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01 September 2010 - Present
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Jean E De Cicco --- jeandeciccoyahoo.com --- 29 Apr 11 - Richmond, Texas
I lost the address of a English couple and dear friends( Ray @ Theresa Cossey ). looking for that the 303rd Bomb Group came up/ I was not aware of the Web Site. My husband Frank was a member of the bomb group @ flew with Jim O'Leary's crew. Frank passed away Dec. 11, 2004. If anyone has news about any of his crew I would love hearing about it. God Bless, Jean
Thomas W. Geng --- gengtaol.com --- 27 Apr 11 - Shorewood, Minnesota
I regret to advise that Sgt. Donald F. Geng peacefully "slipped the surly bonds of Earth" on 26 April 2011. In his later years, Dad spoke to me frankly of his war time service; I know that he never forgot his commrades who died during the War in the course of their duties. Tonight, my heart and prayers are with all of the 303rd, then and now, who bravely answered the call. God Bless each of you.
Donald Barnett --- car.kinghotmail.com --- 26 Apr 11 - Marion, OH
I am the youngest son of 2LT James M. Barnett, CP on Mission 341 with 2LT Thomas Moore, pilot. There were two survivors on that mission from this aircraft besides my father, 2LT Moore and Sgt. Jospeh T. Ogurchak. Regretably, my father passed away on 9 FEB 1985, having fathered 8 children and being married to our mother for 43 years. We are wondering if anyone has any information about the two other survivors. I have found pictures of the graves of 4 of the 5 who perished on that mission. Thank you to all who sacrificed so much for us and future generations.
Tom Pugh --- csp46charter.net --- 22 Apr 11 - Bristol, TN
John E. Rodgers, T/Sgt died December 9, 2009 after an extended battle with cancer. His wife, Ruth and son John Jr. survive as do grand and great grand children. John graduated Vanderbilt and George Washington Law Schools, was in the FBI for 30 years, finally as Agent in Charge, Nashville, TN office. Following retirement, John spent another 25 years in private practice with a prominent law firm in Nashville.
Donna Amos Highley --- 20 Apr 11 - Pocola, Oklahoma
Just nice to see my father's picture on here ever so often. My father Harmon E. Amos passed away in 2004. Thanks for your hard work to honor our military heros past and present.
Jim Dukeman --- plane80nmindspring.com --- 19 Apr 11 - Apex, North Carolina USA
My Uncle Lt David L Grant served with this crew. This is the first time I have seen this site, my brother put me on it, so glad he did. thank you for the wonderful history and for keeping these Great men in our lives and minds. Our prayers still go out to them for the wonderful job they all did.
Don Dukeman --- illantsdad2000yahoo.com --- 19 Apr 11 - Pana, Illinois
My Uncle, 1st Donald L. Grant was the Navagator on the Werewolf and have been attempting to gather as much information on him, the aircraft, crew members and missions. My Uncle was later killed in action on June 9, 1944 and his body was never recovered.
Dr. Richard Gobel --- pygmaliondiodecom.net --- 18 Apr 11 - Fairbury, Nebraska
I was a personal friend of Capt. George C. Newton, pilot of the B-17 Queenie. When he returned to Fairbury, Nebraska, after the war, he joined his father-in-law (O. C. Brickell) in the local Chevrolet dealership. Although Capt. Newton is now deceased, I harbor many fond memories of him. He was a very personable gentleman and had a great sense of humor. I bought my first new car from him (a 1967 Chevelle station wagon) and decided to pay for the car in cash. Capt. Newton's eyes lit up when I handed over the cash and he wondered why I wasn't accompanied by an armed guard! His contribution to the war effort will never be forgotten.
Ed Burns --- commandermainepost157.org --- 14 Apr 11 - Stockton Springs, ME
Our American Legion Post is named for Sgt Jerry W. Dobbins, a member of the flight crew of the 'Beats Me' B-17. On 23 Jan 43 he and several other members of the crew were lost in a freak accident when his plane was accidentally hit by bombs being dropped by the plane immediately above them. We are in the final stages of putting our website online and want to create a 'Historical Corner' where we can proudly tell his story. Any information anyone might have about this particular aircraft or personal knowledge of this particular individual would be most appreciated.
Tom Carnahan --- tcarnahancox.net --- 3 Apr 11 - Fairfax, VA
Excellent website. I was pleased to see that my Dad was a full participant in the struggle to defeat Germany.
Bethlyn Hamilton --- bh37ixoyeaol.com --- 31 Mar 11 - Klamath Falls, Oregon
I am very impressed with all of the information contained on this site. I have been searching for anyone who knew S SGT Claude A. Hamilton. It is so important for my husband to know about his father who passed 68 years ago today when my husband was born.
Matine Mace Pawlicki --- mpawlickicfl.rr.com --- 29 Mar 11 - USA,WINDERMERE,FLA.
