39 years before I was born. We must not forget the sacrifices that were made before a lot of the technology that keeps our fliers safe was thought of. It is cliche at this point, but the fact is that all gave some, and some gave ALL. God Bless!
Bob Church --- STAYNAVYEXCITE.COM --- 26 Aug 10 - Pensacola, FL
I was reading Martin Caidin's book Ghosts of the Air and he mentioned that B-17 Cat O' 9 Tails (crashed in England) crew had actually bailed out over Belgium and that the plane flew ITSELF back to England...a nice little "ghost" story for his supposedly well-researched book, so I decided to do a little research myself.

Now I wish that Mr. Caidin had.

Holly Smotherman Thompson --- hollyt817dishmail.net --- 25 Aug 10 - Bridgeport, Texas
I was helping my 9 year old son with a school project and this was very helpful. My father was a WWII pilot and shot down in Germany but all the information I have is his name. He survived the war but spent 17 months in a german prison camp, he would'nt talk about it much. I do know he flew a B-17 bombmer and was shot down on his 17 bombing raid, landed the plane intact then captured by the Germans. He retired from 30 years of service as a full bird colonel.
Irv Baum --- marirv92bgaol.com --- 11 Aug 10 - Napa, CA
I am the Editor of the Quarterly Newsletter of the 92nd USAAF-USAF Memorial Association.Because we have not been off operations since the March 42 founding of the Group, stories cover crews and aircraft B-17-B-29, B-36, B-52 (D through H), KB-29, and KC-135 A and R models. Recognizing that other 8th AF B-17 Groups had their exciting stories, we have initiated stories of these "adventures" which happened with other Groups. All of course are done with first gaining permission and giving appropriate recognition. This has led me to the 303rd and story surrounding the mission of 24 December 44. I personally heard bits and pieces about it as a Kriegy in Stalag VIIA after evacuation from Luft III. It came back to mind 2 weeks ago at our Group Reunion held at the Northern Quest Resort and Fairchild AFB. I didn't put 2 plus 2 together at that time That was the catalyst for initiating a request for permission to use the various sources but focusing on your report of Mission 290. It is of further interest because the 92nd was involved. Thank you, Irv Baum
carlo rondinelli --- 09 Aug 10 - Roma
Thank's to all pilot, crew and staff, for their contribution and sacrifice in the liberation of Europe.

Chris Barlow --- chrisbarlow55hotmail.co.uk --- 05 Aug 10 - Nottingham, England
I thought I would share a recent experience with members of the 303rd which I hope will stirr the memories of a few of the esteemed veterans with regard to their 'little friends'.

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to take a flight in a P51D Mustang,'Janie' which is owned and operated by a USAAF enthusiast, Mr Maurice Hammond. He owns another P51 'Marinell' and other vintage aircraft which he keeps at Hardwick, Norfolk, the former home of the 93BG.Maurice is determined to keep alive the spirit of the Usaaf in the east of England.

On the day we flew over many of the sites of the old bases and paid our respects at Thorpe Abbotts and Tibenham with a low pass as the usual visitors had gathered below.The old warrior did us proud with a superb flight, the pace,power and poise of the Merlin was a joy to experience. Before the flight in an Email Bill Heller had told me to look out for formations of B17s. How right he was because as we soared it was very easy in my minds' eye to imagine the boys to the left and right in perfect formation being guarded by their 'little friends.'

Edmund L. Gaines --- gainesstatesville.net --- 02 Aug 10 - statesville, north carolina
my uncle was 2d lt Edmund W. Gaines of the 359thGaines crew. All but one of the crew including my uncle were killed in a mission over Cologne Germany on Oct 15th , 1944. He is buried in the Ardennes cemetary near Liege Belgium. Thank you for maintaining this site. I understand there is a cd available about the 303d Bomb Group. I would love to get one. Let me know if that is possible. Thanks again Edmund L. Gaines
P.S. I was named for my uncle
Linda Montesa --- lindamontesayahoo.com --- 01 Aug 10 - Fond Du Lac WI
My Daddy Melvin E, Schultz was in William Heller squd
frank bossert --- dbossertscomcast.net --- 25 Jul 10 - pitman, nj
I'm looking for any information on my father, Frank L. Bossert. He was a member of the 358th. He passed away in 1959, still on active duty with the Air Force. Thanks,
sandy elder --- locnwhotmail.com --- 18 Jul 10 - Seattle, Washington
I was doing internet research for my son-in-law Michael A. Hlastala regarding his grandfather: Michael S. Hlastala 360th BS B 17F who flew 44 missions before he was shot down. My son-in-law said he would love to fly in a B 17 and I was trying to find out how I could get him a chance to experience that.
Lonnie Larsen --- larsenlocwu.edu --- 16 Jul 10 - Seattle, WA
Thank you so much for remembering our grandfather Sidney Larsen.
Craig Springer --- 13 Jul 10 - Ohio, U.S.A.
Thank you all so much for your work. Looking at your website brought mack many great memmories of a vary dear friend of mine (Billy "Red" Gaumer).
Paul Sitkowski --- sitkowskihotmail.com --- 14 Jul 10 - England
Well done to the lads of the 303rd. I live near Bovingdon, home to another US squadron of B17s I believe. Very interesting site.
Patrica Stallings Ferraro --- autie72msn.com --- 14 Jul 10 - Fort Collins, Colorado
Looking for info. on family of George Vernon Stallings. Also where he is buried. Where can I find children/grandchildren, etc. Our grandfather was George Tweedy Stallings, the baseball Mgr. Thanks, Pat
D. Burns --- 11 Jul 10 - CA
Grand daughter of Warren G Hubley fascinating historical archive that I have been able to share with my children!
Bill Heller --- wheller2cox.net --- 11 Jul 10 - Las Vegas, NV
For Melvin Schultz, Hell's Angels website 7-11-20 . OF COURSE I remember that feisty Ball Turret Gunner, his Dad, on my crew? He was a damn GOOD crew member on a DAMN GOOD crew. He was my EYES for the bottom half of my aircraft in combat. I shall remember this crew for the rest of my life, and today I am 90 years old! We are only two left now, LEO LANIER (who shared the Ball Turret now and then with MEL SCHULZ) ... and at other times the Left Waist Gunner. And, myself. All the rest have taken their famed Flight West. Cheers .... BILL HELLER, 360th Squadron CO.
Jeff Haas --- weiden007aol.com --- 11 Jul 10 - Stanwood, Wa
I'm trying to find out if any of you may have possible flown with my Uncle Dean E Haas pilot of a B-17 class of 44-c in WWII. Or any kind of info on him and his crew. He flew his 25 plus missions and made it threw the war. We have a photo of him and his crew after there plane was hit by flak and damaged the plane severely.We have been trying to find out about his plane as well. Dean has a few years back passed away and is greatly missed.But the stories he told us about the war always captivated us all. If you can help us that would be great. Thank you, Jeff Haas
Gregory LaLonde --- greg_laloyahoo.com --- 10 Jul 10 - Minneapolis, Minnesota
My father, Lawrence LaLonde, age 90, was a B-17 bombardier and ball-turret gunner in 1943-44. I would like to know what the jackets are, that the men in the photo are wearing, and if they can be purchased today. Let me know. Thanks.
Melvin L Schultz --- melvinschultz1983yahoo.com --- 9 Jul 10 - Fond du Lac WI
My name sake and grandfather was a ball turret gunner under a man name Heller. I thuroughly enjoyed seeing the pictures of him with his crew. I couldn't be more proud and honored to be named after such a heroic man! If anyone has any stories about Staff Sargent Melvin E Schultz I would love to hear from you!
Kent Heller --- upscope42aol.com --- 9 Jul 10 - Reading ,Pa
This is the first time I have been to this website.. I am glad I stopped in!! My uncle Bill, William C Heller was part of this group and I am proud to be his family!! Thank you to each and everyone of you for fighting to preserve our way of life. Cheers !! Kent Heller PS I also have been to the 8th Air force Mus. in Sav. Ga. that to is well worth the stop
Cory Busey --- camaro350cuyahoo.com --- 7 Jul 10 - Topeka, KS
I came here to find more information on 1Lt Carl J. Fyler. I'm helping with an estate sale for his wife. I have obtained a lot of his things from when he flew the great B-17. I am B-17 fanatic and to come across all this has been great. If only I could have shook his hand and thanked him for what all he did for us today. Cory
Bill Heller --- wheller2cox.net --- 5 Jul 10 - Las Vegas, NV
Pertinent to the accounts of SHAWN McDERMOTT from San Diego, anent the 457th Bomb Group at Glatton .... We in the 303rd often were used to prepare and teach new Groups which came into the Theatre. Such was the case with Glatton. I was in the Instructor Group. As a Squadron Commander, my job as to speak about combat formation. I was up on the stage, doing so, when I looked down in the first row and there sat my Uncle, Lt. PAUL CHAPMAN, smiling up at me. We visited for quite a while that day. He retired as a Lt. Col., and has since passed on. I was at Molesworth for two years where my Bomb Group, the 303rd "Hell's Angels" Bomb Group was stationed. We were only a few miles from Glatton. BILL HELLER, 303rd Bomb Group.
Clyde Douglas --- swdougknology.net --- 5 Jul 10 - Madison, Alabama
I was stationed at RAF Alconbury in the 70'S and lived in the Air Force housing on Molesworth. My family and explored RAF Molesworth and heard many interesting stories from the local people. I am also a life member of the 8th Air force Historical Society.
Frealon Ed Thomas, Jr --- skivevej95comcast.net --- 4 Jul 10 - USA South Carolina
I am not so sure if it was the 303rd; but my Daddy was supporting Jimmy Doolittle out of Polbrooke, England with the B-17s on the Daylight missions. I know for fact (with old photos to prove it) that he personally baked a cake for Jimmy and he and his men; with surviving flyboys, served it up in great fashion. I would love to hear from you great guys. Frealon Ed Thomas, Jr (F-22 Dude) from my father's legacy
Robin Landa --- rlandaaol.com --- 4 Jul 10 - USA
My father was Hyman J. Landa Thanks to all the brave men who served our country!
Paul Johnson --- pauljohnson20hotmail.com --- 4 Jul 10 - London, UK
This website is an outstanding tribute to those who served with the 303rdBG. I am researching the crash site of a 359th BS aircraft, Cat O 9 Tails (42-5482). I have had the pleasure of meeting the Gell family who own the property where she came down on 14th October 1943 on her return from the 2nd Schwienfurt raid and they tell me that two of the crew may still be with us. I am trying to contact S/Sgt Anthony Kujawa or 2/Lt Marion D Blackburn. Can anyone put me in touch with them as I would like to know more about their story.
Zum Brunnen, Tom --- 2 Jul 10 - Manassas, VA
I am US Air Force retired after 27 years. As an intelligence officer I developed an interested in the USAAF & WWII.
William P Maher Jr --- wpmaheryahoo.com --- 2 Jul 10 - Dallas TX
July 4, 1943 - The Monahan - Joy crew flew it's first mission. They are in our memories and thoughts at this time of year.
Randy Sherrill --- rsherrilltriad.rr.com --- 25 Jun 10 - Winston-Salem, North Carolina
I am the youngest son of a 303rd veteran who died in 2000. I am a United Methodist Clergy and we are having a special faith and freedom service on July 4, 2010. I was searching for possible pictures of my dad in your archives and found an amazing picture at www.303rdbg.com/lc296.html, which shows my Dad and he looks exactly like my son. It was an overwhelming experience. Thank you for saving these archives.
Chris --- 23 Jun 10 - Norfolk,VA
I just wanted to say that you site is one of the best I have seen on the subject matter. I am a young vet (Navy,37)but I have always admired the older generation,especially World War Two. Keep up the good work!
Philip Hostettler --- 22 Jun 10 - Nashville Tennessee
My Dad and Uncle served in combat in the Pacific in WWII - US Navy so I wanted to also offer thanks to the men and families for your service in the European Theater on behalf of our great nation. I am a civilian pilot and grew up watching great movies of the B-17 such as 12 o'clock high and the TV Show. I have read many books on the B-17 and the 8th as I have been able to find. This is one of the finest websites I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. I appreciate what you have put together and I am telling all my aviation friends about your site. Thank you so much for providing such a documentary as told by those that were there. They should make a movie about this group. Thanks again!
David Saunders, Jr. --- 22 Jun 10 - Mesa, Arizona
To those who remember Frank A. Saunders, a B-17 pilot who spent time in a German prisoner of war camp - Frank passed away on March 17, 2007. He was a great man and left a tremendou legacy that we can all be proud of.
Shawn McDermott --- 19 Jun 10 - San Diego, CA
Great site, stumbled accross it while reading up on the Wolfe Hound. Grandfather was a pilot with the 751 Sqdrn of the 457 BG out of Glatton. I think it's outstanding that these sights are here to honor them and tell there stories. Thanks for the effort.
Paul Shimanek --- 16 Jun 10 - Wichita, Ks
My Uncle Bill Shimanek is pictured here. I was searching for family information, and came across this picture. What a great piece of history. Thanks to all of our servicemen for their dedication and hard work.
Janet Lindgren --- 11 Jun 10 - Austin, Texas
My dear uncle Thomas O'Donnnell passed away Aug.23, 2009 in Vancouver Washington. I was researching and found your site - how wonderful to learn about the brave members of this unit! My uncle was so very proud to have served with such incredible men.
Hug J. Murphy --- hghmrphy7aol.com --- 8 Jun 10 - Kingston New York
My Dad did 11 missions with the 100th then it was disbanded and he joined with Pilly Flesh(Pilot) and completed his 25 plus 1 missions with the 303rd. I have a picture of him, John J. Murphy Tech. Sgt. outside an Edinborough Scotland pub on R & R. Just starting exploring your excellent site, was bogged down in the 100th reading updates and trying to find more mission reports. Thanks for your great work. HJM
Jill Johnston --- blessme09comcast.net --- 2 June 10 - Santa Maria, CA
My grandfather: Sgt Arthur Lee Bailey (TG) passed away this morning 6-2-10. He was a member of the Jack W. Weaver Crew - 360th BS assigned Nov. 12, 1944. My grandfather followed his crew througout the years and was very proud to have served his country. He will be missed and honored.
Phyllis Miles Langford Hughes --- phyllishughes06comcast.net --- 2 June 10 - San Jose, Ca
My granddaughter, Sheri DiOrio, found this website. It is exciting to see, especially this Memorial Day. I met my husband, Allen Langford, when he was an officer cadet (he had been a bombardier) when he was in Primary training. We were married and I pinned his wings on him when he graduated. He was assigned to B-17's and flew to England on D-Day. After 18 or so missions, he was wounded and returned to the U.S. After that he was assigned to various positions, moving every few months. We had a daughter but soon divorced. Eventually he received a medical discharge and died when he was about 52. Thank you for all the work and effort you have put into this great website. I am 87 years old now and my life has moved along. I have not kept in touch with the crew members families, and it's too late now, so it is wonderful for me to see these pictures and reminisce about an important time in my life. Our daughter (Janet DiOrio) did not get to know her father very well, and I am sure this information has added a lot to all I have tried to tell her about these brave and skilled men. I am so grateful for your great interest and dedication in gathering all this information and making it available for this tribute. Sincerely, Phyllis Hughes
Victor W. De Witte III --- vic.williamssbcglobal.net --- 31 May 10 - Red Bluff, CA
Memorial Day, a good day to remember and give thanks for what my father (whom I never met) and countless other people have done to keep our nation free. Thank you.
Janet DiOrio --- jan_bob_dioriohotmail.com --- 31 May 10 - Pine Hill, NJ
Allen W. Langford, Pilot of 303rd Bomb Group is my father. He died many years ago and it was very nice to find a picture of him with his crew. He loved his crew, every one of them.
Don Enderlein --- 930pilotbellsouth.net --- 31 May 10 - Brooks, GA
This is an incredible website. All I can say is wow and thank you. I am a member of the Commemorative Air Force, Dixie Wing, and I've forwarded this on to our membership (a significant number are veterans) for them to read and enjoy. Fantastic.
David Cox --- yoitscoxmangmail.com --- 31 May 10 - Alabama
I'm seeking information on Sgt Lawrence B Evans. He was a Tail Gunner on the Ladies Home Companion that was lost on 12-30-43 in the Farben raid. The only info I can find states he was shot out of the plane. I would like to know what kind of a person he was, good bad other.
Sarah Hainlin Crutchfield --- sarahthecabinpath.com --- 31 May 10 - Atlanta, GA
Remembering my Dad, Neal E Hainlin, Jr..and all who served with him on this Memorial Day, 2010.
Susan George --- geongeoq.com --- 30 May 10 - Colorado
Today is Memorial Day and I am remembering my dad, Sidney L. George (Nafius Crew)and all the other men and women who have so valiantly served. THANK YOU.
Ruth Waldenmyer Byram --- rlbyramgmail.com --- 27 May 10 - Boise, Idaho