Charles Thomas --- cthomasppnq.com --- 25 Mar 11 - Houston, TX
My father was Joseph A Thomas, who was CO of 359th BS, 303rd BG during training at Gowen Field in early 1942. The squadron (eight B-17 aircraft and crews) was deployed via the northern route to Grafton-Underwood in June,1942 and became part of 342nd BS, 97th BG. He became 342nd BS CO on 20 August 1942 and flew 9 missions from England before the 97th BG was transferred to North Africa. I was interested in finding information about the 359th BS combat training days of early 1942 in the USA, and how the 359th BS was re-constituted within 303rd BG after the deployment of June 1942.
eric street --- eric.street7btopenworld.com --- 25 Mar 11 - england
sir my father was wounded round about may june 1945 i know he was in the 65 field hospital on august 3 i have a telegram saying so he was a member of s.r.s 1.sas.sbs. any information would be greatly appreciated. yours faithfelly. eric street.
thomas e spruner --- tspruneryahoo.com --- 21 Mar 11 - ca
My uncle Donald Spruner, flew in 427th BS in Pogue my hone b17g Ive been reading mission statements my god what they went though god bless you all! real heroes in my eyes! Thomas E Spruner
Linda Gann --- missyganngmail.com --- 18 Mar 11 - Granbury, Texas
I have two pieces of art work signed by artist Wilbur E. Mooring, one dated Jan. 21, 1935 in Dallas, Texas, of a propellar plane which appears to be suspended under a blimp; and the other dated Nov. 1, 1936 on Factory St. in Dallas, Texas, of a drawing of an art deco designed building. In researching for information about Mr. Mooring, your website responded with a WWII photo of a pilot with the same name. Do you have any information that might indicate he is the artist? Thank You.
John P Blackburn --- jpblackburn1hotmail.com --- 12 Mar 11 - Toledo, Ohio
I regretfully inform all that Major Marion D. Blackburn USAF retired, passed away on 27 August 2010. He served in WWII as a bombardier on B17s in the 303rd and was shot down on 05 November 1943 and served the remainder of the war as a POW.
Bob Meixner --- bob.meixneratt.net --- 6 Mar 11 - Port Saint Lucie, Florida
My dad, Ed Meixner, was a radio operator in the 427th Bomb Squadron in August and September, 1944. He was on 7 missions, and was seriously wounded by flack on mission #428, 9/28/44, against the Krupps Steelworks in Magdeburg. Reading the mission reports and seeing pictures of the aircraft and crews has been rewarding. Unfortunately the only available picture of Dad's crew seems to have been taken after he was wounded as he is not present.
Roderick Merritt --- roderick.merrittus.army.mil --- 4 Mar 11 - Ft. Stewart, Ga
I am the grandson of SSG Frank Roderick Turner a member of LT George Kyle's aircrew. I am looking for any of his relatives or any of the other members or their family members to make contact with. Thanks and God Bless! Very Respectfully, Roderick Merritt, Jr. CPT, MI
Carl A. Lindberg III --- cal1adviseaol.com --- 25 Feb 11 - Washington State
I'm second generation USAF that recently retired from the Boeing Company. While at Boeing, I gained a deep respect for the Company and its products, including the B-17. I'm a current member of the Cascade Warbirds and every year, we host the "Aluminum Overcast", one of the few flying B-17s. It is a flying bit of history that people flock to Boeing field to see, and for some to pay for a ride in this great flying museum. My father was a B-25 pilot flying off of Corsica, so I hold all bomber air crew in high regard. And in reading through your Newsletter, I found a photo of a gentleman that was the CO of my "office" at SAC HQ, LTC William T. Sweet!
Forest Corn --- forest.cornhill.af.mil --- 25 Fdb 11 - Hill AFB, Utah, USA
I attend the same church with Sgt Paul Sersland who will be presented a DFC today, 25 Feb 2011 at 1230 at the Hill AFB Museum. As an former enlisted member of SAC, and having spent 6 years at RAF Mildenhal, and a few trips to RAF Molesworth in the early 1980's I have an appreciation for the actions and service of all the brave crews and early founders and forerunners of the present modern Air Force. America must never forget the past and present sacrifices of our military. Paul, your DFC is well earned and long overdue, I salute you sir. Forest Corn, MSgt. USAF , Ret.
Diane Ellsworth --- mrsbugs_1951yahoo.com --- 24 Feb 11 - Waters,MI USA
i am planning a trip to the UK and would like to see where my dad was stationed during WWII..all i know is that he was a mechanic and worked on B-17s, was stationed in England with the 8th air force...his name was GEORGE BOOKLESS, and we have a picture of him and a plane called "MY MOMMA DONE TOL' ME". He trained at willow run in ypsilanti MI, also had some training in idaho..also believe he enlisted in 1943...can anyone help?
Gordon F. English --- gfenglishaol.com --- 14 Feb 11 - Homewood, California, USA
Bruce Ekholm --- 11 Feb 11 - Falmouth Massachusetts
I want to thank everyone who contributed to this wonderful and important project. Thanks to all of you I was able to discover the story of my uncle Dante DiMartino, RO, 358 squadron died Jan 11, 1943 mission 98 to Oberschleben. Far more importantly, I was able to tell his kid sister, my mother, Stella DiMartino Markey, the story. Life is hard, we all know when we loose someone we love. So much harder when we don't know the cicumstances of their death. Harder still when you're only 16 years old. I was able to help my mother find closure after all these years, before she succumbed to dementia. Hurrah Mighty 8th! And thank you all.