My father, Sgt. George L. Waldenmyer, was a top turret gunner (arial engineer) on the Winning Run B-17 and several other B-17s in the 427th Bomb Squadron, 303rd Bomb Group, 1942 - 1945 I enjoyed visiting your website.
mavis --- hampshirefairaol.com --- 27 May 10 - france
i have a house very near to st james and visit the cemetery very often. i was there with my husband boxing day, when everything was balnketed in snow. it was very inspiring. if anyone would like us to send a picture of a particular resting place please let me know. i am not doing this for any return, i would just like to be able to do something, however small, which would bring comfort and pleasure to someone.
Louis A. Swiniuch Jr. --- laswin54comcast.net --- 23 May 10 - Salem, MA
I was stationed at Molesworth 55/56 worked in Stat. Svcs. 582nd Airesupply Group.
Diana McMaster --- goodnewstctc.com --- 21 May 10 - Romney Indiana
My father is buried Epinal Cemetery. Wounded late Nov. 1944 and died Dec. 4 1944. Have always wondered if there is someone out there who might have known him at the time and was serving in the Army with him.
R. Lee Sylvester MAJ USA (RET) --- sylvesRgmail.com --- 15 May 10 - Molesworth AB, UK
I am an intel officer with a gov't intelligence agency stationed at Molesworth. I'm a history buff and really enjoy walking the old sites of RAF Molesworth and Grafton Underwood (I live just outside it in Geddington). If you have veteran's of the 303rd or 8th AF traveling to the area or a reunion over here let me know, I'll see what I can do to help. If you need local photos I can do that too and send them along email.
TED BLAIR --- teddbrogers.com --- 13 May 10 - Ottawa canada
I was reading a story about a B-17 bomber in ww 11 that was shot down at Saint Nazaire in France. A young french freedom fighter a Cris De Guitaut saw it crash and 30 yrs later found some of its crew living in USA and reunited with them. They r trying to find another crew member from "SNAP/CRACKLE/POP".I am trying to locate this frenchman (CHRIS DE GUITAUT)and communicate some info to him. Anyway you can help me. The story about this plane is in Air Combat the GHOSTLY WARRIORS OF WW11 SP EDITION MAGAZINE 1981 THANKS FOR YOUR TIME
Fred Reichmann --- fredp2000cox.net --- 13 May 10 - Pensacola, Fl.
I was on WW11 Honor flight April 14 2010 to see WW11 memorial. Boy what a trip. Really a honor. Each move in Washington was escorted by Police cruiser and 3 motor cycles. Cops and fireman standing at attention as you pass. A day I will never forget. Any one who has chance to go will not forget it. Fred P Reichmann Member no. L2004.
Bob Kidd --- bkidd6sympatico.ca --- 13 May 10 - Toronto Canada
Hi While doing some research regarding my father's evasion from capture after being shot down on the night of January 23, 1943 near Morlaix, I ran across mention of one of your possible members who evaded with him. My fathers evasion records indicates there were two Americans with him A Sgt. Jones and a Lt. Roper. I note in your records there was a T. Sgt. Jones who was a crew member on 41-246003 "Green Hornet" that was shot down around the same time and he also returned to England on May 13, 1943. If he or any of his family are members of the 303 Bomb Group I would like to get in touch and possibly fill in some blanks in the information I have gathered so far. He was flying a Short Stirling heavy bomber with the New Zealand Air Force at the time he was shot down and made his way to Spain with Sgt Jones, Lt Roper two Frenchmen two Belgians, three French women and a Spanish guide. Thanks R.M. KIDD
John T Schortemeyer --- jtshorty01yahoo.com --- 12 May 10 - Haymarket VA
Very nice Website, I grew up in Middletown Pa and remember Rough Wear being open to buy Leather coats in the 60's. I found your website hoping to learn more about AAF gear, I have one pair of A-9 pants and one pair of B-1 leather pants and got the bug to put AAF display together. Keep up the good work,again very nice.
kenneth w campbell --- www.caseyrace.aol.com --- 11 May 10 - modesto california
IM the oldest son of kenneth w campbell that was a tail gunner on flak wulf b-17 and he was sent on another bomber the day flak wulf crashed on take off I have a picture of the nose art of bugs bunny and the name of flak wulf on the side of my race truck i race in bonneville i coppied the picture off of his flight jacket and put it on their in his honor and his crews honner and on your sight i found his picture with his buddies that i will now add along with their names you cant believe how much this means to me to find this sight my dad passed away in 1990 with cancer and he died a gentleman and never became angry and stayed strong till the end and was a hero that changed my life I wish he would have told me more about the war but didnt say much till i was grown he raised 7 children and retired a railroad enginer and was married to my mom vada 45 years born in council bluffs Iowa and moved to california in 1971 he lived in stockton ca when he passed at age 70yr old and had a full military funeral I have some pictures and letters and stories I would be glad to share he was in the 303d under the 427th capt Emmittes Harrison jr pilot thank you for your web page ken.
Eric Durfee --- edennison22yahoo.com --- 10 May 10 - Andersonville, Tennessee
My Father, James Ray Durfee was a member of the 360th BS. He was a member of the Fontana Crew. My Dad passed away last year. There is not a day go by that I don't miss him. He was truly a Hero. I enjoy visiting this web site, there are so many great things to look up. With Memorial Day coming up, We need to remember all those HEROS, those that are still living and those that have fallen. Truly the greatest generation.
Cathleen Correa --- d.w.cathyhotmail.com --- 10 May 10 - Bakersfield ca.
My Brother. Thomas Raymond McClure was one of the three escapees mentioned in the article regarding his crew. He also was sent back to the states and became a flight instructor in California. I would like any information you may have. He passed away at age 31 of a heart attack.
David R Ballard --- dr48ballardsuddenlink.net --- 09 May 10 - Paris, Texas
I was just doing a quick look for information concerning the crew of 42-30273 B-17F (Patsy Ann III). My father Roy M Ballard was ball turret gunner on this plane around 1942-43. According to his military records and the mission record, I was just looking for additional information about this flight crew.
Isabel Godfrey 04 May 10 - Sherman Oaks, CA
I am a WWII military aviation enthusiast and amateur writer. This website has helped me immensely on a short story I am writing about a B-17 crew. I have found a lot of information here, and it seems that every time I come back to this site, I find something new and end up rewriting sections of my story. Thank you so much for keeping such an excellent record of this period in aviation history.
Gloria D. Miller --- gloria.millerexxonmobil.com --- 26 Apr 10 - Akron, Ohio
This is a wonderful site. You have taken great care in putting this together and I am so grateful. We will be sending a picture soon of my father, S/Sgt Warren L. Partsch. I enjoyed reading about "BELLYING IN—IN THE SNOW—IN RUSSIAN TERRITORY Unusual Experience of S/Sgt Walter D. Beckwith". Unfortunately, my dad passed away in March 1983 and would have been thrilled to be able to see this website. He did talk a lot about that belly landing in Russia and what a crazy experience it was. It explains the picture of my dad in the Egyptian fedora!!! I did not understand how he ended up in Egypt, Iran, and Greece. Now I know the whole story. I believe my brother has my dad's diary. I will see that he forwards this information on. Thank you again and God bless you!! You are truly the "greatest generation" and I thank all of you for your great sacrifice.
Ossie McMahan --- ossie.mcmahan.ctrhurlburt.af.mil --- 22 Apr 10 - Ft Walton Beach, FL
Thanks for the work you have done with research on crews and pictures. Was so glad to see a picture of my dad with Hoeg's crew. Bonnar McMahan, ball-turret gunner. I served in the Air Force for 20 years and work at Hurlburt Field as a contractor supporting crews on the AC-130U gunship as well as other airframes on base.
Mary Banda --- cherish.bearhotmail.com --- 22 Apr 10 - San Antonio Texas
I am trying to find relatives or friends who served with my father "Sidney Joseph Conner" in England 1943-1945. My father was from Texas.
katharine Smith-Warren --- kfotomsn.com --- 21 Apr 10 - Denver USA
Peter Bitel was married to my father's cousin, Ann smith bitel and I am doing research on the Smith family.
Ed Harm --- Edward.HarmHoneywell.com --- 14 Apr 10 - Ohio
Absolutely fantastic what you men did in those days. I'm a combat vet but it is unimaginable what it must of been like. Just toured the B-17 restoration at Grimes Feild in Urbana, Ohio. Everything looks very cramped and extremely frail. It's amazing and I wish to thank you for your service and sacrafice. God Bless!
Donald J. Gondek --- dgondek07aol.com --- 17 Apr 10 - Rome, New York
I recently traveled to Germany (2005) with our local MOAA orgainzation. Our tour leader was a retired Air Force B-52 Navigator. What left a unforgetable memory of that trip was a stop at a local WW-II Military cemetary in Salzberg. Row after row of head stones, were marked for US and British flight crews. Each headstone ID'd the person, his A/C type, his position/duties on the plane, group name/number. I was a very sad visit. This tour leader, stops at US/British cemetary's each time he leads a tour group in Germany.
Judy Spencer --- jaspencerjetbroadband.com --- 10 Apr 10 - Forest, VA
My stepfather is looking for info re: Harry Baffa. In 1982 Harry wrote to my stepfather's brother, Henry Prewoznik, and referred to Henry pulling him (Harry) out of a burning plane and thanking him for saving his life. I would like to be able to print the photo on the Hell's Angels site of the 359th Stauffer Crew, but it is blocked. Thanks, Judy Spencer
Tony Mills --- cmills42att.net --- 04 Apr 10 - Missouri City, TX
My uncle (mothers brother) is 2nd Lt Finis Brumbeloe, 360BS. Just checking data you have on him and get a picture of him in uniform. He's just one helluva great guy.
CPT Timothy Richards --- inspectorTearthlink.net --- 05 Apr 10 - Huntington Beach, CA
Today, April 5, 2010, I had the pleasure of speaking to Harry J. Crozier, veteran of all 3 Wars; WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Harry and his wife came to the Retired Affairs Office (RAO) in Seal Beach, CA., inquiring about Honor Flight Network which flies WWII Veterans to Washington DC to see Memorials built in their honor. (www.honorflight.org) After assisting in completing the application, we searched the web for his WWII Army Air Force unit, the 303rd Bomb Group and the B-17 he flew; Daddy's Delight. He was very happy when he saw his plane and crew and immediately began calling out their names. Harry is 92 years young. We also spoke of Harry's Vietnam experience flying C-130's. He complained about some of the short, dusty runways at forward fire support bases. I had to tell him that my Engineer Company, B Co, 588th Engineers, built at least one of the "short" strips that was close to the Cambodian border. We both recalled when a C-130 landed at the strip, the Communist soldiers would fire every weapon they had trying to bring down a C-130. Thank God, Harry plane was never hit. Any military retiree can subscribe (free) to our RAO Newsletter at www.rao-nwssb@navy.mil
Jeanne Hand Henry --- jhenry6309aol.com --- 05 Apr 10 - New Market, AL
I am sister of Victor Gilbert Hand who was shot down in the Jerry Jinx on his 5th mission, 23 Jan 1943. A friend discovered this information on the 303rd and sent it by e-mail. While my husband was stationed in London 1956-1959, we travelled to site of Molesworth to view location from which Victor flew. The picture of the Jerry Jinx has been a source of comfort to our family. My brother is standing just below whom I think is Pilot Reber.
Michael Beach --- mbeach969hotmail.com --- 04 Apr 10 - USA, Maysville, Okalahoma
Dear Sirs, Thank you for having such a great web page. I visited 22 of the 23 American Cemeteries where Oklahoma solders are buried and visited a few from the 303. I am learning so much about those men who gave so much during the war. I am currently looking for information on those soldiers so that I can give it to the cemeteries. I especially like the letters section that you have on your page. Of the few family members that I have talked to in my search I have received a few letters from the men to their families. It truly shows the emotion that these men felt for what they were doing and also how much they missed being back home. Keep up the good work. Michael Beach
STEVEN VAN CAMP --- stevenvancamptelenet.be --- 04 Apr 10 - Duffel, Belgium
Hi, I am referring to the 360th Morrin Crew that crashed on February the 22th 1944 in Duffel , Belgium. I live in Duffel, half a mile of the crash-site. My great-uncle told me the story of the airplane-crash years ago. A few years ago, a monument was installed in remembrance. I pass by the monument very often ; I always think about those brave man. I can assure you that the monument is very well preserved. As I am now studying history at the University of Antwerp, I want to know more about those man. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. I very much appreciate your site, it keeps their story alive.
CMSgt E. D. Beard, USAF, Ret --- edonaldbmsn.com --- 1 Apr 10 - Aurora, CO
I thought this article might be of interest to some of the 303rd members as I know several aircrews were held at Stalag Luft III.
Leonard Hall played a momentary but significant part in the escape of Allied prisoners of war from Stalag Luft III in Silesia in March 1944. As an RAF trained meteorologist, he provided the weather forecast to decide on the best night for the mass breakout. March 24 was chosen and 76 prisoners scrambled out into the surrounding woods before the exit point was discovered.

Atrociously, 50 of those recaptured were executed by the Gestapo on Hitler’s orders. Those who remained in the camp faced interrogation and, as the Red Army advanced from the east, an exhausting march westwards under guard in freezing conditions.

In addition to his responsibility as weather man, Hall had worked during the construction of the tunnels with the group that carried the excavated earth in bags down their trouser legs to points where it could be released on to the camp vegetable gardens. He was one of the prisoners subjected to interrogation and solitary confinement, in his case for seven weeks. There was little he could disclose, even had he been so inclined, as once it had been discovered, the construction of the tunnel was self-evident and each escaper had his own escape plan. Leonard Graham Hall was the son of William Hall, a jeweller and silversmith in Grimsby, and was educated at Humberstone Foundation School, Cleethorpes, and St John’s College, Cambridge, from where he graduated with a second in mathematics in 1938. He began training as an actuary at Clerical Medical but as war threatened, he joined the RAF Volunteer Reserve to be trained as a meteorologist and was commissioned in 1939. Posted first to Trinidad, then Nigeria, he was returning to England aboard the SS Nigeria in 1942 when the ship was torpedoed. He was taken prisoner together with three other surviving service officers on board. Quizzed on arrival in Germany at the transit and interrogation centre for captured Allied airmen at Oberursel and later at the German Navy Interrogation Centre at Wilhelmshaven, he hit on the idea of ending this ordeal by providing details of the Allied air forces order of battle in Africa in July 1941, when he had arrived in Nigeria. This led to German intelligence making a serious underestimate of the Allied air forces’ strength in the Mediterranean theatre.

From Wilhelmshaven he was sent to Stalag Luft III and joined the team working on the tunnel chosen for escape, nicknamed “Harry”. He based his forecast on observations of the sky and wind conditions, correctly predicting March 24 as a dull night with no moon, ideal for the breakout. His name was not drawn for one of the escape places, so he remained behind.

During the harrowing march of the prisoners across the Polish-German border to Blankenese in the bitter weather of January-February 1945, his group was confronted by a young SS officer eager to exact revenge for the RAF bombing of Dresden and Hamburg. He was talked down by Lieutenant Commander John Casson, son of Sir Lewis Casson and Dame Sybil Thorndike. Hill felt he owed his life to Casson’s authoritative presence and command of German.

After release and repatriation Hall rejoined Clerical Medical and was given leave to continue studying for his actuarial examinations. In 1950 he took over Clerical Medical’s portfolio of stocks and shares and the City soon recognised his ability by making him one of the first Honorary Fellows of the newly formed Society of Investment Analysts (now the UK Society of Investment Professionals). He was appointed a director of Clerical Medical in 1971, and was general manager from 1975 until his 65th birthday in 1982.

He gave unstintingly to his profession and served as a member of council of the Institute of Actuaries for 20 years, as chairman of the examiners and as honorary secretary and in 1972 he was appointed a vice president. From 1977 to 1981 he was first deputy chairman, then chairman of the Life Offices Association, leading within a short time to the formation of the Association of British Insurers as a single industry body for the different types of insurance companies.

He was the sixth Master of the Worshipful Company of Actuaries, and in addition a governor of Bupa, and the chairman of PosTel, then Britain’s biggest pension-fund manager, monitoring the pension funds of the Post Office and BT.

He continued with various directorships throughout his seventies and even when his health declined attended City dinners until after his 90th birthday. He was a lifelong supporter of Grimsby Town and had a keen interest in opera.

His wife, Betty, predeceased him. He is survived by two sons and a daughter. Leonard Hall, survivor of Stalag Luft III and insurance executive, was born on February 25, 1917. He died on January 21, 2010, aged 92