Bill Heller --- wheller2cox.net --- 7 Feb 11 - USA, Las Vegas
Re John Smith item anent Captain Bob Cogswell, be advised I was in his Squadron and later commanded it. Bob was a TRUE Hero and a FINE Gentleman. I miss him greatly. Bill Heller, former CO of the 360th Squadron.
Patricia Stallings --- autie72msn.com --- 7 Feb 11 - Fort Collins, CO
I'm still trying to find relatives of my cousin Capt.George Vernon Stallings (DFC), 360BS. His father (my uncle) worked for Disney. Our grandfather George Tweedy Stallings,was a famous baseball manager.He piloted Ooold Soljir,Iza Vailable,Thumper Again,Qui-Nine "The Bitter Dose", Lady Luck,Alley Oop, Pluto's Revenge,Red Ass, Yardbird II, Satan's Workshop. I really need to contact any relative. Thanks, Patricia Stallings
Russell Andreasen --- andreasenryahoo.com --- 7 Feb 11 - Glendale, AZ
In memory of my Uncle, Captian Joseph G. Andreasen USAF Retired (23 Feb 1924 - 4 Feb 2011)
mark easter --- moparman1sbcglobal.net --- 3 Feb 11 - farmington mo
I purchased 1Lt Coleman Sanders' leather jacket off of ebay. I have a love of history, especailly WWII. I would like to know more about him, if I could. I have a great respect for the "Greatest Generation" and for the men and women who made this country strong. I have visited this website before and really appreciate it. Thank you, Mark Easter
John Smith --- jgsmithtiscali.co.uk --- 1 Feb 11 - Basingstoke, Hampshire, England
Hi, I've just returned from a visit to Alresford in Hampshire and while I was there discovered the memorial to Captain Robert Cogswell. After looking him up on the internet and sadly discovering that he went missing in action during the Korean War, I noticed a link to this site. I'd just like to say a big thank you to Captain Cogswell and all the other brave servicemen who sacrificed so much in World War Two to preserve our way of life.
Justin Comeau --- justin.comeaurocklandtrust.com --- 25 Jan 11 - Pembroke MA
Lt Frederick W Tucker was a copilot in the Vicious Virgin 303rd. Just trying to learn more about the missions he flew. He didn't talk much about his experience when he was alive and I desperately want to learn about my hero.
Frank Vaughn --- vaughn.frankgmail.com --- 25 Jan 11 - CA
Thanks for compiling this. My father was a pilot for the 303rd... Clifford F Vaughn 2nd Lt. He died on April 9th, 1979. My mother is still living, as are my two sisters...
Cheers, Frank Vaughn
Dr. Harlan M. Brewer --- 21 Jan 11 - Utah
What a delightful thing to find! I know a bit more about my dad's service during WW II. He only told me a little. Thanks for this important historical site.
Bob Sadler --- b.sadleryahoo.com --- 20 Jan 11 - Fort Stockton TX
My brother James K. Sadler served on the Oxrider and O'Connor crew as a tail gunner 1941-1942. I am 22 years younger than James, he never mentioned his WWII experience. The photo of the Werewolf Plane is greatly appreicated. So thank you for the fine work in accounting for the lives and sacrifice of these heroic men. Thanks.
Randy Holt --- fly_69comcast.net --- 18 Jan 11 - Salt Lake City, Utah USA
My Dad was in the 401st BG 612th BS Looking for any info anyone might have on his plane. Grin 'N Bare It.
Peggy A. Higgins --- peghbobyahoo.com --- 17 Jan 11 - Tacoma, WA
My husband Robert R "Bob" passed away 1/11/11 and he was S-2 at 303rd Bomb group he had said he was in Hell Angles and I was trying to find out more about them. He never talked alot about his part in the war. Also I have pictures of his group, would you like copies?
David Hardwick --- davidhardwick1hotmail.co.uk --- 16 Jan 11 - Cromhall UK
I came across your excellent site following a comment from my neighbour Eric Woolard (now 84). He recalls seeing an American bonmber coming down during the war. The information he gave me was that it came down between Wickwar & Kingswood demolishing a house when it did so. He saw it fly past (very low) and could see that the crew had bailed out and watched it get lower and rhen go down.

A quick internet search suggests that it was F-17G SN 42-38154 Piloted by B E Vermeer returning from mission 191. Your site confirms that the crew bailed out over Minehead due to being out of fuel indicating that the plane was at the time heading "out to sea".

If they were heading for Molesworth as they flew over Minehead the plane would be pointing toward the Bristol Channel - It must have flown further than anticipated and ended up back over land passing over Cromhall before ending up in Wickwar.
Regards, David

Dulcie Covington --- thegoldengreeksbcglobal.net --- 14 Jan 11 - Alhambra California
I was married at Molesworth Chapel in 1958 Moved to California, My husband Bill passed away many years ago. I found this site by accident [maybe there are no such things as accidents] but it brought back many memories of those crazy years. If there are any people out there who were stationed at this time and would like to get in touch, would love to hear from you
Joseph Medler --- joejmedleryahoo.com --- 13 Jan 11 - Morristown, NJ
On the eve of giving him a Great Grandson I wanted to search for my Grandfather, William Monahan. I'm thankful for this site and all that all of these men did in defense of our Country. Thank you.