Lawrence Rivers --- kf6rynslantaenetzero.net --- 1 Apr 10 - White Sands Missile Range NM
I'm Retired AF currently working for NASA at Las Cruces NM. This web page was forwarded by a Coworker/supervisor. This is very impressive. We owe you all a great deal for your sacrifice and accomplishments during the war thank you. Larry
Suzan Schultz Tubbs --- bdsmtubbsaol.com --- 30 Mar 10 - Belton, Tx.
Today I toured a B 17, one of 8 still flying. Oh my, what brave guys were in those things. My dad, Melvin E Schultz, was a ball turrant gunner with the 303rd. William Heller was his pilot, what a wonderful site this is...thank you.
Rowdy --- dxdy.4477yahoo.com --- 26 Mar 10 - USA
I am looking for a HQ scan copy of a Lucky Bastard Club certificate from the 303rd. Sometimes they are called a Certificate of Valor; sometimes they are just a mission listing in letter form signed by the base commander. If you have one you would be willing to share, I would appreciate it. Please Google "lucky bastard club WWII" using the quotes for a better description of my project. Thanks.
Breawn --- mundos_kookyahoo.com --- 22 Mar 10 - USA Vista, California
My grandfather is John D. St. Julien, he was a pilot for the 303rd bg. I found this website by googling my grandfathers name. I was very pleased to see this website and want to thank everyone who has worked on it to make it was it is. I miss my granfather very much and I know he would be happy to see thisa site still is up and running. Thank you.
Frealon Ed Thomas, Jr. --- ballevej3comcast.net --- 20 Mar 10 - Goose Creek, SC
Wowzer!!! My little son (The grandson of Frealon Ed Thomas,Sr. stationed in Polebrook, England with Jimmy Doolittle's Eighth) and I stood out on Folly Beach, SC when a B-17 lazily glided over the shorline. I pointed out the craft to my son and gave him a little lesson on American Freedom and how his Grandpa helped save the world. I found out that we may actually take a ride on the ole beauty. I am checking out the schedules as of now. Also, I told litte Eddie-III that we will check out the 8th AirForce musuem just south of us near Savannah,GA. This is going to be great for a 3rd generation to appreciate the ole Memphis Belle and others. God Bless America and all remaining heroes from WWII....You are the last of the great protectors of our Constitution......WE THE PEOPLE.
Roger W. Stuart --- roger.stuartmagellan.aero --- 18 Mar 10 - New Milford, CT
Ended up here through wikipedia. What a great site! As I research my Dad's, (Roy W. Stuart), military history, I will be using it a lot.
Jean Paul Favrais --- jeanpaulfavrais1orange.fr --- 19 Mar 10 - BREAL ( FR.)
I would like to pay here homage to all the veterans and to have a particular thought for all those which made the sacrifice of their life for our freedom and the dramas lived by all these American families by the loss of a dear being Despite everything these last years we let us have the memory of these brave men and generous thank you for your Site Gary
Donna Petersen --- Donana44aol.com --- 18 Mar 10 - Chicago, IL USA
I have JUST started geneology on my family and was looking for my grandfather Frank Juns when my uncle.... 1LT FRANK JUNS JR.... (PILOT) showed up on this site. Is there anyone out there who remembers him. He was only 22 yrs old in 1944.
Ed Robbins --- edrrobbinssbcglobal.net --- 17 Mar 10 - Dallas, Texas
Saw the 303rd's logo and remembered one of my good friends had flown in the 303...Lt. Wallis Ivy {Latshaw's aircraft My Blonde Baby}. A great guy with a couple of good stories about flying out of England...but he never bragged and always said he was "scared as hell" when they flew over Germany and the flak. He was an officer and lived up to being a gentleman and gentle man. Really miss having martinis with Wally. Good site...keep up the good work. And keep the nose up.
Paul Fleming --- skieastusahotmail.com --- 07 Mar 10 - Hebron NH
My cousin Jay found this site. our Uncle George Fleming was a bombadier on the Shangri-Lil B-17F #42-29754 with the 360th BS, Baker Crew. Back in the fifties, we were gathered at our Grandmother's house to watch the 20th century with Walter Cronkite. As I remember it 52 B-17's went out and only 3 came back. My uncle said " Let's get the hell out of here". This wasn't said normally on TV in the fifties. Jay thinks it was the Schweinhart raid but this didn't have the heavy casualties. Did I get this wrong? Regards Paul Fleming
Joseph Fleming --- jmejckcomcast.net --- 06 Mar 10 - Woodbridge, VA
My Uncle, Lt. George J. Fleming, was a bombardier in the 360th BS and flew in the first raid over Wilhelmshaven, GE in Jan 1943. You have a picture of him with the crew of the "Shangri-La Lil" piloted by W. T. Baker in June 1943. I think he is also in an unedited film clip of the first USAAF raid over Wilhelmshaven at about the 8 minute mark standing in the back but not speaking as some of the crew is interviewed. My cousin remembers watching "The 20th Century" with Walter Cronkite and my uncle is shown turning to the camera after dropping his bombs and saying "lets get the hell out of here!" I might have seen it too but I was probably only 2 years old at the time so I don't remember. That is what led me to try and find that clip but found this other information, so I forwarded it to my cousin. He doesn't think it is Uncle George in the film clip but I put both side by side and I am sure it is him! He died in 1986, I don't have the exact date but he lived in Quincy, Massachusetts most of his life, then moved to Cape Cod in his later years. Thank you for all you have done putting this website together, it is fantastic!
Sara Akre --- Luci0usness03aol.com --- 26 Feb 10 - Medford, Oregon
Hello, I found this website because my great-grandfather was Clifford L. Akre and was a mechanic of the B-17s. My grandfather, Clifford's son, wrote a response on here as well. I am just fascinated by the information and pictures on this website. I was hoping to find pictures of my late great grandfather on here, but could not find any.
what a superb website you have, I have always been interested in US 8TH AIRFORCE since my school days, as the village where I lived was surrounded by US BASES. The 92NDBG, 305THBG, 351STBG and 401STBG.I used to watch the B17s go out early mornings and return from bombing raids late in the afternoons On the morning of 31ST MARCH 1943 Iwas in class at school when there was a terrific explosion that shook the school and some windows shattered. We were all taken to the air raid shelters as the said it was a German Bombing raid. Shortly after we came back in class as they found out two B17 Bombers had collided overhead, they came down in fields about 3 miles away from the school. After class some of my friends and I went to look at the crash site. I will always remember it, we found heaps of wreckage and 50Calibre Bullets everywere, and a massive crater where a bomb had exploded. I had always wondered which base the B17s came from, until I looked at your 303RD BG WEBSITE, and found MISSION 48 MARCH 1943. I then had the answer after 67 YEARS. It was B17F OOOLD SOLJER 41-24559 PILOT KEITH O BARTLETT AND CREW AND B17F TWO BEAUTS 41-29573 PILOT JAMES R DUNN AND CREW. 5 Lucky crew men managed to bail out came down in fields near MEARS ASHBY. One crewman came back over here a few years ago to visit the field he came down in great man. I cannot believe it was all them years ago. Thanks for a GREAT WEBSITE..
Lawrence C. Farrell, Jr. --- lcfarrelljryahoo.com --- 15 Feb 10 - Summit, NJ
My father, Lt. Lawrence (Larry) C. Farrell, was copilot on the Sandford Smith crew (359th BS) in '42 and '43; does anyone remember my Dad? Thanks. Larry Farrell 908-273-2253
pam neaton --- phnatonfrontiernet.net --- 14 Feb 10 - watertown, mn
Hi, not sure if my father-in-law was with this group or not, he has passed away and did not share much of his WW II life with his family. His name was Joe F. Neaton and and he was a gunner, his one pilot was Norman Walter. Stationed out of Polebrook, England. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Frank Hoppenbrouwers --- f14powerhotmail.com --- 14 Feb 10 - Veghel - Netherlands
Hello, I have got a question. I've "adopted" the grave of T/Sgt Oaks H. Smith on the grave site of Margraten in the Netherlands. He was a member of the 360th Bomb Squadron as an Engineer. I'm looking for more information about him or his family and your site has helped me a lot. Do you have any more information about him and if so can you help me? I'm very curious about him and what he has done too help free our country in the 2nd world war. I'm also looking for more information about his family so that I can contact them for more info. Through your site I found out that he was on Mission #73 to Emden, Germany in B-17F Yardbird II #42-5260 (360th BS) PU-A. Hopefully someone can help me. Frank Hoppenbrouwers Veghel - Netherlands
Robin Sherg --- suntwin1cox.net --- 06 Feb 10 - california
My father was S/sgt Anthony Sherg and he never talked about what happened in the military or as a pow.Looking for more information about him..loved him very much and never even got to know anything about his side of the family
Jon Haber --- jon-habersbcglobal.net --- 05 Feb 10 - San Francisco
Thanks for your wonderful site...... The Hells Angels deserve to have their history remembered. I visited a member's grave at the Normandie cemetery with my veteran friends : SSgt Szymon Friedman. We saluted his Jewish Star and left the traditional stones atop the dignified grave. The Nazi's murdered most of his family. He escaped Europe and had the honor of helping to crush the Nazi beast, as a 303 member. Many thanks for your great efforts. Jon Haber, USAF Sergeant
Jane Mitchell --- jvmitchell49ntlworld.com --- 04 Feb 10 - Witney, Oxfordshire, UK
Doing family research: Googled the name of Averell M Broughton Jr, I'd seen mentioned as a possible distant family member, and found him on your very special site. His Greatgrandfather emigrated to the US in 1855 from Yorkshire (England). I had no idea I would find such a detailed and moving history of all the people involved in this particular group of men and women. Thank you for all the work that's gone into the site, and I hope it will stay online for many years. We need to keep their story alive.
Trey Moreno --- trey.morenogmail.com --- 03 Feb 10 - San Antonio, TX
I found my grandfather's picture and info here. PFC James Vickery. I am still trying to find out more on what he did overseas.
Deborah Deitch --- tovapol-ggyahoo.com --- 02 Feb 10 - Michigan
It is with sadness that I write of the death of my father, Daniel Deitch, in December 2009. Dad was 88 years old when he passed away. I want to share some of the history and memories of my father. Daniel was born and raised in Chicago; his parents were Russian immigrants, who passed on to him their interest in music and books, and their belief in changing the world for the better. In 1942, Dan volunteered for service in the US Army Air Corps. He was part of the 303rd Bomb Group, of the famed 8th Air Force, stationed in Molesworth, England; a T/Sgt and gunner on the crew of a B-17. He was immensely proud of being part of the Allied forces that fought for freedom. After the war, the GI Bill gave him the means to go to college, and then medical school, at the University of Illinois. He met my mother in Chicago. As a young doctor, Dad worked hard to bring quality medical care to coal miners and their families in Kentucky and Pennsylvania. The family settled in Detoit for many years, and then moved to Canada. Daniel also lived in Israel for a time, and in New York City. When he retired, he moved back to Toronto, where most of his children had settled. Dr. Daniel Deitch is survived by his wife, 5 children, 2 grandchildren, and one great-grandson. He is buried in Pardes Shalom Cemetery, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. " . . . and the planes are empty now . . . "
Jeanne Eaton --- jeat81hotmail.com --- 31 Jan 10 - El Paso, TX
I was searching through my mother's folders and found a lovely letter from Murray Wade regarding my father, John R. Work. I was able to find this amazing site and obtained a great deal of information on my dad, who died on January 29, 1968, at the age of 53. I can only say thank you for this wonderful site. My dad has always been my hero; now I understand why.
Wayne Herold --- heroldwjgmail.com --- 25 Jan 10 - Kansas
Looking for info on Lt. Gordon Ballagh. Found lots here, great site! I am currently active USAF and with Lt. Ballagh being a friend, would like to see him recognized for his part in the war.
Mike McGee --- fox3artcomcast.net --- 23 Jan 10 - Cape Cod, Mass
Howdy!! My uncle was T/Sgt Arnold S. Doran, a 25 mission veteran in the 303rd. I'm an aviation artist at www.fox3art.com and ex USAF veteran fighter pilot (A-10 Desert Storm, F-15C and F/A-18 on exchange with the Navy). I'm researching Arnold's missions to come up with a possible composition for a painting. I know he damaged a 110 and destroyed a 190 and got a DFC for it. He's sadly since passed on but i'm trying to find out particulars of those missions if possible and any other related info. Thanks! Mike McGee, Lt Col, USAF, (Ret)
Martin Hill --- martinhrafaol.com --- 13 Jan 10 - United Kingdom
Hi Guys Thought I would drop you a line to say I served at Molesworth with the RAF 1982-84 with the 303rd Security Police Group protecting Cruise Missiles and on exchange with the USAF! Have very fond memories of the place! I still fly over Molesworth in my private aircraft based at Halfpenny Green in the West Midlands UK (Was RAF Halfpenny Green)during the Second World War! Would be good to hear from you! Regards Martin Hill
Charles Drake --- mr_duck00yahoo.com --- 10 Jan 10 - Louisville, Ky ,USA
Dear Respected and Honored Veterans, I have been researching my father's Army purple heart and show your unit as listed on his service award. The date of the letter issued on May of l945 the date of his wound was April of 1945 ,received in North Germany. My father's name was Joseph Drkanic, pfc,ASN-20644173, infantryman. The order was issued by a Lt Colonel Ragan. My father never spoke of his service life ever. The purple heart was given to me as I am the only veteran in our family after him. My service was in the AirForce in Vietnam In the early 1970. One thing I did not retrieve and there should have been a flag the accompanied this award when he died a number of years ago. But my larger question was how was he wounded and what unit was he attatched to and who were they engaged with? This info may be impossible to locate given the time in history and today. I did research on my unit in Vietnam years after the war to understand what surrounded our base and how it evolved in the sector it did in that country and the serivce it provided. And surprisingly I found a book which gave very much detail. So if you are able to work with this info and locate any hisory to this award I would be deeply indebted to your organization . Sincerely, Charles Drake
Chris Barlow --- chrisbarlow55hotmail.co.uk --- 07 Jan 10 - Nottingham, England
What an excellent article, The Molesworth Pilot, and the details of the Oschersleben raid is a very timely reminder of the sacrifices made back then.To think of a mission costing in excess of 25% losses is absolutely staggering to us today but back then it happened all too regularly to your boys and our RAF lads. We just don't know we are born nowadays! PS A belated Happy New Year to all at the 303rd.
Larry Farrell --- lcfarrelljryahoo.com --- 04 Jan 10 - Summit, NJ
Does anyone remember my Dad, Lt. Lawrence C. Farrell, who was 1942-1943 copilot in the 359th Sanford Smith crew in "Fast Worker"? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Larry, 908-273-2253
John C. Saunders --- saundersjohncgmail.com --- 04 Jay 10 - Phx
My uncle was Frank Saunders, visited an air museum with my brother on Saturday and toured the inside of a B-17.
LE NEILLON --- michele.leneillonwanadoo.fr --- 02 Jan 10 - BRITTANY FRANCE
During mission 11 on JAN 23 1943 over U-Boot pens of LORIENT the ship Beat's Me crashed on the near of my father's farm. Only three members of the Lt HAAS crew came out of the plane. The "last one out" Charles ROTH (born on 10/14/1922) is still alive in Casa Grande (AZ). Lt Mel Louis SCHULSTAD who was due to lead his crew stayed in Molesworth because of a flu. He is living in Redmond near SEATTLE (he was born in 1918). Both of them came on the crash site in nov 1994 and june 2004 with members of their family. I and my family visited them in Casa Grande in April 2000. I'm about to write a book on this event and the people who were involved. All informations are welcome. God bless them and their comrades, they are still in the hearts of the people of the town of Pluvigner - Brittany - France
Collysue Lawson --- randlecsvalornet.com --- 01 Jan 10 - Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
Floyd C. Doherty Jr. was my uncle and I was named after him. He was killed the year before I was born. Wanted to locate anyone in his squadron that could tell me anything about him and perhaps may be living still today.
Keith Cogar --- debbienkeithverizon.net --- 30 Dec 09 - phoenixville, PA
I am a nephew of William C. Heller, pilot of Heller's Angel. The original "BUTCH CREW" was named after my father, Ken. I was very excited to have found this page and will be visiting it more often to read of the history of my uncle and his crewman.
Dennis L Edgeton --- dedgetonhotmail.com --- 30 Dec 09 - Eldora, Iowa U.S.A.
Was nice to see my fathers name. He has been gone 20 years
Steven M. Summerlight --- smsummerlightcomcast.net --- 30 Dec 09 - Eugene, Oregon
I'm searching for information on my late father, Benjamin Wayne Bailey, who served in the USAAF during WW2 somewhere in England on a bomber base within a day's travel to London. I know he was a staff sergeant and apparently was in charge of an AA battery on the base. He told me very little over the years about his service experiences, but I'd like to know more. I have his serial number and enlistment info (Los Angeles, July 1940). Any information on where else to look would be appreciated.
pauline --- wwwlive.com --- 29 Dec 09 - essex
dose anyone know how tg sgt richard s brooks died was he pow he was assigned to wendell ferguson crew in jan 1944 358th bs he conpleted his 30 mission conbat tour 5th june 1944 he was stationed at molewoth norfolk I would like to know what part of america he came from and has he any family that i could get intouch with I could be related
David Oaley --- davidoakprodogy.net --- 28 Dec 09 - El Centro, California
My uncle Water G. Francis Jr. was a orginal crew member on Lloyd Holdcroft's plane. The story he told me of being short down 4/18/44 matchs almost exactly with what I just read. The crew ended up in Stalg 17. One thing that is incorrect is this was not their 25th mission but was their 33rd mission. Walter said that just prior their 25th missions the number of missions for all crews were extended (I believe to 30) because of high losses we were short of experienced crews. Later the number of missions was again extended to 33 missions before their tour ended. This would have been their final mission, ironic the the name of the B-17 would be "The Road Home". Maybe they named the plane. Watter also said they flew the final mission for B17 "Hells Angels", they flew quite a few mission on that plane. The plane they flew the most missions on was "Iza Available" Walter is gone now but as time pasted he told me many stories. These were brave young men.
jill --- jilllovesjazzhotmail.com --- 23 Dec 09 - ireland
Hi im trying to find family members of John De Marco who served in England during WW2 as he was a family friend Regards jill
Leith --- lrfrischaol.com --- 21 Dec 09 - Shillington, Pa
My uncle was Bruce Hinnershots who was killed in 1945 along with other brave souls. My mother spoke about him with great warmth but of course I never met him. I was stunned to find his photo online, and to find such a comprehensive account of the activity of this unit. This was all very very moving. Thank you to those who have put so much work into preserving this history. Thank you to all the men and women who have stood in our place to defend our freedoms. God Bless America.
Robert M. Weepie --- mweepiehotmail.com --- 21 Dec 09 - Hazleton, IA
What an awesome website. Robert F.Weepie was a radio operator on a Thunderbird Crew. He is relation to me. I am also in the Air Force as was my brother, hopefully we can continue to keep it in the family. Would appreciate anyone who may have known Robert F. Weepie, to relay any stories to me.
Herbert R. Keithley --- brian.keithleymarch.af.mil --- 21 Dec 09 - March ARB CA
My Uncle is Herbert R. Keithley Lt. Col. (Ret). He was in the 303rd in Mar 1945 as a pilot. We are lucky that he is still with us and he is our true military hero esp. to his younger brother Wayne Keithley who was Navigator on B-47's. Thank all of you and our other military brothers and sisters that served to preserve our freedom! We salute you for a job well done. CMSgt Keithley
Daryl Lee --- hardrider85hotmail.com --- 19 Dec 09 - Manassas, Va
Read the book "Half A Wing, Three Engines And A Prayer" by B. O'neil.
Chris Walker --- chriswalkhotmail.com --- 17 Dec 09 - UK
I came to this site to find information on aircrew headsets and left with a feeling of awe and respect for the men of 303rd who fought during WW2 and after. Congratulations and thanks for the efforts put into this site.
Vicki Ann Shemwell --- winterlites4uaol.com --- 13 Dec 09 - Bowling Green Kentucky
Reading these reports certainly can change one's perspective on a place! ...... Please note change of email address.
pauline callaghan --- pauline-callaghanlive.com --- 10 Dec 09 - essex
could anyone tell me what happend to tg sgt robert s brooks usa af bombardment 358 crew in thu hel'en hiwater in wendell z ferguson group he completed 30 mission combat tour on 5 june 1944 stationed in norfork did he get assighed to another battle
Kristina Anstrom --- kanstromgwu.edu --- 5 Dec 09 - Alexandria, VA
My father was 2Lt. Ronald Anstrom who was injured in a bombing mission on January 13th 1945. My father died in 1980, and I have been looking for information on his last mission. I had only sketchy information on this mission, so I thank you for providing the detailed information I found on this site.
peter wade --- wanttodrivebtinternet.com --- 29 Nov 09 - irchester northamtonshir
Thank you to the airman in ww2 to all the real heros that laid down there lives to give us how freedom
Scott Arnold --- steelyeykotdyahoo.com --- 27 Nov 09 - San Antonio, Texas
Great tribute to all those who served. My uncle was William J Arnold, whom I never met since he passed away before I was born. I recently met his first son who unfortunately lost his father at a very young age. Your site serves as a reminder to all who visit it to the courage unselfish valor and commintment of the men and woman who served not only in WW2 but in all our battles America has fought and in the sacrifices which they endured. They have kept America free lest we not forget. God Bless America
Gay Goodfriend --- gaynvaaol.com --- 22 Nov 09 - New York
anyone know my Dad? Captain Frank Goodfriend -93rd bomb group 8th airforce? thank you,
Kiely Butler --- skbpunk1978yahoo.com --- 22 Nov 09 - San Francisco
Thanks to all who work on this site. I'm very proud that my grandfather, 2nd Lt. Harry E. Roach, was a part of the 303rd.
Gearald Farris --- chiro3110aol.com --- 21 Nov 09 - Longview, TX
My brother brought me some pictures of my dad's war years in North Africa. I now know he was in the 303rd Bomb Group,427th Squad as an aircraft mechanic. I have pictures of Betty Jane, The Yankee Rebel, Susie-Q, Little Bitch, and a few others that are not totally clear. Will share if interested.
Jodi Stockton --- 20 Nov 09 - Norman, OK
I am impressed and wish all military websites were as informative and easy to navigate through. Thank you. I am researching my family history which distantly reached out to one of 303rd's KIS members. I specifically was wanting a picture of his gravesite, which I found! Thank you Jodi
James McKenzie --- jamesprestonmckaol.com --- 17 Nov 09 - Denver, CO
I just finished watching the HBO special on WWII and decided to do a little research. I'd heard my maternal grandfather was a pilot who died in WWII, but didn't know much more than that as he died never having met my mother. (She was two!) I was very honored to find your information on Preston W. McKeon and I feel like I at least now I have some idea about who he was and what he did. Thanks so much for taking the time to collect and post all of this information and God Bless Amercia!
Susan Thomas --- smariethomasmsn.com --- 15 Nov 09 - Glendale, AZ
My uncle Hal Thomas, Jr was a tail gunner with Hector Vitale. His picture is already on your website.
Patricia Ellis --- pellis1953gmail.com --- 14 Nov 09 - York, PA
I really enjoyed your site. It was great to see the photos and finding my Dad's name on the personnel list. I'm looking forward to a return visit. Thank you for all your hard work and for keeping history alive.
Kenneth A. Cook --- leviathanemc2interfold.com --- 12 Nov 09 - Denver, CO
Hello, My D.O.B. 05/Aug/1944 brought me here! LT Vern and crew is still flying the Thunderbird, watching over us! Army brat! I spent 12 years in the US army, 101st Armor, Ft. Benning GA! I needed to say something instead of passing through and remain silent! S/Sgt Ken Cook
Kirby --- kacker27sbcglobal.net --- 12 Nov 09 - Tulsa, Oklahoma
I am sad to report Major Carl J. Fyler age 89 passed away on 11-11-09 at 11:11 PM in Topeka, Kansas. He will be greatly missed by all his family and friends. He was truly a great American. His funeral will be held in Topeka, Kansas on 11-23-09 at 3:00 PM Penwell-Gabel Funeral Home. Burial services 11-24-09 at 12:30PM Penwell-Gabel Cemetery in Hutchinson, Kansas.
MAYOL --- vincent.mayolnantes.fr --- 12 Nov 09 - FRANCE
Hello, I'm writing you to speak about Sir HALIORIS ANDREW N, from the B-17 f#42-5792, crashed the 4 of July 1943 near Malicoren (West France, under Le Mans). He is a piece of my grandfather's history, Marcel HERMANGE, who had hiden him and tried to get him away from Gestapo's dogs, german police. This act of resistance, my grandfather family has payed for it. I'm proud for him. An historian had recently reenacted those days of the crash and stories of sir Halioris and his comrades. I would like to know if he's yet alive, and perhaps contact him to know if he's remembering my gran-father. I dispose of the historic work with map to localize the crash (in french). I could scan it. To discuss about. Regards. Cordialement, Vincent MAYOL.
John E Ross --- ed.rosscomcast.net --- 09 Nov 09 - Channahon, Illinois, USA
This is one of the best and most comprehensive sites, dedicated to honor a single command, that I have come across. Keep up the outstanding work. Dedicated individuals, who volunteer for projects such as this, are hard to find. Volunteers help keep the memory of our country's most valuable citizens, our veterans alive. May those who are no longer with us rest in peace, and may the rest of us continue to cherish their memories and value their deeds.
Curt Weil --- curtlaseckeweil.com --- 01 Nov 09 - Palo Alto, CA
I regret to inform you that my father, Frank P. Weil,Lt.Col. USAF, Ret. died on October 23rd, 2009. He was a veteran of the 303rd, and referred me to this site.
Chris Barlow --- chrisbarlow55hotmail.co.uk --- 5 Nov 09 - Nottingham,England
hi cousins,Last weekend I was in Cambridge and whilst there I visited the American Cemetary which is nearby.What a lovely location it is and a fitting resting place in our country for American heroes. I guess that a lot of Americans who visit our shores go their to pay their respects,going by the entries in the visitors log.Just in case of you haven@t had the opportunity to see this place I have included a video of it on here.Just click on it and turn the sound up on your PC.
Charles Norm Stevens --- Normstevenssbcglobal.net --- 31 Oct 09 - Monterey Park, California
My wife and I visited the American Cemetery near Omaha Beach a few weeks ago in October, 2009, as members of a Grand Circle Tour group. We were given roses to place on a grave. As I am a WWII Veteran from the 351st BG stationed at Polebrook, England I looked for a grave site of an Airman from California who served near my base. Quite by chance I found one for Roy Eisele from California and laid the rose at his grave site. We have a picture of his tombstone with the rose and would be glad to send it to any family member or friend who would like to have it. We were touched to find information about his crew and their final mission as well as their picture on line on your website.It is a beautiful tribute.
Scott Rubins --- scottyswadyahoo.com --- 30 Oct 09 - Was state
Every time i search this site i'm so amazed,i have spent hrs here searching and looking for anyone still alive that might have known my father FO William R Rubins { Bill }was his nick name,he has long passed and i can only remember some of the stories he told me I think most everyone has passed by now and i've given up hope.One thing I would like to know is,My father hated apple pie,and i remember my mother as a young boy baking him one and he threw it across the room into the sink stating never in this house again,were ,as the story goes on his 23d mission his plane crash landed in Posen ,Poland,all survived and were hustled to a Russian internment camp,aparently that is all they fed them was apple pie i'm assuming,but one day my grandmother got a western union gram with a word only he would know so she knew he was alive,he was reported MIA,then the day came he was walking up the road 90 pounds of nothing,I thought the Russians were our Allies,is there anyone out there with similar experiences id love to hear from ya,and again THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE,Scott Rubins scottyswad@yahoo.com
Paul Tippett --- 27 Oct 09 - Baytown, Texas
My father flew in B-17s during the war. I was just looking around to see if I could find anything on him. his name was Paul Clayton Tippett.
Harry M. Lysell --- harrylyselllive.com --- 25 Oct 09 - Monroeville, PA
My father passed away September 6,1992 I was checking his service record Harry K. Lysell
John VanCleave --- 21 Oct 09 - Kansas City, MO
Re; CHARLES E. GARRETT CREW - 358th BS, Sgt Joseph A. VanCleave (TG) Thank you for your good work to preserve record my father's contribution to this great effort. We lost him in 1967, but I will always remember his stories and accounts of his service. Thanks to all who fought to preserve our great country, freedom and way of life, then and now.
Michele Morrissette Wiggs --- 18 Oct 09 - New Hampshire
Came across the site while researching family history - my dad was Norman Morrissette. My husband is a vietnam vet and my oldest son currently in Iraq - he is career military. I am so proud of all of them for their service - looking forward to sharing this link with them and reading more myself. I have some photos which I will send also. Thanks for the site!
Joe Johnson --- jejinebraska.com --- 18 Oct 09 - Anselmo, Nebraska
My uncle Donald Wayne Johnson joined the Army Air Corps in 1939 when he was a senior at Kearney State College in Kearney, Nebraska. He graduated in class 40F and served as a ferry pilot for 10 B-17s to England. He then joined the Royal Air Force in 1940-41 and rejoined the Army Air Corps after Pearl Harbor. He served as an instructor pilot and his orders to Hickam field were in his briefcase when his ship has engine problems and went down in Arizona. He and all but 2 crew died.
Bill Clark --- wpresijuno.com --- 17 Oct 09 - Interlochen, Michigan
I had the pleasure of meeting Ed Gardner from the 427th. It was interesting to have the time to talk to him and hear some of his amazing stories. God Bless You All, and thank you for serving you country.
Bill Berg --- 10 Oct 09 - Golden, CO
I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. James G. Force (2LT) and engage him in some conversation concerning his time at Molesworth and the various flights he either co-piloted or piloted during WWII. I am ever grateful that men like this served their country and provide the freedom that we enjoy today.
Steve Ebers --- sebers1962yahoo.com --- 09 Oct 09 - Illinois
I am looking for relatives of, or anybody who knew, Frank M. White, KIA 6-22-43, AC# 42-5432 "The Hunting Club" Please contact me, it is very important. Thank You, Steve Ebers, Commander, American Legion, Post 480
Steve Ebers --- sebers1962yahoo.com --- 09 Oct 09 - Illinois
I am searching for Harvey Goldman. He posted on 7-25-04, inquiring about his cousin, Israel Millner. Shot down 8-27-43, onboard the "Shangri-La-Lil" Harvey, or any other relatives, or anybody who knew Israel, please contact me. Steve Ebers Commander, American Legion, Post 480
pete chamberlain --- petec2mlcomcast.net --- 06 Oct 09 - womelsdorf pa
Benard Cerzosimo was my grand father the was with the 358 freeland crew
Richard J. Bradshaw, Jr. --- RJBradshawaol.com --- 05 Oct 09 - Huntsville, AL
I was searching for information on my Uncle Billy (John W. Bradshaw, Jr.) and I was very pleased to find the picture of his crew (CHESTER D. JAQUES CREW - 427th BS). As far as I know this is the first time I have seen a picture of his crew or even knew who they were. Thank you so much. My Grandmother's (my Uncle's mother) notes said Uncle Billy called their B17 Grapes of Wrath. I noticed that you did not have that information.
Bill Benson --- hvgunnergmail.com --- 05 Oct 09 - Seven Mile, WA
I came here looking for information about my future father in law, S/SGT Ray McLellan. The family only had letters sent from Europe during WW2, one picture of Ray with the rest of LT St. Julian's crew in front of B-17G # 42-97546 "Idaliza", and an aluminum model of a B-17. From that, I posted to the army Air Forces forum, and Susan (last name unknown) shot me a link to the 303rd Bomb Group's site, where I was able to find a plethora of information about Ray. Ray McLellan survived the war, and went on to enjoy a long a happy life, raising horses in Seven Mile, WA, along with his wife and four children. He passed away in 1986, and his ashes are scattered on a hill over looking the family stables he loved so much. This website has provided a significant amount of information about Ray's service and contribution to winning WW2. Thank you for compiling all the information here, and I hope that other families will find the answers to their questions as well!
Mark Petersen --- p4702earthlink.net --- 10 Oct 09 - Whitehouse Station New Jersey
Thank you for this site. I found a photo of my father in the 358th Miller crew that I will treasure.
Paul D. Faust --- pd22fsbcglobal.net --- 24 Sep 09 - West Jefferson OH
My girlfriends brother wast a waist gunner in 303rd bomb Group and 359th Squadron, His plane went down over Germany and he was a prisinor of war for a number of months.
Kurt Seymour --- estelle-kurtxtra.co.nz --- 23 Sep 09 - New Zealand
Have just finished reading "Half a Wing Three Engines and a Prayer" the story of Bob Hullar and his crews tour.An amazing read.I have to give my uttmost respect to all those brave men who served in the 303rd bomb group.Although i live in New Zealand half a world away i appriciate the sacrifices and dedication of all those who served in the Mighty Eighth who stood up and faced the forces of evil so we can have the freedom we know today.Thank you.
Adrian Roberts --- 21 Sep 09 - Derbyshire, England
Thank you for posting such a fascinating website. I've had a great time navigating around it, and have learnt much from it. Probably the most interesting part of it are the extracts from your father's flight journal. Many thanks.
Randall W. Davis --- rwd51insightbb.com --- 19 Sep 09 - Louisville, KY
Well, almost family. My mother, Jeanne J. Davis, was to marry Ripley W. Joy, but he died in the aircraft explosion before the wedding. She never stopped loving him, and my middle name, William, was from him.