Steve --- smsmithlasd.org --- 10 Jan 11 - Los Angeles California
I was researching the name as it appeared in a 1944 High School Annual. The yearbook was called the "Spirit of '44" from MIddle Township High School Cape May Court House, New Jersey. The hell's Angels are listed as a contributor. Thanks for the site it was interesting to find your website and solve the mistery. Thanks again, Steve
Cameron Hegwald --- h2296sihotmail.com --- 6 Jan 11 - Spokane WA
Hello all I am the great grandson of Cpt. Deane L. Barnes. I appreciate everything my great grandfather and every veteran has done for this country. I owe my deepest gratitude to all of those who have fallen and are still fighting along with those men and women who have survived to share their stories with generations to come. I owe my love and excitement of history to my grandfather and sadly never got the chance to tell him how much i really appreciated and loved him. I know now he looks down on me in heaven and can only hope he is proud of the man i have become. I love being able to bring this website up and show my friends a little about our families history........grandpa i love you and look forward to the day i see you again in heaven. love your great grandson, Cameron R. Hegwald
CMSgt Edward D. Beard, USAF, Ret --- edonaldbmsn.com --- 3 Jan 11 - Aurora, Co
To those brave men of the 303rd. Thank you for giving us who came later a mighty set of shoulders to stand on. This nation can never repay you for your courage and sacrifices. All we can do is try each day to deserve, in some small way, what you did for us.
Mary Kennedy Henry --- maryhoregonhumane.org --- 27 Dec 10 - Portland, OR
Your website has turned a few notes in my family history book into a connection to what my late brother Ronald J. Kennedy and so many brave men did in defense of freedom. Thank you all.
Georgina K. Frei --- freisfollysbcglobal.net --- 23 Dec 10 - Chico, California USA
I recently received information of John A. Matheson, who was killed September 28, 1944. He was stationed at Molesworth, England. His Mother Myrtle Steiger Matheson was my Grandmother's sister. If there is anyone still alive who may have served with him I would welcome any information they might have concerning this young man. I noticed there were a few who survived the crash and I know they would probably be quite elderly now if they are still alive, but I would love to hear from them.
elona Bernard --- bernardelona64yahoo.com --- 22 Dec 10 - Springfield, Mo.
I am a friend of LtCol John Ford retired 303bomb group I have worked for him for 1 yr. now. He is a very good man and I do appreciate what he did to help keep our country free. and I do still believe we need to keep on our toes for our freedom. like it is said "freedom is not FREE" our military pays a price to keep our country free!! GOD AND COUNTRY GOD AND FAMILY!!
Danielle Dulick --- djd1213gmail.com --- 21 Dec 10 - Duluth, MN
My grandfather, Steve Dulick, was a radio operator for the Elmer Young crew. He passed away just 2 days ago, Sunday, December 19th. He would have been 94 years young the day after Christmas. I will never forget the amazing stories he told of when he was in the war. He was an amazing man. A great father, grandfather, husband and friend to many. His long life fulfilled by great family and friends. May he rest in peace, and his memory live on forever. He is greatly missed, and will never be forgotten.
Ed Amos --- eamos49yahoo.com --- 20 Dec 10 - Melbourne, Fl
I was in the 99th BW, SAC, for 8 years. Flew in B52's. Also had a cousin, 1st Lt Howard Hunter, a pilot who was shot down with his B17 crew over Germany. They spent the rest of the war as POW's. Anybody who might have any info would be welcomed.
Terry Derr --- td202aol.com --- 07 Dec 10 - Leominster, MA
Hi, I don't really know how to start or finish the E-Mail, but I'm going to try. First of all I'm an Army Veteran of 10 yrs. 75 to 85. My Father was a Navy Veteran and passed away last year Dec 23rd 2009. My Uncle Ray E. Derr Dad's brother, just passed Nov. 30th 2010 and he was a member of the Hell Angels 303rd Bomb Group. He was in the 358th Bomb Squadron Air Combat. I have attached a photo of the memorial I had put together for my mother in honor of my Dad. Now I want to do the same for my Uncle. So if you have any info on him I would appreciate it very much if you can send it to me. Second of all, I would like to thank all of the people who served during that time. If it weren't for you we would not be able to do what we all do today. Thank you very much for your service. On another note I have a Niece in the Air Force that is leaving this week for Afghanistan. She's a Bird Col. and I'm very proud of her . Thank you in advance for any help.
Anita Wirth --- aniwiraol.com --- 06 Dec 10 - McHenry, IL
Thank you so much for this website. It brought my father (Hendric Hudson) alive again. Regards, Anita Wirth
David Blickle II --- dblicklegmail.com --- 01 Dec 10 - Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
My grandfather Ralph F. Paine Jr, served in the ordinance unit and passed 2 years ago. It was good to see that someone got him listed. :-)
Bob Gagliano --- 27 Nov 10 - Lancaster, CA
Thank you for what has to be a huge amount of time creating and maintaining this web site. As a child, I always remembered my Grandmother saying her brother had been killed while serving as a B17 gunner over Germany in WWII, but there was never any more detail than that. I have always listened attentively to my father in-law's stories as a ball turret gunner when he was in the 401st, and wished to know more about my great-uncle.