For many years, she tried to find any location or parts from his B-17, "Hell's Angels," without success. Mom died on January 20th, 2008, and I will continue the search. If anyone has any information on the aircraft, or Ripley W. Joy's family, I would very much like to hear from you. Thank you so much. Randall W. Davis
Richard L. Grendon --- grendoncomcast.net --- 15 Sep 09 - Bellingham, WA
I recently obtained our family's copy of the photo of James Melton's crew in the 427th. My Great Uncle, Norman L. Miller served on that crew --he was the pride of the family during the war, and the lore lingers on long after his passing. The crew IDs in your copy of the photo are not correct on the Front Row: Norman L. Miller (our Uncle Bud) is the second man from the left in the photo. He was my grandfather's youngest brother, and I was with many times when I was a child. Another brother, Pat, served in the 5th Air Force in New Guinea; and a sister, Blanche, worked for Boeing, wiring in the tail sections of B-17s. My mom still talks of Uncle Bud's sparse comments about his experiences in the war. We do know that he flew at least one mission aboard the famous Luscious Lady, and that he was hit with a burst appendix while on a raid -- family lore relates it was a mission to Berlin, and that he almost died and was hospitalized for some time. Mom is also sure that S/Sgt Miller flew on 32 missions, but I don't know how to verify this fact. I would love to find out more about his time with the 303rd -- perhaps some of his crewmates are still with us. Thanks for having such a wonderful website for your great association. I'm certain my son and grandson will be excited to visit your site.
Harold D. Cornwell --- cornwell-px-azhotmail.com --- 11 Sep 09 - Phoenix Az.
(Mission #44) Other than what information we crew chiefs obtained from the Pilot on the planes condition, the only other details of the mission itself, obtained by ground crew, was the usual scuttlebutt that went around the squadron. The following may be just that, although I tend to believe it to be true. What better way for the Pilot to lighten the situation than to hatch up a little competition. The story was, Lt. Stallings told the crew, that whoever lost their ripcord handle, had to treat the rest of the crew to drinks at the local watering hole back at base. You can probably guess the rest, Lt Stallings being the only one to hit the water lost his handle. You can just imagine the good natured ribbing that must have followed. This is a tale that only those on the Stallings crew can verify. One thing that I can vouch for as regarding Lt. Stallings is, in my humble opinion, he made the most beautiful takeoffs of anyone in the whole group. With the nose down and tail high the heavily loaded plane really reached for the heavens when he pulled the control column back in his lap at the end of the runway. Harold D. Cornwell
Eddie Deerfield --- ED303fsraaol.com --- 10 Sep 09 - Palm Harbor, FL
Over the years, before the termination of the 303rd Bomb Group Assocation in 2007, my wife, Mary Lee, and I had the pleasure of planning and managing numerous reunions of 303rd Bomb Group veterans and their kinfolks. One of the highlights of those reunions was a ceremonial reading by a veteran or family member of Rachel Firth's epic poem, "Air Corps Reunion." The touching and poignant words never failed to mist the eyes of the reader and listeners alike. I would like to share that poem, Gary, with the many guests who enjoy your outstanding web site.
"Air Corps Reunion," by Rachel Firth