Recently, when going through my late grandmothers old photos and memories, I was surprised to find a box with my great-uncles medals, and a book with his stateside funeral information. From a faint photograph of his headstone, my wife was able to make out the 303 BG on the headstone, and through the miracle of the internet found this site.

My great uncle, Lewis J. McCormick was KIA on 21 Nov 1944 over Merseberg, Germany. Because of the commitment by those who maintain this wonderful site, many of my questions have been answered (but many more generated). And as a small twist of fate, my father-in-law flew the same mission with his group! This was a quite a topic at our thanksgiving get together this year.

Thank you to all who made this discovery possible.

Robert Johnson --- smeister54msn.com --- 26 Nov 10 - San Marcos, California
I visit this site often. My father Harlan J. Johnson flew 32 missions with the 358th. I come here to gaze at his pictures and try to imagine what it must have been like. He never talked much about it so i can only guess. I was in the 58th Tac Fighter Squadron during Viet Nam so I have a rudimentary understanding but wish he had opened up to me about it. This is a great website and i thank you for keeping it going.
Jeanette Royal --- jeanette.royal123btinternet.com --- 26 Nov 10 - England
My mother Eileen Dugard used to work at Rainbow Corner when she was around 14/15.She helped in the kitchen as she was not allowed to socialise because of her age. she used to tell me how she loved the American pancakes and that the chef often used to let her have some. It is a small world as I am now a close friend of a lady who used to attend the dances at Rainbow Corner while my mother must have been working there. I can now show my children the pictures of where their Granmother once worked. Many thanks, Jeanette
Steve Schilb --- schilbssedalia.k12.mo.us --- 22 Nov 10 - Sedalia, Missouri
I am a history teacher in Sedalia, Missouri. There was an article in our local paper about a man named Grover Mullins who was a member of the 303rd and was shot down in January of '44. My former father-in-law was a member of your group also. His name was Forrest Lee Vosler. His plane was the Jersey Bounce Jr. and he won the Medal of Honor. We visited often before his death. You have a great site. God bless you all.
Royal Heemeier --- rheemeieraol.com --- 17 Nov 10 - USA Tucson AZ
I served in the 303rd BW on B47 aircraft 1959-1964 at DMAFB AZ. I was also stationed at RAF Chelveston 1956-59. I visited RAF molesworth numerous times but never new it's history,however I new Chelveston was Gen. LEMAYS base with B 17's in the 305th BW.
JACK J PRICE --- jprice511hotmail.com --- 17 Nov 10 - WILMINGTON, OHIO
I was the engineer with Shirley Estes's crew. We picked up our B-17 tail number 051, at Dearbourn Michigan flying it the Northern route to Molesworth England. We named it "My Yorkshire Dream". When I was looking thru your website I saw a different crew flying it. I pulled out my old boming jacket pictured also on your site and am trying to send a picture of it to you showing the "My Yourkshire Dream" on it. I was just curious if maybe another crew flew it later or if maybe you hadnt heard from anyone in our crew letting you know this. Your site is wonderful by the way and I have spent hours looking thru and reminising in it. You have done an absolutely wonderful job!!!
Brian Woodward --- woodward_2002yahoo.com --- 15 Nov 10 - California,USA
I was very surprised to see my uncle's name (Leo 'Mike' Laverty) when I was referred to this internet site. Although he rarely ever talked to me about his service experiences I know that he was proud to have served with his fellow servicemen. Leo is now 90 and is in a nursing home,gradually losing his eyesight, but has exceptional memory and brain power. Thanx for the memories!!!
mary myers --- wmmyersmillertel.net --- 15 Nov 10 - miller, mo
i found woderful information on her about my grandfather Philip Gainer. Thanks so much to all the people who put his info on here this is info i can now pass down to my grandkids. my grandfather passed away many years ago. when i was in high school he helped me write a report on wwII. it is great to see it on here. thanks so much.
Geoff Wild --- gef.wildgmail.com --- 15 Nov 10 - England
I am writing to ask for a little help please. I am trying to help a friend of mine learn where her father was nursed in England after he had been wounded in, and evacuated from, Germany in April 1945. Thomas Brown, a member of the OSS, spoke almost nothing of that time spent in Germany and England, and so we have only the following meagre clues to go on.

We know that he was evacuated to a US military hospital somewhere in the vicinity of Huntingdon, and that the nurses wore brown and white seersucker uniforms. Some of the nurses might have been English. He convalesced in the hospital until he was well enough to return home to the United States some four months later. So far the only potential lead Iíve come across are the references on this website to the ďtan and white seersucker uniformsĒ worn by the Station Hospital nurses. So it seems at least possible that Thomas Brown was evacuated to the 303rd Bomb Groupís Station Hospital in Lilford Park, and was then transferred to another hospital in the same geographical area prior to the Station Hospital closing in May 1945.

Can anyone tell me if the Station Hospital records still exist, and if they do, where I would find them, and whether or not it would be possible to check to see if Thomas Brown was a patient in April 1945? I would also like to know if there were any other US Military hospitals in the Huntingdon area in April 1945, and if so, what their locations were, and if the nurses in any of them wore tan and white uniforms. And lastly, does anyone know where the Station Hospital patients were transferred to prior to the Station Hospital being disbanded in May 1945?

If anyone is able to help in any way at all I would be most grateful. Many thanks, Geoff Wild.

Joe Ervin --- farmalldriver53yahoo.com --- 14 Nov 10 - Bremen, Indiana
I came looking for info on my uncle Verden Swank who was a tail gunner on a 303rd bomber. I wish he were still alive today. Would like to have found out more about his experiences in WWll flying with the 358th squadron. Did find his combat crew picture.
Peggy Barry --- pbarry24sc.rr.com --- 11 Nov 10 - Bluffton, SC
I can't believe it. I saw a picture of my uncle, James Burke, for the first time. Thank you for posting his picture.
Rob Featherstone --- rob.featherstonecoxinet.net --- 11 Nov 10 - Edmond, OK
On this Veteran's Day 2010, I'm missing my Dad, S/SGT Robert Wesley Featherstone. He was part of the 303rd Bomb Group and played sax in the Rhythm Pilots band. He didn't like to talk much about WWII, and would tear-up when the conversation got too personal. But, before he died last year, he told me that the most accurate description of what the 8th AF experienced in WWII was found in Donald Miller's "Masters of the Air". After my Dad died, I found his copy of the book, with all his personal notes and corrections written in the margins. I was shocked and awed by what the 8th endured. I salute you all, and am grateful for all that you did so selflessly. You are not forgotten!
Katie Burr 11 Nov 10 - Fort Worth, TX
Happy Vetern's Day in memory of Wilbur "Bud" Klint! -One of the Granddaughters
James Duncan Hatch --- jameshatch2hotmail.com --- 11 Nov 10 - Amelia, OH USA
Oldest Grandson of Lt. Charles D. Haynes Sr. B17 Pilot 359th squadron
Michael J "Doc" Sanchez --- DocSanchezjuno.com --- 10 Nov 10 - San Francisco
I met Mr. Townsend today, from the 303rd...he survived 34 missions but got hit in the leg on that last one... Happy Vets Day, Mr. T! You're my hero! "Doc" M. J. Sanchez, HM2 (FMF) USN, VA Medical Center, San Fran, CA
Mike Rogers --- MikeRogers44comcast.net --- 10 Nov 10 - Oregon City, Oregon
Just want to say Happy Veterans Day 2010 to you all. I know about your website because of George Mackin. I got a radio call at work today to go and help him with some furniture. He said Jump, I said How High ?? a Genuine Nice Guy. It`s an Honor to learn about you guys !! ,Mike ps: Please Do Feel Free to check Our website at www.18th-artillery.com
Linda Woods Chastain --- lindachastainhotmail.com --- 10 Nov 10 - bokoshe, Oklahoma
Looking for information on my father Charles Morton Woods. I have a few old pictures of him and some of his squadron the 383rd. If anyone knew him or has any information I would love to hear from you.
Dr Robin O'Neil --- dr.robtinternet.com --- 10 Nov 10 - Salisbury UK
Americo S. Galle was murdered by an SS officer when he landed by parachute in Holland. I wish to contact his family re photograph of Galle for forthcoming book. Mission: 493rdís November 21, 1944 mission to Merseburg Co-Pilot 2nd/Lt Americo S Galle (NY). Galle is buried in Plot b Row 38 Grave 34 at the Ardennes American Cemetery, Neupre, Belgium. These were very brave men indeed
Tim Holstein --- blue0137windstream.net --- 9 Nov 10 - Columbia MO USA
Totally enjoy your website and its wealth of information and the photographic archive, great job! I collect flight gear and have used your photos as a reference. I will ocassionaly suit up in some of my gear and it amazes me how pilots and crews were able to accomplish what they did while suited out. Most people have no idea how cumbersome and restricting all this gear can be. It may have looked "glamorous" to some,that personna of the intrepid young pilot or gunner taking on the enemy, but in reality it was a daunting task filled with danger, all too often death, and a great deal of uncertainy. To have accomplished what they did under these circumstances makes it that more amazing. The exploits and sacfifices of all who served in the Army Air Forces in every theater can never be over emphasized and they are, and always will be, my heroes. God bless them all for defending our country and our freedom!
Corey Smith --- coreysmith131gmail.com --- 7 Nov 10 - USA Washington Mo.
My great uncle Lou Redhage was a gunner,bombardier on the Thunderbird on her 100th mission
Jay Justice --- Firechief1400yahoo.com --- 5 Nov 10 - Waco Tx.
My grandfather was Lt. Jack W. Stewart. He flew with the yardbird crew and the witches tit. He died when my mom was 17. She only has those 17 years of memory of him. I'm looking for pics and other items to put together a book for her, my aunt, and my grandmother. I also have a book from the prison camp he was in. It has drawings and names in it too.