Autumn leaves, rustling together to the appointed place, the old warriors come. Pilgrims, drifting across the land they fought to preserve. Where they meet is not so important any more. They meet, and that's enough for now.

Greetings echo across a lobby. Hands reach out and arms draw buddies close. Embraces, that as young men they were too uncomfortable to give, too shy to accept so lovingly. But, deep within these Indian Summer days, they have reached a greater understanding of life and love.

The shells holding their souls are weaker now, but hearts and minds grow vigorous remembering. On a table, someone spreads old photographs; a test of recollection. And friendly laughter echoes at shocks of hair gone gray, or white, or merely gone. The rugged, slender bodies lost forever. Yet, they no longer need to prove their strength.

Some are now sustained by one of "medicine's miracles," and even in this fact they manage to find humor. The women, all those that waited, all those who love them, have watched the changes take place. Now, they observe and listen, and smile at each other, as glad to be together as the men.

Talk turns to war and planes and foreign lands. Stories are told again and again, re-weaving the threadbare fabric of the past. Mending one more time the banner of their youth. They hear the vibrations, feel the shudder of metal as propellers whine and whirl, and planes come to life. These birds with fractured wings can see beyond the mist of clouds, and they are in the air again, chasing the wind, feeling the exhilaration of flight, close to the heavens, this wild blue yonder of their anthem.

Dead comrades, hearing their names spoken, wanting to share in this time, if only in spirit, move silently among them. Their presence is felt and smiles appear beneath misty eyes. Each, in his own way, may wonder who will be absent another year, and the room goes quiet for a time. Suddenly, an ember flames to life. Another memory burns. The talk may turn to other wars and other men, and of futility.

So, this is how it goes. The past is so much the present. In their ceremonies, the allegiances, the speeches and the prayers, one cannot help but hear the deep eternal love of country they will forever share. Finally, it is time to leave. Much too soon to set aside this little piece of yesterday, but the past cannot be held too long, for it is fragile. They say, "Farewell, see you next year, God willing." Each keeping a little of the others with him forever.

Eddie Deerfield
LtCol, USArmy (Rtd)
Lee Pescott --- warhorsentlworld.com --- 10 Sep 09 - Dover Kent England
I visit this sight regulaly and also recommend it to other WWII AAF reenactors and it is by far the best USAAF site on the internet, but also I have the privilege to attend the 40's dance held by the U.S. Air force at the Molesworth base (still active) in June each yeat held in Hanger 92 which still retains the Triangle and C painted in the centre of the hanger, my own re enactment group represents the 427th BW 505 bomb group and our adopted aircraft is "Sweetrose O'Grady I have sent seperatly a group photo taken in Yorkshire U.K. last year.

Monica Manning Hose --- nicka888gmail.com --- 06 Sep 09 - Colorado, USA
Thank you for showing my dad, Captain John P. Manning, B-17 pilot of The Knockout Dropper. He never spoke of the war. Never. I am 1 of 7 of his children (6 of us are alive), and I have found out more from online searches, and soulful enough, a journal he had written to his wife, our mom, during those years he was stationed in England. I found the journal when he was dying at home. All of us have copies of it. My mom has the original. So, thanks again for keeping his memory alive.
William Patrick Maher Jr --- wpmaheryahoo.com --- 04 Sep 09 - Dallas TX
I am compiling details of the Joy - Monahan Crew training and missions. My father was the Navigator on that crew. The Monahan and Hargrove families plus Pete Clark and his daughter Tina have all provided details and encouragement.

I sent emails to other crew families but, so far, no replies. I would love to hear from any family members of men who flew with the Monahan crew - including those who did not usually fly with them but were part of their (last) 31 Aug 1943 mission.

What I am putting together is primarily for crew family use. I am not planning 'real' publication (mainly because I am using details from many sources and am not going to track down 'rights and permissions'). At this point, it's approx 180 pages of text, photos, maps, etc. I am adding footnotes and attributing sources throughout.

Thanks to Gary for this site and continued thanks to all who serve and have served our country.

Wallace H. Smyth --- jaggerhall6yahoo.com --- 01 Sep 09 - Charleston, WV
My father Samuel W. Smyth flew on four missions as far as I can tell - he passed away Oct 7, 1979 and I would like to have him included in your list of taps for the members of your group. I know he was wounded - the details are sketchy - One interesting note I would like to briefly bring up: When my father died, I was an only child serving in the Marine Corps overseas - I was told he died on the day he was buried. My father had always told us, if anything happens to him to call Bob Hoffman (another member of the 303rd), the night my father died Mr. Hoffman was the first person my mother called. My father died in Baltimore, MD and Mr. Hoffman lived in Kansas City, Kansas, this, as I understand it was about midnight, on a Saturday night. My mother told me when he answered the phone she said, "Sam is dead" and Mr. Hoffman's reply, "I will be right there". He drove straight through and made all the arrangements for my mother. I arrived days later, the afternoon of the morning that he left. The loyalty amoung the members of the 303rd will always impress me as the actions of Mr. Hoffman. I guess heros don't stop being heros when they take off the uniform - There is a place in heaven for men like Bob Hoffman.

Please send to my email address above what I need to include my father's name on your list. Finally, to whomever put this website together - it is superb!