Mike Fowler --- mfowler7780aol.com --- 3 Nov 10 - Charleston, South Carolina
I've always been interested in my father's WW II experiences as a B-17 G pilot. Seeing the museum as my wife and I passed by on I-95 on our way to Savannah, I promised myself I would visit. Two weeks ago I did just that, and I am now almost finished looking up each of his 35 missions. This is an incredibly moving experience for me. i feel closer to my dad than I have in the 40 years since his death in 1970. I will continue to do more research, revisit the museum, and try to contact members of the crew of Robert R. Fowler of aircraft # 44- 6517. Thank you.
Irene (Gray) Willis --- irenewillis82att.com --- 30 Oct 10 - Brunswick, Georgia
My husband served with this group. He made 25 missions. His pilot was Capt. John J. Casello. He passed away Dec. 30, 1984. If anyone has any connection, I would like to hear from you. My husband was Johnnie E. Gray from Uvalda, Georgia.
Ashley Paschall --- awpaschallaol.com --- 29 Oct 10 - Watkinsville, Ga.
Thank you so much for posting these pics. My grandfather Julian E. Dennis passed away a couple of weeks ago. Having this site and being able to reflect on his life means so much.
graham --- rothwell_grahamhotmail.com --- 29 Oct 10 - liverpool emgland
We live a short distance from what was the Burtonwood Airbase near Warrington. As we drive past the now fields and hedges I always remember and dwell on the young and brave people of both America and the UK who gave so much to ensure our safety in the now future. Seems sad that it cost so much in young lives and is now so quit and at night lonely Thanks to them all Graham
Dorothy M Parker --- dmparker57aol.com --- 28 Oct 10 - Danbury, CT
I am looking for the rightful owner of a Army Air Force Pilot Ring that was in my father Army Box that was willed to me. It has the name engraved William G Moyer from World War II. Been trying to locate him or his family to give the Ring back to the rightful heirs. If you know or have any information for me please contact me by email. Thank You Sincerely Dorothy M. Parker Daughter of James V Mennona US Army CO I 9th Inf Regt 1944-1946
John J. Van Geyten, JR --- john.j.vangeytenus.army.mil --- 27 Oct 10 - Holmes, PA
I am sorry to say that my father, John J. Van Geyten, Sr. of the 360th of the 303rd passed away last friday, 22 Oct 2010. One of his greatest joys was being a member of the Army Air Corp and the 303rd. His career after the service continued to benefit the Navy Air Force and Space program. His love of aircraft lead him to help devolope engines for many Naval airplanes and Apolo and Gemini space craft while with North American Aviation. I am a 36 year Army Reserve Master Sergeant, my career path was due to my fathers values of GOD, COUNTRY, and FAMILY. To those still with us from his crew May God Bless you, I will miss him dearly. God Bless you all for your service.
rob fisher --- robfisher5106yahoo.co.uk --- 27 Oct 10 - kings lynn norfolk uk
please send me 303bg crew off duty stories with the local people around the 303 base during the war.we english have alot of customs.our beer our englishness.we rocked and we rolled.memories are forever.we english have a strong bond with you guys and gals.happy trails from a norfolk 303 bg b17 fan.
brian mcfarlane --- brian.mcfarlanetalktalk.net --- 19 Oct 10 - North Yorkshire England
Just to say i enjoyed your site. Great to see such a dedication to the brave airmen who flew from this country. Eternally gratefull.
Clarke Hammond --- clarke.hammondgmail.com --- 11 Oct 10 - Austin, Texas
My Uncle Kenneth Clarke from DeQuincy, Lousiana was a ball turrent gunner in the 303rd. He never spoke much about his service during the War but he was a brave and moral man who was a great Uncle and role model. He died a few years ago and our family misses his wisdom and insights. This is a great website and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting it and seeing the photos of brave young men who served our country so magnificently. I keep his book, The Trip Back, on my desk and it is a wonderful account of his experiences in the 303rd and the guys he served with. To any living veterans of the 303rd, thank you for your service to our country! Clarke Hammond Austin, Texas
Andrea Renny --- blueskyjaxgmail.com --- 07 Oct 10 - CA
I am still looking for any information on my father, WILLIAM PETER RENNY, who was in the Army Air Corps and then Air Force. He flew B-25s out of England. If you have any information, please email me!
Pat Easterday --- Takabrakecomcast.net --- 4 Oct 10 - Pennsylvania
I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful work you have done here. My Dad, Eldridge Charles Oberly was a ball turret gunner on a B-17. He had some crew photos and he told us stories, but there were gaps. Using your site, I put together a scrapbook honoring my Dad's service and time at Molesworth. I was fortunate to be able to share it with him. My Dad passed away on August 15, 2010. His presence is missed, and I am so thankful to be able to share his story with his grandchildren and great grandchildren with the help of the scrapbook. Thank you for making that possible.
JIM HOWERTON --- jimbo1096aol.com --- 25 Sep 10 - Alexandria, LA
I just met Bert Cardwell on a trip to Bakersfirld, CA and his stepson gave me the link to your website. Really enjoyed the conversation with Mr. Cardwell about his 25 missions over Europe.
Edward Scheuerman --- bige11charter.net --- 24 Sep 10 - Paso Robles, California
I received some stuff from my brother-in-law Max Floyd Squadron Leader RAF retired about my uncle SSG (CWO) Roger G. Lammers retired. As a young boy I would ask him and my father SFC Alvin L. Scheuerman 3rd Amored Div retired about their time in the ETO. I didn't get much information from my uncle except that he was the BALL TURRET GUNNER (BELLY GUNNER). I would ask him why there and he would laugh and say "well I was the smallest guy on the crew". He did tell me another time about how a ME109 tried to strafe him as he was hanging from his chute. Looking at some of the pictures I have I do not believe it was when he was on DADDY'S DELIGHT so it must have been when he was on another ship. Am I right when I say that I believe that DADDY'S DELIGHT is a B17G. My information might be wrong as I was a little boy when my uncle Roger told me this stuff. Like my fater and uncle I served in combat in the army. I can not pass on my stories to my son as he passed away at 16, 4 years bfore I deployed to Iraq. Serving in Iraq I know now what my father and uncle went through. Even though I have been called a hero you gentlemen are the true heros to make our country strong and free, I SALUTE YOU. Edward D. Scheuerman SFC 18th ABN Corp retired.
Jeff Bloom --- warbirdnuthotmail.com --- 24 Sep 10 - Fargo North Dakota
I have been an AAF collector for 20 plus years. It is nice to see similar items to what I currently own or have owned at one time. I have thinned out my collection some as the high prices have tempted me to sell some of it. I really like the way you have tastefully displayed the items and the accurate information you provide with each photo. Nicely done.
wendell w. johnston --- wrayjayhotmail.com --- 22 Sep 10 - Belfast, TN
Looking for info about my dad, wendell b. johnston. I believe he was a crew member of 1LT Frank Maxey's crew, 358th BS.
USAF MSGT Retired J.D. Macrander --- macranderjaol.com --- 17 Sep 10 - Sunnyvale, CA
1Lt Daniel A. McColl, Navigator aboard "FDR's Potatoe Peeler Kids", with Capt. Ross C. Bale's crew, KIA 14 May, 1943 came to my attention recently when contacted by member's of his mother's extended family doing genealogical research. I recalled that his family home was three houses away from my grandparents in Westboro, Lincoln Twp., Atchison Co., Missouri. His father was a former Missouri State Senator who served the local farming community with a well managed Lumberyard Company. We have determined 1Lt McColl attended college for four years and followed the occupation of Civil Engineering. We are curious to know where he received his college/university training, prior to enlisting as an Aviation Cadet at Houston, Texas in 1941. I beleive Daniel A. McColl must have attended Westboro High School with one of my uncles and possibly one or more cousins. He married a girl from Emmett, Idaho in 1942, presumably while reciving advanced flight and crew training at Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho. I greatly enjoy your site and the descriptons of the earlier model B-17 bombers. My own early USAF experience was with Drone Aircraft Evaluation and Testing at Hollowman AFB, NM near White Sands Proving Grounds and later at the Eglin AFB, FL and the Gulf Test Range. The B-17 drones were still being operated by other units than the one I was assigned to, while I did see some fantastic testing situations from a safe distance. On one occasion at Holloman AFB, a B-17 drone was inadvertantly landed wheels up on one of the main test runways. The photographer covering our own smaller test drone at a nearby test launch pad became very excited with the opportunity to take photographs of the B-17 pancake landing results for the obligatory incident report.
Philip Crawford --- philintsysres.com --- 16 Sep 10 - Sierra Vista, AZ
My wife, Kathy K. (Mc Cutcheon) Crawford is the daughter of 1LT George E. Mc Cutcheon, member, 303rd Bomb Group, WWII. We are all pleased that someone has placed this wealth of information from the WWII 303rd Bomb Group on the internet. What a wonderfully brave group of young men that will forever deserve, and hopefully receive, the respect and admiration of a thankful nation.
James W Smith Jr --- jwjrsmithgmail.com --- 12 Sep 10 - Miami Florida
My dad James W Smith 34056061, M/Sgt 358th Squadron. was a B-17 mechanic stationed at Molesworth. I am researching the various aircraft and crew my father served with. I have some photos and names and will send to your organization. My dad is correctly listed as deceased on your site as of October 8th 2006. We miss him.
Mark Mueller --- rizzatasyahoo.com --- 07 Sep 10 - Scottsdale, AZ
My father was in the 8th and was a navigator on a B-17, shot down on a bombing raid and sent to Stalag Luft 3 and then on to Moosburg. He's my hero and his stories of what you all went through never cease to amaze me. We have recorded his retelling of his experiences and I only hope that the younger generations understand the sacrifices made. You are, indeed, 'The Greatest Generation'!
Mark Mueller (proud son of Lt. Charles J. Mueller)
Elona Bernard --- tyke1636yahoo.com --- 05 Sep 10 - Springfield, Missouri
I am a friend of Mr. John Ford retired LTD COL. U.S. AIRFORCE 303rd bomb group. I am very proud to know him.
Michael Combs --- basslvnaol.com --- 02 Sep 10 - Virginia
My grandfather John R. Combs was the pilot for a B-17 called "I've Got Spurs". He's 93 years young today and currently lives in San Antonio, TX. I admire and look up to my grandfather for the service he's provided for this great country we call The United States of America. God Bless all those who serve and the families they protect!